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  1. Fuck show Davos. Fuck Stannis. Fuck Mel. Fuck Selyse. Fuck D&D. Fuck everything. 1/10.
  2. 10/10. In this entire series, only Blackwater was better than the battle in this episode. Good god, that was awesome. I hate Dany and Tyrion, but they click on the show, so that's awesome. Sansa's narrative has been set going forward. She needs to try to find Bran now. That's great. Arya is good to go as a badass assassin. I can't wait to see how that progresses. Even Jorah going back to the fighting pit makes sense to me. Lena Headey and Alfie Allen continue to be amazing actors.
  3. My knee jerk reaction is a 9/10. This was a very strong recovery from the awfulness of the last episode. I actually enjoyed the Sand Snakes this week.
  4. For Diana Rigg standards, this was an below average performance. It's her we're talking about. She can do much better.
  5. 5/10 and it's only that high because of the brilliant acting of Maisie William and Lena Headey, and the god like acting of Alfie Allen.
  6. 9/10. My favorite Stannis scene of the series and Barristan going out like only Barristan can. Yes.
  7. A very strong 9/10 for me. Everything at the Wall is amazing to me, and Kit Harrington plays off of Stephen Dillane fantastically. The election was fine, but I thought it should have been more of a landslide. I think it shows the men at the Wall are able to vote more on merit and not necessarily on character, and that's a good thing. I don't care about Tyrion and Varys right now. I hope that changes. The Meereen stuff was very good, particularly with Daario explaining to Grey Worm how fear can be used in a practical sense. The execution of the former slave dude made sense too, and I thought it was the right call. I can't wait to see more of Jaime interacting with Bronn, as they traverse Dorne. That's gonna be amazing. I marked out a bit when Doran said that they do not mutilate little girls. Damn right y'all don't. Cersei interacting with Jaime was strong. I'm not overly interested in show Arya right now and I hope they do something to change that. Brienne finding Sansa with Littlefinger just...shocked me. I like it.
  8. I would give it a solid 8. Some really good acting was in this episode and it was accompanied by bad acting. Ciaran Hines acting alone makes this episode above average for me and Kit Harrington has really come into his own. Solid episode overall.
  9. Maybe they change it so that Sandor decides to ransom Arya off in Essos. They'll head to a dock in the Eyrie and he'll die there, maybe at Arya's hand. She leaves from there to Braavos.
  10. Yeah, there was no wrestling match like there was in the books. The wrestling match sold the desperation well in the books. But the way it happened in the show is ok because it goes with the way Oberyn had been acting and the way everything happens so abruptly.
  11. I see right through what they're doing with Arya. What they want to do is portray that she's lost her mind and that so much death has caused her to become a psychopath/sociopath. They want to show her as incapable of feeling. This will contradict what the Unsullied thought they knew about Arya and will give her an out when she becomes a ruthless killer.
  12. they could have afforded a bit more subtlety though because they already gave us Oberyn and Tywin talking about Elia. I just feel like they need to stop babying the Unsullied and let them go back to find clues on stuff. We didn't need this.
  13. I would have liked him demanding to know who gave the order if he hadn't pointed right to Tywin. It's like they're literally saying some people aren't going to be smart enough to remember the answer. Let's tell them as he asks. It's insulting.
  14. I think my problem with the duel is Pedro Pascal's selling of it. There was no sense of urgency. The anger wasn't there. The fury wasn't there. Before the duel starts, he has the man who murdered his sister and her children, raping the former, right in front of him. And yet, he's pandering to the crowd. I'm sorry, I just can't believe anyone would be that way in those circumstance. The choreography itself is why I give the fight a 7/10 because it could have been much lower for me.
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