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  1. Jennelyn

    Why the bells?

    My impression was that Dany didn't want to hear the bells ring. She was hoping they wouldn't. She was almost pissed when they started because it threatened to rob her of her right to burn the city. Ultimately, she said fuck it and did it anyway.
  2. Jennelyn

    Season 8 Episode 5 totally redeemed..

    I don't think it needed redeeming, but fuck yeah!!
  3. Jennelyn

    [No Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    Didn't Locke overhear Jon talking to Sam about Bran? Even if he didn't hear anything, he's probably sticking close to Jon in order to find out if he's hiding his brothers somewhere.
  4. Jennelyn

    [No Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    Except that Gray Worm has no cock so I hope he's good at other things
  5. Jennelyn

    [No Spoilers] EP207 Discussion

    Chico, HBO has a viewers guide and the map looks to be pretty good. You shouldn't have anything spoiled for you by looking at it and you'll gain a lot of insight into the world. http://viewers-guide.hbo.com/game-of-thrones/season2/ Dany has always been one of my favorite characters because of the way she went from being such a scared abused young girl to a strong, ambitious young woman and leader of people. I think currently in the show she is asserting herself and trying to make things happen rather than being patient. Because she has her dragons she is a little too confident that she can get what she wants, but her dragons need to grow up and she will need an army. She is showing her young age by failing to comprehend what it will really take to conquer the 7 Kingdoms. She also has no idea how to rule once she's conquered so I'd chalk it up to ignorance. Unlike her brother, she cares for people (saving slaves from being raped last season and looking out for her Dothraki followers) and she isn't cruel or abusive. If you cross her, she'll let you have it, but she won't prey upon the weak. As for Catelyn, she does do a good job of keeping her composure and remaining pragmatic. I would say that she does have good reasons for doing the things she does and if she has a weakness, it's her children. It'll be interesting to see how that scene plays out because Jaime does seem to be getting to her. She really can't stand that man for what he did to Bran and he has a mouth on him. Littlefinger has been busy doing the bidding of the King and the Hand of the King. Varys is around even if they haven't shown him lately. This happens in the books too. You don't hear from characters for a while sometimes, but then they pop up and you see they've been quite busy. I'd say with the show it's either because of time limitations or the fact they don't want you to see what a they're up to that they leave a character out episodes. Also, it could get boring just watching them travel from point A to point B if that's all they are doing. I have to give the show credit for finding ways to keep many of the characters on screen. Dany and Robb really don't show up much in the part of the books this season is based on. They know they can't just leave them out so they are inventing scenes for them and so far it's working pretty well. And it's nice to keep the book readers guessing as well. I think I'm a little biased when it comes to Roz since she's not a character from the books. I didn't mind her at all last season, but this season I was a little annoyed with how much screen time she was getting. I don't get how she just shows up at Kings Landing and all of the sudden she seems to be running Littlefinger's brothel.
  6. Jennelyn

    [No Spoilers] EP207 Discussion

    Another little tidbit I just thought of in regards to the warlock's powers. When the dragons came into the world, they brought with them magic that had been long lost and muted. Now that there are dragons, magic in the world of Ice and Fire has more magnitude.
  7. Jennelyn

    [No Spoilers] EP207 Discussion

    Stannis is sailing toward Kings Landing. Though the show wasn't clear about where they were, they were NOT near KL. In the books they were camped at Bitterbridge and then went to Storm's End which would be where Stannis sailed from. (Check maps). Evidently the show doesn't think viewers need to know exactly where the camp was, but you heard Tyrion say in this episode that his fleet was still 5 days away. Qarth is not on an island, but a continent. There really isn't much nearby for Xaro to conquer and all trade would be done by ship. If he were attempting to conquer the entirety of Essos, that would indeed be extremely ambitious and he'd need to be more than just the richest man is Qarth. Dany is certainly learning some hard lessons here, but don't give up on her yet. She's in a difficult situation, but she is an extraordinary woman indeed. She's already been through a lot and is young yet. I think you're wrong about Catelyn hating Jon Snow. Hate may be a strong word, but she basically tolerated him because Ned insisted. As far as she's concerned he's a constant reminder of Ned's apparent infidelity. She'd be stupid to kill Jaime, yes, but I don't doubt that his words are hitting her hard. Littlefinger is in transit somewhere trying to work some miracles with Tyrells. I'm sure he'll pop up soon enough. Roz can stay scarce as far as I'm concerned. I haven't missed her. As for characters being missing at times, it just speaks to the enormity of the scope of the series. There are so many scattered about in so many places that they couldn't possibly follow them all during every episode. There is an immense amount of detail in the source material and therefore HBO has a pretty tall order with the adaption. They'll show you what you need to see and try to keep you focused on what is important at the time. It should all fall into place in due time. Really, it's pretty unclear exactly where Littlefinger is right now. I'm guessing, but the writers obviously don't want the viewers to know exactly what he's doing at the moment so they're keeping him off the radar.
  8. Jennelyn

