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  1. I think Impfan is just trolling us:phaha

    I'm not trolling anybody. Unless you define "troll" as "anybody who disagrees with me."

    I just don't think Olenna got the poison from Sansa's necklace/hairnet.

    How could she know Sansa would wear the necklace to the wedding?

    I was convinced Olenna/Margery did the poisoning after reading the book, but I don't think Sansa was involved in any way, knowingly or unknowingly.

  2. Of course it did. It happened this way in the book. It happens this way on screen. So, I don't honestly even know what you are talking about here. There are screen shots that show it happening.

    The screen shots are not conclusive. She either brought the poison with her or she had arranged to have it in Margery's necklace.

    I've read the books and I don't remember it being clearly explained that Olenna got the poison from Sansa's necklace.

  3. I'm sorry, but the "Rains of Castemere" was not being played at the Purple Wedding because it's a "Lannister song". Given Tywin's character, he probably dislikes the song. Joff also dislikes the song being played. No, this was put in as an avatar of the forthcoming poisoning. It's also some sort of a clue to who did the dirty deed on old Joff. It's the kind of touch somebody like Olenna would think of.

    I'm still not buying the "she got the poison from Sansa's necklace/hairnet" BS. Didn't happen.

  4. The singing of "The Rains of Castamere" at the wedding is some sort of clue to who dunnit, don't you think? It's an understatement to say the song isn't "wedding appropriate".

    What do you think it implies as far as identifying the poisoner?

    It's the kind of touch Olenna would think of. It's also Tywin's marker, no?

  5. Why on earth would they be singing "The Rains of Castamere" at a wedding?

    Anybody who arranged that must have done it in respect of its playing at The Red Wedding".

    Who would have had clout enough to get it into the Purple Wedding's song list? Joff was clearly not happy about it being played.

    Did Tywin do it? Is he the co-conspirator with Olenna? Makes sense. Why does he need Joff? He's got Tommen. He's aware that Joff is off his nut and will bring big trouble. It's really a simple decision. He's got a ready-made scapegoat in Tyrion as well. Tywin's really pissed at Jaime as well. He's got to know that Joff is the product of his son and daughter's incest. This is the perfect outcome for him

    I think I'm going to have to look at the QoT/Twin pre-wedding chat a few more times.

  6. Please, let's stop all the nonsensical fantasies about Olenna somehow getting the poison from Sansa's necklace. The close up only shows her hand on a stone; it does not show the stone removed from Sansa's necklace. It never was. Removal would have required much more force than could have been done in a subtle way. I think the whole Sansa necklace gambit is a teaser put in by either or both of GRRM and D&D. I think Dontos imploring Sansa to get away to save her life is part of this con. How did Dontos know at this point that Joff was even dead. Anybody who thinks the whole "Here, Sansa, please take my mother's necklace" crap is part of some conspiracy with Olenna is out of their minds. She'd never trust somebody like Dontos as a co-conspirator.

    I can only imagine the Olenna?Dontos/Sanas scenario if it was cooked up by Olenna as one of two alternative strategies for get the good stuff into Joff's cup. It was probably a back-up to the main plot: put the poison into Margery's wedding necklace and get it from there at the opportune moment. Sansa/Dontos was just a hedge.

    Why do you think the QofT was so obsessed with Margery's wedding necklace in Ep.401? It was so she could get one she could jury-rig it with a poisoned jewel easily removable at the right time. Olenna could not have assumed she'd have a chance to get the poison into Joff's cup without involving Margery in some way. Margery put the cup in front of the QofT when she had the chance and voila!

    I watched the Sansa/OofT interaction at eh wedding many times. I didnt see Olenna remove one of the jewels from Sansa's necklace. Maybe she did but you really can't tell.

  7. Totally agree I like what they're doing with Tywin. He a typical Martin character not good or evil - just capable of both, I think he would know Arya is a highborn, In the books when Theon is adapting to his new persona he has to take care to say "m'lord"instead of "my lord" to keep from giving away his noble birth.

