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  1. It kind of amuses me that I can Google King Charles III and see photos of the late much-missed Tim Piggott-Smith in the title role of the 2017 film. Piggott-Smith was a character actor mainly known for playing a deeply disturbed and corrupt colonial district superintendent in The Jewel in the Crown.
  2. Forelock tugging is over in the Queen Elizabeth thread if that's what you need.
  3. On the subject of not all of us having more than one house (or any house): Crown Estate Finances of the British Royal Family Queen lobbied for change in law to hide her private wealth TBH, I'm not anti-monarchy. I was fervently republican as a child/young teen, but seeing the likes of President George W Bush elected boss of the world moderated that quite a lot. The late Queen was palatable in comparison with the likely alternatives. I have complete faith in the ability of the British people to elect a total shit to the highest office in the land. ETA: Presenters and guests really struggling over on the S4C rolling news. Presenter: Well, we know about her love for Scotland. What about her love for Wales? Dafydd Elis-Thomas: Uh...weeeeellll....
  4. Given how long it's taken for some monarchs to have their coronations - Victoria was crowned a year after she inherited - I can't imagine it holding things up. Charles became King as soon as his mother died. eta: Maltaran beat me to it. Also, maybe I have been subconsciously struck by terrible grief. Caught myself using an apostrophe before an 's' in a straight plural.
  5. And the offices and kitchen-diners of South Wales resounded as one with a great cry: "Will we get another bank holiday?" (I have heard this asked three times already. It's not disrespect, it's practical anthropology.)
  6. Maybe PM Liz will ask to have back the verse about crushing the Scots.
  7. I think it's time for me to avoid all UK TV and radio until Christmas. Will have to rely on you people to filter out relevant bits of news for me from the end-to-end Royal Family press blitzkrieg.
  8. As Mary Beard pointed out, he was also comparing himself to an enemy of the common people - someone brought out of rural retirement to put down a plebeian revolt.
  9. I'm sorry that Elder Race didn't win Best Novella. I didn't read the other contenders in the category and so didn't vote, but I enjoyed its particular combination of science fiction and fantasy a lot.
  10. On the board you always seem like a fine person @Poobah, and I'm sure everyone that reads this thread is only wishing you good things. Seconding the advice to reach out. You mention that there are various burdens in your life right now; I don't exactly know what they are, but possibly organisations like the ones mentioned upthread or others might be able to support you through at least some of them, or even remove some of the load from you? The news is shit. I said to my previous supervisor last year that I felt as if there'd been no good news since 2016. Sometimes I think about trying to tune out of it, but I know that the habit of following the headlines is too deeply ingrained in me. If I had more belief that I had something to offer, I'd probably try becoming active in a lobby/campaign/party, just to fight back a little against the passivity of being a receptacle for horrible news about the world that I have no control over.
  11. Hope everyone's got their liberty caps ready and pitchforks sharpened to welcome our new PM.
  12. Not going to look this up now because I'm about to head to a library and pick up a book I have on hold, but I think public libraries in the UK have a reward scheme going for authors based on the number of times the book is loaned. Authors also tend to be noticeably pro-library. There are probably authors out there who mutter to themselves every morning and evening about bloody libraries wrecking their lives with their public supply of education, personal consolation, community and warmth, but so far I haven't encountered any. I'd love to be able to buy a book whenever I find something I want to read, but like many people - as was true of the vast majority of people for recorded history, in fact - I simply can't afford it. OTOH, if I buy a book second-hand, I'm helping to save the resources that would have gone into the creation of a new copy of the same book, am possibly helping a charity depending on where I got the book, am keeping my mind somewhat alive which helps keep me sane enough for gainful employment and thus not a Burden on SocietyTM, and my reaction to the book, as told to people in RL or recorded online, can help generate publicity for the author.
