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  1. Was always a bit dubious about Avatar going live-action anyway. I'd be delighted if we got a new animated show instead. Though I do hope the creative team read this article first.
  2. Also, character change is something people currently tend to see as a compulsory feature of good literature, but it isn't necessarily so. Is Ulysses a different person with new understanding at the end of The Odyssey to the one at the start? I don't think so. Though as others have pointed out, there is character change in LotR. The hobbits and sundry as already mentioned. In the case of Denethor and Saruman, we don't see the change happening, but they join the story at the nadir of their arcs.
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions. It was pay day today so I went ahead and ordered the first in various series - Ruth Galloway, the Seeker, Inspector Gamache, Sam Wyndham, Siri Paoboun. That should keep my dad occupied for a bit and give my mother a break from trying to find things for him to read.
  4. I read the the Brunetti books as they come out so I don't get glutted on them, as I imagine could happen if I tried to read the whole series at once. It's true that they tend to revolve around the same themes, though in fairness, these themes - the environment, pollution, political corruption - are huge ones that deserve exploration. And unfortunately these things will be with us for a very very long time. Plus I can't afford to get to Venice, probably never will, and even if I could, I'd just be adding to the city's problems with mass tourism, so it's nice once a year to check in with Brunetti and go have bruschetta in his local trattoria with a shot of grappa to wash it down. Maybe catch the vaporetto at San Marco.
  5. Gamache, Cotterill and Griffiths are all new to me. I think Gamache especially might appeal to my Dad, but at the rate he goes through books, I can try him with the others as well. I loved the Cadfael books when I was in my early/mid teens. My mother had a shelf full of them, so I just read my way through them. When I see Shrewsbury Abbey Church from the train, my heart still gives a little leap.
  6. Wow, that's great! He definitely hasn't read Akunin, Mukherjee, Rubenfeld/Tallis or Janes. This should keep him happily occupied!
  7. Then Zorral needs to think through the implications of what he posts. Of maybe he can just tell me that the sky is blue and pat me on the head next time. Thanks, Wall Flower. That's a great recommendation. I haven't seen anything by her in the house, and it sounds just like the kind of thing my Dad would go for. He loves Civil War era stuff.
  8. Oddly enough, Zorral, the thought that there might be websites out there for recommendations has struck me. I may even have used some of them. But over the years I've picked up a lot of great tips for TV series and books on this board. That's why I'm asking here. Not at some other site full of total strangers. Sorry if I sound snarky. I feel snarky. I have an obliviously condescending boss at work who I just have to endure, and can't cope with the same behaviour here as well.
  9. I think he may have read them since I can certainly remember seeing them round the house, but I'll check with my mother. If he's still writing them, then we may not be up to date with the most recent ones. Thank you. : )
  10. I have a feeling I'm going to be told off for putting this in the wrong thread - anyway... My mum and I are going a bit mad trying to find stuff for my elderly housebound father to read. He likes crime. He's read all of: Lindsey Davies (Falco/Flavia Albia), Donna Leon (Brunetti), C. J. Sansom (Shardlake), Lexie Conyngham (Murray of Letho and Hippolyta), Susan Hill (Serailler), Andrew Taylor and many other authors that I've forgotten. He sits and reads all day. He's especially fond of historical crime. For some reason, he hates Agatha Christie. Could you help us out with recommendations for fairly recent (i.e. published post millennium) crime fiction? Ideally, for a crime fiction series.
  11. Interesting. Still, much too late for Alaphilippe now. Will be looking forward to seeing what he does next year. Hopefully it will involve signing with a team that can support him. Though based on Bernal's performance this year, the Sky/Ineos run looks set to continue. Indefinitely.
  12. I saw one commentator on the Guardian yesterday - prior to the hail and mudslide - suggest that Pinot's team could work for Alaphilippe. I know it wouldn't do him much good now, but would that actually be allowed under TdF rules?
  13. Ah, that makes sense to me now. Makes what Alaphilippe has achieved so far all the more impressive.
  14. In that case though, shouldn't Deceuninck have made some tweaks to their strategy - Viviani is a very long way down the GC? Movistar were a trainwreck today. Either Landa or Quintana should be encouraged to go for a contract with another team.
  15. Haven't been following the cycling this year at all, till today noticed the Tour was on and had time to sit down and watch it. What a stage! Now that the discipline of what was Team Sky is crumbling (e.g. Bernal setting off on his own instead of working for Thomas in the last 10k), the race feels tremendously open and exciting. Because of my country of residence, I feel kind of obliged to support Geraint, though I can't share the worship of the people from his area of Cardiff that I've talked to. Would be v. happy if Alaphilippe won, though he was looking very strained today - saw the footage of him half collapsed on a fence after the finish. Only saw the last thirty km of the stage, so not sure what happened to his domestiques. He shouldn't have to be making runs to the team car.
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