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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    Gave it a 10/10.. But didnt anyone else find it odd that while Winterfell is two neck deeps in snow,HardHome didnt have much snow(it wasnt even snowing when John made it to HH) and the sea continued to flow till the end instead of turning into rock solid ice. I felt that was deliberately done because that was the only way out for John.
  2. This.The fact that Sansa is a fugitive makes it so unlikely that LF will expose her the way he is doing,and that too with 10 swords from the Vale who may not be trustworthy.
  3. is Qyburn trying to create his own version of Zombies somehow??...lol.. At this rate,the final war will be between the whitewalkers on the one hand and Zombies led by Qyburn on the other with Bran looking at all the action from his treepost!! rofl...
  4. Brienne is not able to find Sansa in the books because LF is shielding her from everyone going as far as to change her name and place of origin and placing her at the Vale. The storyline in the show takes a completely different route where LF takes the risk of exposing Sansa by making some sort of arrangement with Bolton. If Sansa does manage to make it to Winterfell then where does that put LF in the grand scheme of things. Bolton can easily kill LF and use Sansa like Joffrey/Cersei did. LF is not a fool and Sansa will never acqueisce to such an arrangement.