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  1. dog-days

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hunting Minds

    Just started to watch it last night. Looking forward to the rest - with a certain amount of apprehension given the era.
  2. dog-days

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hunting Minds

    Just finished Charité, a German TV drama set in 1888 in the Berlin hospital of the same name. Found it very watchable. Although the stories and dialogue around the original characters tended towards the clunky and obvious, the drama based on the historical characters was great, and the production values seemed pretty good to me too. I'd love to go on to read some non-fiction based on the era to learn a bit more about Vichow, Ehrlich, Behring and Koch, and the hospital itself. It's available on Netflix. There's also a second series set at the Charité between 1943 and 1945.
  3. Gigantic spoilery rambles on The Secret Commonwealth below the cut.
  4. dog-days

    Disenchantment (spoilers)

    May I never ever reach 1000 posts! I liked King Zog's "bite my shiny metal axe!" Plus the design of Steamland - whenever we got a view of the city, I just stared at it through narrowed eyes. I'll just have to compare side-by-side screenshots with the Futurama credits at some point.
  5. dog-days

    Disenchantment (spoilers)

    I enjoyed S2 of Disenchantment - it's just helped me get through a rather difficult weekend - but then I also enjoyed S1. Not revolutionary, or hilarious, but for me consistently enjoyable and amusing in its way. I'd rate it higher than the Dragon Prince (though I enjoyed that too). The Futuruma Easter Eggs were pretty gigantic this time round - I know that because I normally don't notice Easter Eggs until someone else points them out to me. Suspect they were thrown in to delight the serious fans? As Werthead points out, it can't really go any further for licensing reasons. eta: 500 posts! Wish it had been to say something a bit more significant. If only I was, as in The Good Place S4...
  6. dog-days

    His Dark Materials Series

    La Belle Sauvage is a great read to sit by the fire with in autumn or winter. Memorable atmosphere. I still catch myself thinking wistfully of old pubs with peacocks roaming the garden. Trying not to get too excited about The Secret Commonwealth.
  7. dog-days

    Most disappointing show cancellations

    Still v. sad about The Tick and Agent Carter. Would have loved Jessica Jones to have one more season. Daredevil was great, but I think it would only have got worse if it had carried on. With the stars in a favourable alignment, JJ4 could have been just grand. Honourable mention to Tuca and Berty on Netflix, cancelled after just one season. I don't know if S2 would have kept up/improved on S1, but I would have loved to have the chance to find out.
  8. dog-days

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Midsommar Night Blues

    Binge-watched a load of telly recently. The Boys - This was great. Very addictive. I don't feel particularly attached to any of the characters (partly through mental self-preservation; you feel everyone will either end up horribly dead or just horrible), but it's enjoyable to watch as a dissection of superhero fantasy, and blackly funny. Glad it's getting a second season. The Tick - Occupying the other end of the tonal spectrum. Whereas everyone in The Boys stays away from the fourth wall, this is a much much more light-hearted and gentle romp through comic book tropes. I'm sad it's been cancelled. Lovely to relax to in the evenings after work. The title character reminded me of Minsc from the Baldur's Gate games. Bertie and Tuca - Netflix animation about two millennial flatmates, who are also birds. Wasn't sure if I'd like it at all, but ended up pleasantly surprised. Zany without being annoyingly so. It's been cancelled after one season, and now it looks as if I'll never find out if Bertie and Speckles stay together, and whether Tuca will find any resolution for her issues. The Magicians - The only dud of the lot. I wanted to like it - if I had, I could have spent the next month catching up on its many seasons - however, it seemed to take a look at magical coming-of-age stories, and decide that they were all too full of humour and wonderment. So it stuck in a load of self-pitying bores as the main characters, and gave the least personality possible to everyone else. Gave up half-way through the first season.
  9. dog-days

    Joss Whedon - SF Epic for HBO -The Nevers

    Feel I should be more excited show than I am, given the acting and writing talent behind it. Will cross fingers and hope the premonition of disappointment is wiped away when I watch it.
  10. Interesting. Still, much too late for Alaphilippe now. Will be looking forward to seeing what he does next year. Hopefully it will involve signing with a team that can support him. Though based on Bernal's performance this year, the Sky/Ineos run looks set to continue. Indefinitely.
  11. I saw one commentator on the Guardian yesterday - prior to the hail and mudslide - suggest that Pinot's team could work for Alaphilippe. I know it wouldn't do him much good now, but would that actually be allowed under TdF rules?
  12. Ah, that makes sense to me now. Makes what Alaphilippe has achieved so far all the more impressive.
  13. In that case though, shouldn't Deceuninck have made some tweaks to their strategy - Viviani is a very long way down the GC? Movistar were a trainwreck today. Either Landa or Quintana should be encouraged to go for a contract with another team.
  14. dog-days

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Midsommar Night Blues

    Yeah, I'm still mentally boggling a bit. I mean, you wouldn't be surprised, after sitting through the Ring Cycle, to find out that Wagner was not such a nice person. But Dirk Gently was so fluffy. I suppose Landis was very aware of his own proclivities and took care not to reveal them in his writing.
  15. Haven't been following the cycling this year at all, till today noticed the Tour was on and had time to sit down and watch it. What a stage! Now that the discipline of what was Team Sky is crumbling (e.g. Bernal setting off on his own instead of working for Thomas in the last 10k), the race feels tremendously open and exciting. Because of my country of residence, I feel kind of obliged to support Geraint, though I can't share the worship of the people from his area of Cardiff that I've talked to. Would be v. happy if Alaphilippe won, though he was looking very strained today - saw the footage of him half collapsed on a fence after the finish. Only saw the last thirty km of the stage, so not sure what happened to his domestiques. He shouldn't have to be making runs to the team car.