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    SF/fantasy, amateur radio, NYC subway fan, cigar and single-malt Scotch aficionado and all-around fun bloke :)

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  1. Ser Osis of Liver

    DUBLIN 2019: An Irish Worldcon August 15-19 2019

    Converted to attending in Helsinki,and by the Old Gods and the New, I'll be there if I have to fecking swim. Just the Worldcon, though. We'll have sightseeing plans elsewhere in Ireland after the con. Won't be in San Jose, though; between paying for this year and saving for Dublin '18's going to be lean for us.
  2. Ser Osis of Liver

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    As for the rest of the episode, Dorne bored me - nothing more than filler at this point in my eyes--although to be fair, I hated both Dorne and Pyke in AFfC. and I'm just so thankful we weren't subjected to Quentyn. I was underwhelmed by the end scene but not to the point it bothered me. Budgets and all that. I do wish they'd have put the CGI money into that scene, though, and not Hardhome.
  3. Ser Osis of Liver

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    This sickened me to the very core, which obviously was D&D's intent. There are certain acts that no character can ever come back from and this is the furthest one I could imagine. I don't want Brienne to be the one who kills him, however. I want it to be Ser Davos. This is the ultimate betrayal to our Onion K'nigg-it, and I would pay money to see him shorten his soon-to-be-ex boss by a head...or maybe something a little more, ahhh, long-lasting. But in addition to all that's come before on 35 pages of comments, this makes no sense on another front. Stannis is an acknowledged tactician on the battlefield who thinks things out a dozen moves ahead (as does any good field commander). If he is using his brain, he would have to realize that no matter how dire his predicament, once he crosses the line, and if he survives, that he will lose every ounce of support from the North, to start with, and then the rest of Westeros. A Kinslayer is reviled, and I could see the major and minor houses ally against him on those grounds alone. Would that sacrafice have been as bad if the stakes had been higher? Maybe. But not to get out of the snow and take Winterfell. So let's say he lives and takes Winterfell. Then what? There are no supplies laid in for more than six months (per Roose's monologue last episode), and certainly not enough for all of Stannis' army if they're successful. So then what. March south into the Riverlands, where there are no crops or stores left after the autumnal War of the Five Kings. And again, with news of kinslaying, he would find doors closed to him everywhere. I'm all for great deaths in furtherance of the story. Ned had to die, Robb, Catelyn and even Talisa had to die. There's no story if they lived. Why this? Why now, when the stakes were so low in the overall scheme of things. A great sacarafice toward what end? GRRM has always said every death must further the story. I simply cannot see how this furthers the story. Not here. Not now.
  4. Ser Osis of Liver

    [Book Spoilers] EP408 Discussion

    Oh, from the "fun with credits" department after tonight's episode: Keeper of Scrolls: Cat Taylor. Nice :)
  5. Ser Osis of Liver

    [Book Spoilers] EP408 Discussion

    No, just the reprise of "Look at me, I'm Sansa D...." That was PRECISELY what was going through my mind when I saw her all in black.
  6. Ser Osis of Liver


    Hi All, I'd been a fantasy fan from years back with LoTR, the Belgariad/Mallorean by Eddings and numerous others. I'd stopped reading for at least 15 years due to my needing the time for real-life, and getting my genre fix from TV and movies. At Worldcon in Reno I got an inkling about what GoT was, even got to sit the Iron Throne, but didn't really pay attention until I hit the Brotherhood Without Banners room party when GRRM came by for a visit. Everyone'd been given an HBO major-house button randomly at the door; I drew the red lion, was told I was an evil bastard but didn't know what to make of it all. Shook hands with Mr. Martin and that was it until I got home and managed to find the TV series still available on-demand. I had my doubts after episode 1 and even more after episode 2 (RIP Lady), but stuck with it for the next couple of days and was hooked. I began reading TWOP forums and others on just the television show but I soon had to make a decision: Would I stick with the TV series only and try to avoid ALL the spoilers or just Go For It, get the books and make the time. After getting back from Barnes and Noble the next day I began a journey in mid-September that didn't finish until Nov. 17th. I'm now in complete withdrawal. Other cold-turkey addicts get the D.Ts...I'm suffering from a lack of D.T. (Danearys Targaryan, that is :). So that's it. For probably four or five more frickin' years. I live in northern New Jersey and when I'm not trying to figure out plot twists and prophecies I'm blasting Morse Code through the ether on amateur radio and making Windows computers behave as well as possible. Valar Dohaerus