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  1. I think it's unlikely and unseemly that she devoleped the way she did when they killed Lady, it's on George. I forguive him for it, it's very like him to make us hate somebody and then slowly win us over- i was rooting against the Imp a long, long time..
  2. Dracaris

    The Regret of Killing Characters

    Jon's wildling Ygritte? The flying lady of the vale?
  3. Dracaris

    Bernard Cornwell - warlord chronicles and beyond

    I think Starbuck's is the only series I havent picked up. Sharpe's grew on me, took me through the Napoleonic wars in quite en entertaining manner, but my favourite was my first - probably for the novelty- 1536 and onwards on the grail quest series.
  4. Hello, hope you're all doing well.. I thought of skimming for a quick update and ended up biting my nails for an hour.. good stuff. As for westeros and the world of ice and fire, I like it when i visit, and its allways good to be invited back (meaning a new book is out), but I try to remind myself that it's just a speck in a landscape too wide to explore extensivly in my lifetime. I'm glad the tv show will step in for closure if worst comes to worst, I dont think I could endure a change of writers like I did when I just HAD TO KNOW how the dune series would end, and without meaning any disrespect to Brian Herbert, that was less than pleasant; I've since grown, and now I'm allowed to make up my own endings, and until I'm proven a liar, I'm sure i can recall that the dragonstone dragons came to life, Jaime sprouted a new hand, Tyrion came out of the closet and lives happily ever after with Varys on one arm and whoever-I-find-funny-at-a-moment's-notice-on-the-other-as-long-as-they-all-have-drag- Danny on the other, Aria cleaned house for Sam and magic is now science, Manderley survives diabetes with the helping knife of the Boltons, and so much more I could tell you about if we could all be bothered to care. As for the author, allow him to thrive and be merry. I thought of talking to him on a book-signing at a mall when he was satrting to get noticed enough to get an european tour and it felt like a Kardashian had married a turkey after he got drunk for thanksgiving and thew were featuring it- a shallow circus. I see depth here, I find guidance here for my dwelling, I just wish I could get rid of this awfull stoneskin..