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  1. The Wikipedia article on this topic is quite good (well, it mainly seems to be a historical list of how it was used by various people, but sometimes that's good to know.)
  2. I for one would like to read the alternative history Mary, Queen of Scotch.
  3. Covid's circulating in the community where I work. Not at extremely high levels, but enough to be felt. A teacher I know has it, friends of a co-worker's child have caught it, a student has it... On top of that, at least one non-Covid bug is going around fast. Masses of the students seem to have coughs and colds; staff are off sick. The lack of resistance after more than a year of reduced social contact is going to make the usual winter viruses nastier than usual. Hope your relatives recover soon @S John
  4. I think I may have to read them now! Or at least the first one.
  5. I've been thinking of reading the Poppy War books. Is the protagonist intended to be awful, or does the author not realise how unpleasant she is?
  6. Just gone down the Wikipedia rabbit hole, and learned that Oona was the daughter of Eugene O'Neill. Maybe everyone else knew that, but I didn't. He disowned her when she married Chaplin ͏- disowning your only daughter when she's at her most vulnerable, prey to both Chaplin and to her probable Elektra complex seems like a spectacularly awful thing to do. Both his sons committed suicide, and Oona was in the end the heir of the estate. Though one suspects she'd have preferred a father that didn't walk out on her when she was four, and officially drop her again at eighteen. Did anything nice at all happen to people in showbusiness in the early-to-mid-twentieth century? Chaplin himself isn't a train crash only because he was the signalman in various instances, and because he seems to have concentrated his share of disaster in his early life. Not that this stuff stopped last century, as Alanis Morisette's comments remind us.
  7. Can't believe they're not showing it in the UK till November
  8. Agree totally. Jackson's Denethor is particularly awful for wasting the talents of John Noble, who could have been great in another adaptation. Peter Vaughan in the BBC Radio play gave a version much closer to the book, and the narrator is there to conclude the character with the memorable line:
  9. I'm finding the run of remakes of RPGs I've loved encouraging, even if I'm not that interested in buying most of them. Just hoping that the wave of nostalgia for BG/Mass Effect/KotOR results in more new games being produced in the same vein. Perhaps I might even live long enough to see a Neverwinter Nights 3!
  10. Blast : ( He was brilliant. Huge charisma and presence.
  11. I've tried to avoid mentioning spoilers in my comments, but I'm using spoiler tags because this would otherwise be a very long post. The Invisible Library – Genevieve Cogman Red Sister (Book 1 of the Book of the Ancestor trilogy) – Mark Lawrence The Name of the Wind – Patrick Rothfuss The Privilege of the Sword – Ellen Kushner Newt’s Emerald – Garth Nix Sorceror to the Crown – Zen Cho Guns of the Dawn – Adrian Tchaikovsky Spiderlight – Adrian Tchaikovsky Alex Verus series – Benedict Jacka Gideon the Ninth – Tamsyn Muir Just One Damned Thing After Another - Jodi Taylor The Witness for the Dead – Katherine Addison Ottoman Odyssey: Travels through a Large Empire - Alev Scott A Tale of Love and Darkness – Amos Oz, translated by Nicholas de Lange
  12. Good luck getting your UF taken on by a publisher. The world needs a Glasgow UF series! Will give your Victorian series a go.
  13. Crazy. I'm still looking for a good UF series set in the UK but outside London, since things seem to work the opposite way round here. (You have to set your fantasy series in London).
  14. That sounds like a truly awful way to decide where to set a UF series.
  15. Just given up on the first Harry Dresden book. I was prepared for it being a bit lame, having been warned that it was written for an assignment as a joke, but I couldn't find anything to like about it, and the way the female characters were described gave me the creeps. Ugh. I'm glad it wasn't my introduction to urban fantasy. (Thank you, Ben Aaronovitch).
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