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  1. 6/10 Maybe it's the book purist in me, but I'm not a fan of the way subtle things in the books become so hamfisted in the show. Those details probably count down more than they should in my enjoyment of the show. At any rate, I didn't feel surprised or shocked at what happened, rather a slight sense of disappointment for some of the hit and miss of the story elements this season (Won't lie, killing my favourite Kings Landing character, Margarey, in such a fashion does cost a point). The episode itself wasn't bad, this 6/10 serves as both a rating for the episode and the season in comparison to the last few years. I think it'll fit the show well to have fewer episodes for the final 2 seasons, with the right writers and directors and less filler - they might give it a decent closing.
  2. lostcause

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    Same could be said for someone giving it a 10.
  3. lostcause

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    Gave it a big 5. - Sansa is showing a bit of her season 1 'stubbornly naive and lying to family'-side. She knows Ramsay is coming for her, that there is little time. Yet she turns away an army ready to help, from a house she has family ties to. Betting that she can somehow rise the North in time (she probably will, because the show now needs it). That had me shaking my head at the screen. - No Ghost again and another handwaved Direwolf death. D&D sadly seem to prefer spending the budget on super-zombies and dragons. - Brans visions should have been more 'wow!'. My wife was right about the Others' origins, but it felt oddly underwhelming for both of us. - I liked Danys scene, little cheesy but I liked it. - Kingsmoot was ok. It was nice to see Theon come to life again, am not entirely sold on Euron yet. - Mereen scene was boring. The moment Varys started giving lip I was counting the seconds until she'd rattle his cage. Predictable dialogue. Tyrion seem to require a 90s sitcom-style laugh track to his lines these days. - The origin of Hodor was sad. Poor Hodor! I'd have rated that entire reveal higher if it didn't involve the casual killing of Summer, more CotF handgrenades and the swarm of super-zombies. They remind me of the Day Z (edit: 'world war z', not 'day z') zombies and that is not meant as a good thing.
  4. They butchered Stannis, ruined one of the few Dany segments I loved in the last book (her 'awakening'), they made FTW into weird blend of trolling and awkward acting. Don't even get me started on Dorne and Winterfel. 1/10 and the 1 I give to Lena Headey, she nailed the walk of shame.