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  1. Daenerys

    How would you rate episode 210?

    9, right up there with Blackwater IMO. Easily the two best episodes of the season were the last two for me. I love the books, but I really don't give a fig if they stay completely true to them, in fact I think the show gets better the more they feel free to depart from them. Hopefully next season they will really rethink it as the original production it deserves to be. Especially Daenerys' story, which quite frankly is a very long, drawn out bore in the books already and is really showing the strain on television. All I ask is that they keep the spirit of the books, most of the central themes, and keep the focus on the main characters. Overall I give this season a 7, but at least it ended on a strong note (or notes).
  2. Daenerys

    How would you rate episode 209?

    I was pretty hard on last week's episode (and a lot of this season on the whole), but this was a pretty satisfying episode, I really enjoyed it. I love that Martin was able to change a few things up from his own writing in the books, I can imagine that'd be a hard thing to do. Overall I still think this series could be a lot better if they free themselves up from the letter of the books more (in other words, keep the spirit of the books and the main characters intact, but shuffle it up to tighten up the plot and pacing), but for the second season in a row, Episode 9 rocks.
  3. Easily the worst episode of the season for me, I gave it a 5. It's just frankly getting boring to the point where I'm not even that excited when Sunday rolls around each week. And it's making me realize just how flawed the books are in terms of moving all the storylines forward. That bothered me reading the books but for some reason it's bothering me even more with the tv series. You can see them painfully trying to stretch and fill in scenes just to give certain characters something to do, like Robb, Jon, and Daenerys. Love Maise Williams but her character has also gotten boring. They've basically done nothing (or at least the same thing) for the entire season. I really wish the show runners would depart even more radically from the books in order to form a tight, cohesive plot for all the characters because it is just not working for me. Yes, I know Blackwater is here, there will be more things happening this week, but it's been a disappointing season for me on the whole, with some good bits along the way.
  4. I actually liked Lorch falling at Tywin's feet, that was great. But I agree about Arya taking the message, it doesn't make any sense. She's already read the message, Tywin has already seen the message, there is no need for her to take it with her, especially grasping it in her hand in public.
  5. Really loved most of this episode because they're finally starting to feel more comfortable deviating from the books to tell a better story. Also a lot of long character-driven scenes that help this episode feel less rushed and random than many others. Really hope they do more and more of this as time goes on because the reality is a word for word slavish translation of the book to screen just won't work. Only scene I wasn't crazy about was Dany with the spice master. Meh. I give it a solid 8+, close to a 9.
  6. They did?? It wasn't clear to me who the orders came from. And considering Cersei had just been interacting with Slynt, if anything it seems more attributable to her. And the scene with Littlefinger shows they aren't softening her ruthlessness that much. Or did I miss something where the source was revealed?
  7. Daenerys

    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    Episode poll ratings (minimum 100 votes, top and bottom 5% thrown out): Epi | Title | Rating | 6.........7.........8.........9.........10 ----|-----------------------------------------|--------|------------------------------------------- 101 | "Winter Is Coming" | 7.9 | ******************** 102 | "The Kingsroad" | 8.2 | *********************** 103 | "Lord Snow" | 7.9 | ******************** 104 | "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things" | 8.2 | *********************** 105 | "The Wolf and the Lion" | 8.8 | ***************************** 106 | "A Golden Crown" | 8.8 | ***************************** 107 | "You Win or You Die" | 8.2 | *********************** 108 | "The Pointy End" | 9.2 | ********************************* 109 | "Baelor" | 8.9 | ****************************** 110 | "Fire and Blood" | 9.2 | ********************************* Overall series average - 8.5 So, a definite upward trend as the season progressed. Weakest episodes, tied, 101 "Winter Is Coming" and 103 "Lord Snow" Strongest episodes,tied, 108 "The Pointy End" and 110 "Fire and Blood"
  8. Daenerys

    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    Like almost every episode, this one gets an 8 from me, maybe 8+. The Pycelle scene was a waste. Maybe interesting to show he was just another guy in KL who is "playing the game" and maybe not what they seem, but that would have been a lot more effective several episodes ago, shortly after Ned arrives. We're rushing to the climax here in the last episode of the season, it just really slowed it down for me while not adding much. Also, although I love me some Littlefinger and Varys, the scene seemed poorly written to me and, again, a waste. Do we really need to have them discussing Varys' balls AGAIN? And a gash? Eh... Could have been a lot more interesting, or cut shorter (pun intended!). Wasn't Marillion supposed to be this superstar bard? His song sucked, sorry, I would not hire the dude for my kid's birthday party in KL. And Dany should have lost her hair (see my avatar), On the plus side, the dragons didn't look half bad at all (I was worried), seeing Shaggydog was cool (if random), Robb and Catelyn had some nice scenes, Sansa didn't bother me as much as she usually does, and I loved The Old Bear's speech (even though Jon still seems a bit unreadable to me). Overall I think they did a pretty good job getting people re-invested in the series after Ned's shocking death, which is pretty impressive in 1 hour with some wasted fluff.
  9. Daenerys

    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    Episode poll ratings (minimum 100 votes, top and bottom 5% thrown out): Epi | Title | Rating | 6.........7.........8.........9.........10 ----|-----------------------------------------|--------|------------------------------------------- 101 | "Winter Is Coming" | 7.9 | ******************** 102 | "The Kingsroad" | 8.2 | *********************** 103 | "Lord Snow" | 7.9 | ******************** 104 | "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things" | 8.2 | *********************** 105 | "The Wolf and the Lion" | 8.8 | ***************************** 106 | "A Golden Crown" | 8.8 | ***************************** 107 | "You Win or You Die" | 8.2 | *********************** 108 | "The Pointy End" | 9.2 | ********************************* 109 | "Baelor" | 8.9 | ****************************** Overall series average - 8.5 EDIT: Ratings went up slightly, I adjusted.
  10. Daenerys

