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  1. dog-days

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    That's a brilliant suggestion! Because CGI has come on so far now, rather than do a lot of on-location shooting with puppetry for the aliens, the next production team can rely on green screen tech. Also, we'll make it darker than SW VII/VIII - it'll be a serious political drama. To show how serious it is, all the actors will be asked to talk slowly and carefully, and furrow their brows a lot to show how complex their feelings are. Because the female characters weren't popular in SW VIII, we'll improve things by having only two females in the films (and to do the story justice, this should be at minimum a trilogy) a Mother and a Love Interest to the anti-hero Kylo Ren. Neither will do much at all, so there's no worry about them spoiling things for the audience. But so that things don't get so Dark that no one will go to the cinema without a comfort blanket and cuddly rabbit, there'll also be a novelty alien with an ethnic accent to provide officially sanctioned moments of levity. I can't wait.
  2. dog-days

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    Finally got round to watching Season 2 of Agent Carter. When it first came out, I remember seeing reviews in the blogosphere saying that it was a big step down from the first season in quality, so I didn't bother with it. Well, it's been so long that I can now hardly remember the first season. I enjoyed S2 quite a lot - it was tremendously silly fun most of the time, and now I kind of wish I hadn't taken the time to catch up on it, since there'll be no S3.
  3. dog-days

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    Saw this film on Sunday. Found it at the same time both fun and entirely forgettable. The only things I think I'll really take from it are: 1) At times I thought I was watching a missing episode of Firefly and 2) A star destroyer silhouetted against an azure nebula is really pretty On the bright side, when I read Wert's review and it mentioned all the fan service and in-jokes, I thought it would be completely awful. Because although I am dorky enough to get a lot of the nods and winks, I hate it when films seem to be made just for the fans, and for a certain kind of fan (e.g. Rogue One). But I didn't feel the tie-ins to other bits of the canon hurt the film that much except perhaps the Darth Maul one.
  4. dog-days

    A Series of Unfortunate Events

    Just finished binge-watching Season 2. Now I have to wait a year or more for Season 3. *twiddles fingers* .... Has it arrived yet? ASoUI is about 50% of the reason for my netflix subscription. 49% is Fargo. The remaining 1% is optimism. I'm glad they gave Neil Patrick Harris more of a chance to showcase his musical abilities this year aside from singing the theme. Big props to all the returning and new members of the cast.
  5. Aww, I did like the finale. I was tremendously glad it didn't end with a massacre of the crew - and the new series that it sets up looks promising since plot-wise it has a bit more room for manoeuvre than its parent show.
  6. Just thinking of all the Rebels stuff with Maul, Kenobi and the twin suns of Tatooine. The suns can symbolize Luke and Leia, but they could also stand for Luke and Ezra in some sense - as twin chosen ones? Is Luke rather than Ezra the intended back up plan? After all, Ezra's been defeating imperials for years while Luke's been moping around his uncle's farm.
  7. dog-days

    Full frontal Star Wars - D&D Strike Back

    Would be quite a good conclusion to the Star Wars franchise: HK47 stumbles through a wormhole to arrive in media res in Star Wars IX. He and Chopper do battle - because there can only be one bad-ass king of the droids. Soldiers of the First Order and New Republic embrace and forgive each other before they are disintegrated in the cosmic wave of destruction that issues forth. Ghost Yoda snarks at Ghost Luke for one last time. Kylo Ren considers the multiple ways in which he's wasted his life. Chewbacca asks for a cigarette in English Basic, and dies laughing at the expression on Rey's face. The galaxy ends, but the ripples from the battle echo further, crossing dimensions, and cinema screens melt from Honolulu to Moscow to Buenos Aires.
  8. Liked the recent pair of eps more than the earlier two, even if a lot of "Wolves at the Door" was stock Rebels material. I thought they might send Ezra and at least some of the gang through a portal into the future, where they get taught a lesson in plus ├ža change in Filoni's next series, potentially set during the rise of the First Order. However, the vanishing of the temple seemed fairly final in the second episode. Apparently Rebels got Ian McDiarmid back to voice the Emperor. Didn't realise it at the time. Thought they'd just employed a good mimic.
  9. The spoilery happening wasn't exactly a surprise, but it's still sad.
  10. Thanks, Teng Ai Hui. I'll give it another go - I do want to like it, though many more similar scenes would make that impossible.
  11. I really enjoyed season 1. Not without reservations, but I enjoyed it. I don't have a Trek background at all. The final episode was the weakest, in that the writing, especially towards the end, was shaky and heavy on the Parmesan, but I definitely enjoyed the series as a whole and loved a lot of the characters and performances. Looking forward to season 2.
  12. Last night I watched the first five minutes of Black Lightning. I got as far as the bit where it's some sort of awards ceremony that looks/feels like a personality cult, and all the kids in the room stand up and shout something in unison. Then I went Aaaaaargh!!! (but quietly, because I'm visiting family who were asleep upstairs), turned off and sat shuddering for a few seconds. Anyone else watched it? Was my initial reaction unfair?
  13. I enjoyed the retrospective view of Ezra's adventures in the trailer. Oh, for the days of the floppy anime hair!
  14. Though in the case of the rebels and the Terran Empire, it's more of a postjudice than a prejudice...
  15. Seems a bit crazy given that the last episode was in the middle of November...