    The character they're doing the worst with has to be Baelish. On the show he seems obvious and not especially clever. In the book he is a total enigma, you can never be sure what his motivations or loyalties are. He just seems to thrive in the chaos. Gillen is doing the best he can with the material but still disappointing.

    I detest Tywin. I can't wait to see him losing bowel control as he looks incredulously at the crossbow bolt skewering his lower. The only thing I'll enjoy more is Shae's strangling. THAT will be my favorite episode.

  8. This is where the entire series goes to hell. I can't believe that so many people are in favor of the changes. I have fallen in love with the TV series so far because it has been so faithful to the books. Afterall, it just makes good sense to go with the plot that has been proven to work. Why change what isn't broken?

    I guess I should deviate from other posters and say why the changes will not work...

    Arya - Peter Baelish is in love with Catelyn; there is no way he wouldn't have recognized Arya

    The second death was too quick; its not how the faceless men work

    Bran- No Meera and Jojen Reed; they are kindred spirits of Bran and Rickon

    Daenerys- Why? The notion that the dragons could be stolen takes away from Daenerys credibility as a natural ruler and is just unnecessary; it also makes the warlocks seem to be a force to be reckoned with; in the book it gives the impression that they are merely illusionists and not particularly good at what they do

    Jon Snow- Ygritte in the book initially despises Jon Snow; the idea that she would come on to him when he is a crow and not yet proven himself to be a Wilding is ridiculous and ruins the entire character of Ygritte; how can her character have any credibility now?

    the riot- completely different from the book; they are on horses in the book I believe; having Tyrion insult and slap the King again is taking things too far, it is not believeable and there is no reason that Joffrey would not just have had him killed at this point;

    Talissa- obviously this will become Robb's wife Jeyne Westerling; but the book insists that Robb's decision was one of impulse and haste; that the relationship developed over time has completely different implications


    Mark my words, this is the end of everything good about the Game of Thrones TV series. Every time a hack screenwriter has the arrogance to think he can do it better it almost always turns out bad.

    This is truly the end!!!

    You named yourself well.

    Eponymous much?

  9. The whole scene just made no sense. He chose to let her go, I accept that... but why did he chase after her ? And why didn't Qhorin and the rest wait for him ? And where was Ghost ?

    And well I hate Jon and Ygritte in the book too, so there you have it :P

    It's pretty simple, really: he could not bring himself to kill her but he didn't want her to escape back to the Wilding camp and give the alarm. Jon is very young and completely inexperienced with women. He is a man of honor, however, and killing a woman----even a Wilding woman----is not really possible for him.

    I thought this scene was ok and can't complain about it.

    The thing I don't understand in the comments so far is this putative sympathy for Theon. Theon is a weak man and self-obsessed to boot. It may all be a function of his life as a hostage. I don't know and don't care. He has always been a user of others----Roz comes to mind. He's basically insecure and makes a willing sycophant for any stronger person who confronts him---Robb, his father, even Dagmar. He's a totally vile piece of crap and deserves what happens to him at the hands of Ramsay Snow/Bolton.

    Maise/Arya is just getting better and better!

    Why didn't that turd hit Joffrey in the mouth?

    Anybody else think the actor playing Jaqen looks like Brad Pitt? (SIAP)

    I prefer Osha neck-down to neck-up.

    Creepy scene between Cersei and Tyrion at Myrcella's departure. Could this refer to Sansa?

    I wanted this episode to never end. It might be the best yet for me.

  10. Why didn't Catlyn kil LF (or have him killed) given that she knows he was complicit in Ned's betrayal and murder? His only defense to her allegation in the knife scene seemed to be something like "I had to do it; it was him or me." For a person who supposedly is a first-class hater, Catlyn is certainly a wimp.

    Count me as one of the peeps who doesn't like HBO Cate one bit.