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  1. Thought that was a strong episode - I was disappointed when the credits rolled. I ready to sit there for another fifty minutes easily. When I glimpsed a trailer for last night's episode, I thought it looked a bit weak, and instead ended up being pleased by how the paths of different characters started intersecting. The daemons stole the show - they're so much better this series. Hester and the golden monkey in particular, but also Hester and the lemur daemon too. The camera watched their reactions, so we could see what Lee and Dr Healy (Angus Wright) weren't showing.
  2. Thanks for bringing this up. I already felt bad about using Audible because it's owned by Amazon, but this is an incredibly scummy thing to do the people that create the content.
  3. I live in Wales and don't find it terribly complicated to follow the rules. Am much happier with Mark Drakeford as head of government than Boris.
  4. Expect those actresses might be competing for the same roles for the next few years, in that way that Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan did.
  5. Yeah. Book half-remembered maybe spoilers below: Anyway, I'm sure that series 3 of HDM will try and engineer a dramatic reunion.
  6. Be proud. Cardiff's great. Everywhere should look like Cardiff.* I wonder if we'll see Lord Asriel at all this series, since they cut his episode? * But not like Splott or Adamsdown.
  7. As someone who lived in Cardiff, I've enjoyed marvelling at how much it doesn't look like Oxford...
  8. Last night's episode was good, though I don't have much to say about it. I liked the dynamic between Will and Lyra. While I've quite enjoyed the look into Magisterium politics, I do wonder what they'll do if the TV series ever makes it as far as Secret Commonwealth - because aspects of the plotting and murder in that one appear to have been drawn on to provide the extra material for the show.
  9. Aw, I enjoyed Into the Spiderverse. Didn't think it was the best thing ever, but it was fun, stylish and very watchable. The next series of Un Bore Mercher (Keeping Faith) has just started. I've watched the first two episodes, and the next is out tonight. I'll be catching up on Monday, since tonight is definitely His Dark Materials night. I do keep asking myself why I still kind of like UBM, since it's often overwrought, and has at least one dreary pop song with pictures of people looking sad per episode. On the bright side, the cast is great, Eve Myles is magnetic, there are occasionally jokes and humour, and Mark Lewis Jones is oddly convincing as the back-up love interest. I'm not sure he could be said to smoulder consistently, but he does at least send up the odd smoke signal.
  10. So, I've learnt that David Cronenberg looks strikingly like Michael from The Good Place. Thanks for the life lesson, Star Trek. Also, Oded Fehr (Vance) has a passing resemblance to Shazad Latif (Ash). Great-great (multiple greats) grandson? Well, probably not. But it may be my personal canon.
  11. Just watched it right now. Really liked it. Fairly slow-paced, but not in a boring way. A couple of minor gripes mostly to do with the delivery or style of certain lines. The look of it is stunning. One particular scene with Will and Lyra sitting on opposite sides of a set of parallel stairs stood out visually. And Pan gets to change his form a lot! Hope they didn't blow the daemon budget on this episode.
  12. Enjoyed the PTSD dinner party. Up till Detmer's breakdown, I was enjoying the low-level discomfort and embarrassment of all the guests. A bit like watching the Star Trek version of a team building day out. Perhaps because I skipped a lot of S2 I don't perceive Detmer as having a great deal of personality beyond the standard-issue Federation one. Maybe this season will change that. I mostly responded to the Trill plot-line by thinking "that's Karen Robinson from Schitt's Creek!" It was fine. Would have preferred it if Culber's reason for sending Michael was more along the lines of suspecting the Trill might not be that thrilled about a human host, and wanting Adira to have a competent bodyguard, rather than sending Michael as as an emotional support tool. When Adira doesn't know Michael, but knows and likes Culber. The prospect of a dead/not-dead significant other haunting a crew member doesn't currently interest me that much. It does seem a bit clich├ęd, but I'll see where the writers go with it.
  13. Well, no one's played Jade Empire 2! Except me, in my dreams. Seriously, I'd also like a sequel. The original had a couple of really memorable sequences, and I loved the character design and artwork. Even if it was still too short. Definitely remember preferring it to ME1. It had tons of atmosphere and a sense of fun. Have a feeling that Bioware may have plagiarised themselves a bit by 'borrowing' a quest from JE for DA:I. (The drowned village one).
  14. That does explain a lot! Anyway, glad it looks as if Bioware are still working on projects, even if they aren't talking about them much at this stage.
  15. Will be interesting to see ME1 with proper graphics. I don't really remember it very well since I haven't played it for ten years plus - I recall it having terrible graphics, and being rather short in comparison to most of the CRPGs I was familiar with. Really, I mostly remember it in terms of ME2 being better in every respect. Things seem to be really quiet at Bioware. I remember when it was Obsidian that seemed to be struggling and ready to go under, and Bioware that were the powerhouse. I'm glad they still have a veteran crew left to entrust games to.
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