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  1. House Balstroko

    US Politics: Follow the Money!

    I disagree. If Israel truly wanted to remove the Palestinians it would have done so a long time ago. Their primary interest is in securing a safe space. When Egypt dropped it's arms, Israel ceded control of the Sinai back to them. When they pulled out of southern Lebanon and Gaza, they got rocket attacks from Hamas and Hezbollah. Arabs have attacked Israel multiple times with the sole objective of destroying it.
  2. House Balstroko

    US Politics: Follow the Money!

    I didn't realize that throwing rocks, bombs or sending kids as suicide bombers qualified as a peaceful protest. Israel is in it's right to defend itself. On another note, I don't see anything wrong with the embassy move. Jerusalem is Israel's capital and the US is just honoring that position. Other countries should follow suit. If the Palestinians dropped their arms and recognized Israel's right to exist, they would have a state by now, with East Jerusalem as it's capital.
  3. House Balstroko

    The Last Jedi, not the last spoiler thread

    Agreed. Stover’s adaptation was far better than the movie. Anakin’s turn makes a lot more sense as his motivation is explained better. I find the dialogue vastly superior with far less cringeworthy moments around (I was some of those sc ends were in the movie). It’s bigest weakness overall is that it is still bound by the story Lucas came up with, so it carries over some of those weaknesses.
  4. House Balstroko

    The Last Jedi, not the last spoiler thread

    Going bitter is one thing, giving up on everyone when you told them where to find you is another That’s the problem. They said on multiple occasions that Leia would not play a role in ep 9. Getting rid of her in the opening crawl would be a huge disservice to the character. They were shown in a flashback. I believe Rey sees the Knights of Ren in her vision at Maz’s castle. I guess we’ll have to use that as an explanation since we don’t have anything else to go by. I’m not objecting to Yoda’s presence per say, but to the idea that the others were excluded. Plus Obi-Wan played a significant role in Luke’s development (he knew him since he was a boy) and guided him when he went up against the Death Star. His personal connection to Anakin is also worth considering. Anakin on the other hand was his dad. Even though they never got to spend much time together he is the pivot around which the series revolves. Snoke never really got any character development. I get that they were trying to recreate the tension in the throne room from ROTJ, but here it feels underwhelming. Even before the prequels, we knew that Palpatine was a manipulator who seduced Anakin and the Reoublic to create the Empire. It wasn’t much, but it was still something to go by. If they had given Snoke a backstory and a more engaging finale, I wouldn’t object to him meeting his demise in LJ, but here it felt like it happened too soon. How do I break down a single quote so that my reply doesn’t feature in the box? I have no problem doing it on another forum like City-Data, but I’m having trouble here.
  5. House Balstroko

    December 2017: Better Late Than Never

    I’m finishing of The Great Ordeal and then I’ll be jumping on to The Unholy Consult. How do you people read 500 + page novels in a day? It usually takes me at least a week to go through one.
  6. House Balstroko

    Dark: Netflix's Time-Bending German Mystery Series {Spoilers from page 5}

    I started off with the dub, but found it too distracting so I ended up switching to German.
  7. House Balstroko

    The Last Jedi, not the last spoiler thread

    If they are looking for a map leading to Luke, then he must have given someone the right information in the first place. BB8 acquires the necessary information from Max’s character on Jakku. At the end of the day, it still means that Luke was meant to be found. It doesn’t explain why he is so reluctant to do anything in LJ.
  8. House Balstroko

    The Last Jedi, not the last spoiler thread

    Let me weigh in on the issue. The biggest problem the LJ faces is how it blatantly ignores what was set up in FA. -Rey’s heritage was heavily hinted at. How is it that a person who had no formal training in lightsaber combat was able to best Kylo? I always found that disturbing in FA, but brushed it off with the expectation that it would be resolved here. Watching the previous movie makes it painfully obvious that Rey’s parentage was going to play a large role. Star Wars has never given us a truly democratic approach to the Force (midichlorians show just how special some candidates are) therefore family ties are a significant factor. -Luke’s arc completely contradicts what was established in FA. He went into exile following the defeat of the Jedi and gave R2 a map showing the coordinates of the planet he went to. In LJ, it turns out he doesn’t want to be found and went there to die. This is probably the worst contradiction. -Leia’s sendoff doesn’t work at all considering that all the scenes were shot before Carrie passed away. That makes her flight through space all the worse because it is devoid of any emotional bond. If they didn’t want to kill of the characters, they should have looked to Fast 7 as an example of how to do a powerful send off without compromising the integrity of the character. -What happened to the Knights of Ren? -Yoda setting a tree on fire. When did Force ghosts gain the ability to interact with the material world? Why for that matter, did Obi -Wan and Anakin not show up? Both are far more important to Luke than Yoda. -Killing off Snoke was a terrible idea. Once again FA, shows up to be an important background player. Who is this guy? Plagueis? You don’t just build up the big bad and then take him out in the most idiotic way possible. -How is the First Order so powerful? It was established that they only represent a small fraction of what the Empire used to be and they had just lost Starkiller Base. What happened to the New Republic for that matter? They had only lost their capital, but would still be a functioning order. I didn’t hate the movie, but found it to be underwhelming. It’s obvious that Johnson wanted to make his own movie, regardless of how it ties in to the FA. I appreciate the fact that he took some risks, but a lot of them were poorly implemented.
  9. House Balstroko

    Vegas Shooting

    I was shocked when I first heard it had crossed 50, as when I first read the news it was around 20. Apparently over 200 were injured as well.
  10. House Balstroko

    Night King appreciation thread

    3. The Night King's army is the only one that has not mastered fast travel. Westerosi armies are trained in the art of teleportation.
  11. House Balstroko

    Little Questions That Don't Fit Anywhere Else Part 3

    How many White Walkers are there supposed to be? We know that the wights make up the majority of the army and there are a number of giants.
  12. House Balstroko

    Season 8 Predictions?

    I'm really hoping the Night King gets to KL and there's a scene where Cersei stands up to him.
  13. House Balstroko

    R+L=J v.164

    Or it could be that book Aegon ends up being an imposter and Jon is the real one, meaning that the show decided to cut out the fake one, but both end up leading to the same end game.
  14. House Balstroko

    R+L=J v.164

    I know this must have been brought up before, but in light of latest episode's reveal. I put it under spoilers just in case someone hasn't caught up with the show.