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  1. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    Is it time for re-read?

    I read books 1-3 four times each, and books 4-5 two times each. However it's probably been over 5 years since my last reading. I was thinking of re-reading books 1-5 before book 6 comes out. But when to start? Is it time now? I want to wash out the horrible taste of GoT seasons 7&8 from my being, and a re-read could help do that. However I don't want to put the energy into a re-read only to end up waiting several more years for book 6. What say you?
  2. I think the show held together well for 6 seasons. Yes, there was garbage in some of those seasons (Sand Snakes, etc.) However overall I still liked it. Season 7 was shockingly bad, and then Season 8 was just insulting.
  3. Why did all the other lords agree to have a Stark king of the 6 kingdoms and a Stark queen of an independent Northern kingdom? It was a total Stark power grab, and no one objected.
  4. Yep, what can I do but eat crow after that terrible finish to the most epic fantasy story ever. I thought for 6 seasons D&D got things mostly right. (There was plenty to nit-pick, but the spirit of GRRM's story was there, and it was mostly well-executed.) But seasons 7 and 8, the most important ones, were horrible. Everything was rushed, so many things made no sense, smart characters became stupid, dialogue got cheesier and worse.. What a disappointment after investing so many years in this story.
  5. I was sure there would be a final twist with Bran and the Night King. Welp, I was wrong. So: - R+L = J - meaningless - legends of the Last Hero and Azor Ahai - meaningless - the birth of Dany's dragons - meaningless - the war for the dawn - meaningless Looks like you ranters & ravers were right in the end. (I thought you were a bunch of whiners seeking attention.) D&D completely blew the final stretch and ending of this epic story. What a shame! Ultimately I blame GRRM for not finishing his damn books.
  6. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    Season 8 Episode 5 totally redeemed..

    .. by one 5-minute video:
  7. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    [Spoilers] Episode 804 Discussion

    That was the best episode of the season by far. Only 2 left...
  8. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    Yes, I agree it was way too dark. Also they should have shown what Arya was up to before her ninja kill shot, how she got into position. And sending 20,000 (?) Dothraki on a solo suicide charge was beyond stupid. (Why didn't Dany & Jon go burn some undead first?) So on the surface the episode basically sucked. Also about Jorah, didn't he ride out with the Dothraki? They all died, but he came back to save his Khaleesi? However I still refuse to believe that D&D are that incompetent to so badly blow the ending of the Great War, or that GRRM wrote such a lame ending. There MUST be a big twist coming. It couldn't have ended like that. Bran and the Night King are somehow colluding and planning something.
  9. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    Rant and Rave Without Repercussion End of The World Edition [Spoilers]

    Sarcasm well noted and appreciated. However the defeat of the Night King is much more important than those other things you mentioned. D&D aren't so bad that they would completely blow the ending of the great war. They are, after all, working off of detailed information from GRRM about the ending. The Night King is not finished. Big twist coming. (I better be right about this..)
  10. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    You don't know that D&D threw anything out the window for a "badass" Arya moment. Supposedly they are following major plot points laid out by GRRM. So it's not unlikely that GRRM told them that Arya plays a big role in defeating the White Walkers. And don't discount the possibility that this seemingly anti-climatic episode was a huge swerve. I get the feeling that something went down between Bran and the Night King, and that the Night King isn't really dead and will be back in a big plot twist. Or maybe D&D really are just hacks. We'll find out soon enough.
  11. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    Rant and Rave Without Repercussion End of The World Edition [Spoilers]

    I predict that this seemingly horrible episode was a big swerve. The Night King isn't really dead. Something went down with him and Bran. A major and cool plot twist is coming. I refuse to believe that this is the real ending to the threat that's been hyped up for 8 seasons.
  12. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 801?

    Rushed, just like Season 7. Just get to the action & battle scenes. Everything else about the show since last season pretty much sucks now. At least we'll get an ending.
  13. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    People forget that Petyr only betrayed Ned after Ned refused Petyr's proposal to seize Joffrey and take power. Petyr actually tried to help Ned, which he tried to explain to Cat in season 2. When Ned asked Petyr to bribe the Gold Cloaks to support him, there was no way Petyr was going to go along with that stupid plan. It would have been suicidal. Ned screwed Ned, not Petyr.
  14. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 707?

    Best episode of the season by far. Good dialogue, good writing, good payoff and ending to the Littlefinger story. Great Cersei-Tyrion scene. Sansa finally comes into her own, having learned from the master. I also liked how they handled the Jon-Dany sex by making it gross by revealing it's actually incest right before it happened. It wasn't as cheesy as feared. Have to give credit to D&D when it's deserved. (Well, not on this hateful board..)
  15. A Bong of Ice and Fire

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Valyrian steel is known to kill White Walkers. We don't know that it also kills wights.