    [No Spoilers] EP207 Discussion

    Yes, but he was just with the Tyrells at Renly's camp and they were heading to Highgarden then. Maybe he's already been there. If he goes all the way to Harrenhal and then all the way back to Highgarden, my is he doing a lot of traveling! The show wasn't very clear about where Renly was camped. It seemed to be some hybrid between Bitterbridge and Storm's End(minus the castle), but it's not really that easy to just pop in everywhere. There is distance and travel is slow, not that you can tell that from watching the TV show. Either way, he does seem to be doing some negotiating with the Tyrells/Lannisters and he'll appear again sooner or later. The show probably won't explain his path of travel.
  9. Jennelyn

    [No Spoilers] EP207 Discussion

    Yeah, this was an interesting twist readers are also scratching their heads about. As far as I can tell, Xaro is more ambitious than he was letting on and planned this apparent coup with Pyatt Pree. So now Xaro is king of Qarth instead of just being one of the 13 and Pyatt has Dany's dragons at the House of the Undying, an "invitation" to which she can no longer refuse. Beyond that, I guess we'll just wait and see. He left after speaking to Tywin. My guess is he's headed back to King's Landing. He hasn't turned up again as of now.
  10. Jennelyn

    [No Spoilers] EP207 Discussion

    He always watched Ned do his own killing. The reason he hesitated was because she was a woman. He's not able to bring himself to kill her even though he knows he should. His brother was trying to take a throne he feels in rightfully his. Also, don't assume that Stannis is fully aware of all of Melisandre's powers and how they work. He may not fully understand his own roll in his brother's death, but he still feels it's right since he had no claim to the throne. Also, the passage of time on the show may be deceiving. They are moving along from one element to the next and you don't always realize how much actual time has past. It's probably more than you think. None of the magic in this show should be thought of as easy. There is usually great effort involved. They cut that scene short and I'm sure will continue in the next episode. I'm sure you'll get a better idea of why she's there then. So far she is worried about weather or not he will be murdered which would render him a completely useless prisoner. She may have a plan, or why else would she order that guard to leave?
  11. Jennelyn

    [No Spoilers] EP207 Discussion

    You mean Jon Snow, right? (Robb is the King in the North battling in the Riverlands) Jon is young and green and has much to learn and he manages to get himself in over his head. He has the honor of Ned instilled in him and wants to do the right thing. He couldn't kill Ygritte because she's a woman and he's not an experienced killer on top of that. I believe he's only actually killed a wight, which is already dead. He's never been ranging before nor has he been north of the wall. I'd like to know why Quorin left him like that. Didn't seem smart. As for Qarth, obviously Xaro and Pyatt Pree did indeed conspire. Xaro wanted to be king and the warlocks were able to steal Dany's dragons. Presumably it was to get her to come to the House of the Undying, but as Dany stated, her dragons are incredibly valuable. I imagine their intentions are selfish. They could care less about Dany's cause. They just want to use her. Pyatt has also demonstrated in this episode that his abilities are more than just simple parlor tricks. Or at the very least, he is able to used them to his advantage. Edited to clarify Jon/Robb so you know which I'm talking about.
  12. Relishing this new obsession!

  13. Jennelyn


    Since I need to post in order to do anything with my profile, why not introduce myself? I have spent a good part of this year reading the series and just finished A Feast for Crows. My copy of a Dance with Dragons is due to arrive today so I'm really looking forward to continuing the saga. I feel like I sort of stumbled upon these books with HBO's help, of course. I've been a fan of HBO series and an avid reader so I decided to start a Game of Thrones so that I could read before watching. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I'm very glad I got into it. :laugh: I'm a massage therapist in Salt Lake City where I own a private practice. Besides reading, I snowboard, ski, mountain bike, and go to music concerts in my free time. Yay!