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  1. To the question why Jon ran after Ygritte Put yourself in the situation. Even if you don't want to kill her, you would run after her. It's funny how some people here always act as if everyone always knows exactly what he does but you guys don't even think about what you write.
  2. Damn Charles Dance! Tywin was one of the Characters i hated most (cause of tyrion and RW) but now that i see Dance playing him i kind of like him is dialogues with Arya are pure gold! / and he sticks to the character, just showing us more of his human side
  3. are you kidding me? where did the budget go?????? look at the damn screen. this show has the highest production value i've ever seen on Television if you have no idea what you are talking about just ........ you know what i mean
  4. Can someone remind me what happens to Dagmar in the books? can't remeber Hope he died horribly or was taken by Ramsay It's the only thing i don't like about theons story in the tv show. Dagmar influences him to much
  5. Gave it an 8 liked last episode better (don't know why exactly) Think the scenes beyond the Wall were a littel bit rushed. But didn't have that much of a problem with the direct cut to Winterfell. Alfie was perfect as Theon The riot at KL was one of the best scenes of the series / From the first look of Tyrion when he realizes shits about to go down, over the Joff-Tyrion scene to the Hound being unbeliveable badass when he rescued Sansa. Robb scenes were good, you can really see the attraction between him and "Jeyne" and i liked the scene with Bolton
  6. 7,5 ranked it as an 7 (it's GoT so my expactions are high;) Overall a good-very good episode HBO did a wonderful job again. This time they made more changes, but they keep every important plot point so its okay. (except the whore scene) What i liked: -Tyrion& Lancel scene: Tyrion at his best. -Camera work (for example: parley between baratheon brothers, battlefield with robb), Set and Art Direction were awesome as always - Shadow was very well done (didn't expect that) - Dany in front of Quarth. Emilia is doing an outstanding job. I think it's anoth example of how Got is at it's bet when they take their time. - The added scenes with Littlfinger. Cat had the best perfomance of the week, the acress really overplayed (don't know if that's a word) Littlefinger (that part was bit of overacted i think). ALso liked his little chat with Margery and Renly. It fits the story and makes me happy to see Littlf. betting on the false brother. - Hate Tywin but perfectly but this episode i was happy to see him. And Chalres Dance is just perfect in this role
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