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  1. Favorites: - Ned Stark - Sandor Clegane - Cersei Lannister - Honorable mention: Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, Ramsay Bolton, Peter Baelish, Joffrey Baratheon, Stannis Baratheon, Melisandre, Jacqen H'ghar Least favorites: - Daenerys Targaryen (worst actor on the show, boring story) - Sansa Stark (mediocre actor, annoying character) - Ellaria Martell (overacts, character not believable)
  2. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    Who Will the Lannister Army Follow?

    I agree with you. It makes sense, fake scripts or not.
  3. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    Who Will the Lannister Army Follow?

    I see someone’s been reading the leaked season 8 scripts.. Don’t worry. They’re fake. Probably.
  4. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    Season 8 Predictions?

    Oh, I like that! Long may she reign! Seriously, though, that will be awesome if Cersei wins in the end. Nobody is expecting that!
  5. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    Season 8 Predictions?

    Dany dies. Jon defeats the Night King. Cersei defeats Jon and keeps the Iron Throne. Bittersweet.
  6. StepStark’s commitment to hating Game of Thrones is truly impressive to behold. I’ve never seen anyone expend so much time, energy, and effort on something they so wholly despise since Hitler and the Jews.
  7. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    So whenever Arya uses the face of a man...

    It's consistent with how glamors work in GRRM's books. Is ASoIaF trash-tier fantasy, too?
  8. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    So whenever Arya uses the face of a man...

    We know that when Melisandre used glamors to change peoples' appearances (e.g. Mance - Rattleshirt), the entire physique appeared different to others, not just the face. The Faceless Men's magic is probably similar. You put on a face, but a full-body glamor results.
  9. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    What is the last "Holy S*** moment"?

    According to the (probably fake) season 8 script summary leaks, the final holy $#!+ moment is
  10. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    People forget that Petyr only betrayed Ned after Ned refused Petyr's proposal to seize Joffrey and take power. Petyr actually tried to help Ned, which he tried to explain to Cat in season 2. When Ned asked Petyr to bribe the Gold Cloaks to support him, there was no way Petyr was going to go along with that stupid plan. It would have been suicidal. Ned screwed Ned, not Petyr.
  11. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 707?

    Best episode of the season by far. Good dialogue, good writing, good payoff and ending to the Littlefinger story. Great Cersei-Tyrion scene. Sansa finally comes into her own, having learned from the master. I also liked how they handled the Jon-Dany sex by making it gross by revealing it's actually incest right before it happened. It wasn't as cheesy as feared. Have to give credit to D&D when it's deserved. (Well, not on this hateful board..)
  12. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Valyrian steel is known to kill White Walkers. We don't know that it also kills wights.
  13. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Kind of ungrateful on Sansa's behalf. She only escaped King's Landing and Joffrey because of Petyr. He did actually love her, in his own twisted way.
  14. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    Tyrion is not smart. Every desicion he makes is wrong.

    His stupidest decision was not sleeping with Sansa. Hottest babe he ever would have had. What a missed opportunity.
  15. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    Top 10 performances from s1 till present.

    Have to go with Queen Lena. She's been consistently great. It helps that she has probably the most consistently interesting character on the show, even in this sub-par season. Jon's and Davy's actors are functional at best, but they look good. Peter Dinklage is very good, but as you said hurt by his character being turned into a joke/idiot the last couple of seasons. Charles Dance was pretty much perfect. So was Diana Rigg. The Stark girls' actresses are functional, but that's all. Same with Bran's.