    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    Getting tired of saying this, but it's yet another 8 for me (although closer to 9 than 7). I thought all the warring/battle/strategy parts felt rushed and muddled. Initially I was upset about them cutting out the battles entirely, but on later reflection I'm OK with it. No question there's where the budget and 10 episode limit comes to bite you, and the time and money can be probably better used elsewhere. Frankly I'd rather see no battle scene than a cheesy, empty, under-budgeted one, and it's the characters in the books that hook me much more than the action sequences. I do think they could have found a way to show a bit of Jaime's capture in the Whispering Woods without breaking the budget, it doesn't need huge armies in it to be effective, and it could have been a great scene. I thought Aemon did a great job with his reveal speech, Walder Frey was just about perfect, and Ned's death was handled well. And just enough nudity to not be distracting, bravo on that.
  11. Daenerys

    How Would You Rate Episode 108?

    Episode poll ratings (minimum 100 votes, top and bottom 5% thrown out): Epi | Title | Rating | 6.........7.........8.........9.........10 ----|-----------------------------------------|--------|------------------------------------------- 101 | "Winter Is Coming" | 7.9 | ******************** 102 | "The Kingsroad" | 8.2 | *********************** 103 | "Lord Snow" | 7.9 | ******************** 104 | "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things" | 8.2 | *********************** 105 | "The Wolf and the Lion" | 8.8 | ***************************** 106 | "A Golden Crown" | 8.8 | ***************************** 107 | "You Win or You Die" | 8.2 | *********************** 108 | "The Pointy End" | 9.2 | ********************************* Overall series average - 8.4
  12. Daenerys

    How Would You Rate Episode 108?

    I was also disappointed with Arya's first kill, but another scene that was disappointing was Sandor's interaction with Sansa. Now I'm not a "San-San" supporter or anything like that, but I just think Sandor is a great character that's being wasted. And I'm not asking for a long scene there, I just thought something more than "Why do you think they sent me?" would be nice. Does anyone who hasn't read the books even know who Sandor is at this point so late in the season? I wonder because for the most part he's been muzzled and relegated to the background. He seems like a minor character more along the lines of a Meryn Trant or Kevan Lannister (characters you might notice but wouldn't really lose much if you didn't) than the major character he should be. I guess what I'm saying is there's a lot of scenes in the show that seem to, for whatever reason, lack the impact they deserve and had in the books. Robert's death, Arya's first kill, the wight attack on the Old Bear, anything with Sandor, Dany's wedding (without horse ride), Jon's NW oaths, the KL tournament, most of the direwolf scenes (or lack thereof)...
  13. Daenerys

    How Would You Rate Episode 108?

    It's a 7 for me, actually matching my lowest rating of the season. Despite some really badass moments (Barristan, Drogo, Syrio, ravens flying from Winterfell). Just felt a little flat and uneven to me, and a pretty lame ending. Again, nothing so horrible I can call it bad, overall it's quite good, but it left me wanting in way that episodes 5-7 did not. Nice to see Rickon and he even speaks! But I am getting worried that Robb and Sansa are not going to be able to carry it when they have to, frankly. I'm already missing Robert's presence.
  14. Daenerys

    How Would You Rate Episode 107?

    True, but I wouldn't worry about that, 95%+ of the book's fans are going to continue watching/subscribing regardless (unless it's really, really horrible, which is not likely given the talented cast and crew). I agree with Lokhtar that diverging even more while maintaining a base of the spirit of the books would not necessarily be a bad thing. I'm not saying change basic plot points like who lives or dies, or the basic nature of the characters, but adding additional characterization scenes and cutting out some clunky dialogue or even whole scenes that don't work as well on screen would be fine. I would even cut some entire characters and locations (for example perhaps Euron and Victarion) to keep the pace moving better and allow more time for main characters. I'd also shift around a lot of the timeline to give a better flow and not have characters disappear for long stretches (sometimes entire books). The POV nature of the books demands some changes as it is, but I'd go even further. You can see in the Harry Potter movies where slavish devotion to the written page has bad consequences.
  15. Daenerys

    How Would You Rate Episode 107?

    In general I agree with this sentiment, I just thought this particular scene went way over the line and became distracting. Some of the Dany-Drogo, Cersei-Jaime, or Theon-Ros sex scenes didn't bother me, there was a reason for them. The scene with Viserys and Doreah in the tub didn't bother me at all. Technically, they didn't have to be naked or engaged in sex to have that conversation, but it seemed natural. I did like what Littlefinger was saying in the scene, it is good character information for him, it was just hard to concentrate and absorb that with "play with her ass" sprinkled into the dialogue. I also don't like how Littlefinger is pretty much being portrayed as a straight up pimp in the tv series. From the books I got the idea he has his hands into lots of things and one small part of that had to do with owning some whorehouses. And he does it not just for the revenue, but because of the information he can gain through that (what he really makes his living on). But in the tv series it seems like that's all he does except sit in on the occasional small council meeting. Anyway, it's not a big deal, doesn't ruin the series for me, I just think they are getting caught in the trap of having to show obligatory sex scenes whether they make sense or not. Which makes it feel cheapened, like Starz instead of HBO.