  13. *shrugs* I still prefer paper books, and I'm not that ancient. My brain mostly files digital text as "disposable - do not attempt to retain for later reference" so anything that I need to learn I prefer on paper. Quite a bit of research has been done on online vs print reading styles. Plus, I need to read digital text a lot for my job and work on a laptop all day, and many regular readers probably do the same. A paper book can signify fun, leisure and time-off from the grind.
  14. Totally. It's a beautiful film, but not just quirky and elegant - the ending has huge pathos.
  15. Hope the reappearance of Daredevil and the law practice context could lead to a cameo from Jeri Hogarth from Jessica Jones. Easily one of the strongest/best acted supporting characters from the Marvel Netflix shows.
  16. Heh, I must have missed it then. I think I first saw the recording in a Twitter reaction to news of Andrew Marr leaving the BBC.
  17. Liz Truss 'can no longer spare the time' for BBC1 interview with Nick Robinson. Translation: She's so thick her minders don't want her face somewhat demanding questions in case she says anything so hopeless that even Conservative party members won't vote for her. Or accidentally commits herself to a General Election. ETA: Re the Maitlis article. I haven't watched Newsnight for years — not since I was staying with my parents and Paxman was still leading the show. I'm not fond of the Paxman style at its most extreme, though sympathise with the attitude behind it ('why is this lying bastard lying to me?'). I'm even less fond of the journalism that seems largely to consist of reciting press releases and gobbets from political parties, organisations and think tanks. Both styles are too much in hock to spin-doctoring, and end up with a vicious cycle of parties employing ever more PR people, and journalists wasting time on the PR instead of anything more meaningful. I reckon that if a political party starts on an issue, the BBC should be able to say: "Okay, you've brought it up" and proceed to spend its time analysing the issue itself, while giving the politicians and their entourages as little time on air and page space as possible. Liffguard's comment about Maitlis getting her job because of her apparent naivety reminded me of Andrew Marr interviewing Noam Chomksy. Can't remember if it's been posted here before.
  18. Jacob Rees Mogg planning to sell £1.5 billion of government offices because civil servants are still working from home. This from the man that wandered around Whitehall leaving bitchy notes behind for anyone not obsessed with presenteeism. He's framing it as a victory for the taxpayer. O Lord God of Israel who sent the twelve plagues against Egypt, can't you manage something small and localised just for him? Embarrassingly-placed boils would do.
  19. said groaning men a god meaning sir (my best effort after sacrificing way too many post-it notes to this. I could never get the Countdown conundrum, for anyone who's ever been a victim of UK daytime tv.)
  20. Delighted we'll see the gang one more time, and that there'll be a chance to wrap things up.
  21. Was about to type "I wish Abbott Elementary was available in the UK", Google'd it, and found it was on Disney which I have a subscription to at the moment. So I'll have to check it out before the end of the month. Finished Ms. Marvel last night, and found it one of the stronger Marvel TV shows. Partition was handled well - I always feel kind of uncomfortable when huge and terrible RL events are used as background to light entertainment, but here it didn't feel either disrespectful or worthy. I think because the writing for Kamala's family was so strong, they carried the show and were believable enough that it was more a case of thinking: of course, they would have their own partition story. Music and acting were great. I'd love to see Yusuf Khan (Mohan Kapur) defeat some bad guys while in costume as the Hulk in the sequel season. Hear me, Marvel. Also finished Only Murders in the Building. Didn't like it quite as much as the first season, but still enjoyed it very much. I think I'll be watching this show happily for as long as the writers have ideas for it, and good lines for the script. A recent favourite, nodding to the running joke of Gut MilkTM (13% alcohol):
  22. That sounds much better than I expected. I gave up on The Book of Boba after a couple of episodes because it was scraping the bottom of a very derivative barrel. If the fans throw a wobbler when Andor is released because there's no Darth Vader/Han Solo/Jedi etc. then I'm aiming my personal Death Star at them.
  23. Minus the eventual fame and fortune based on what I've heard of the lives of most actors, I'd guess. Wong comes from Eccles near Manchester no less, and still has a fair trace of the accent. Ah, Eccles. Home of my favourite old-style baked good.
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