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    How would you rate episode 210?

    I don't care how many events from the books they change as long as the character developement stays the same. This is why we all love the books is it not? So when they make Jon look like a stupid retard I'm going to be pissed. I've seen so many films and tv shows that I can see the faults and clich├ęs and this episode had plenty of them. Everyone has a right to have an opinion. Just because yours is different to mine doesn't meant it's right. And I don't think that seeing dead Drogo being emotional is better than seeing prophecies that play a huge part in the whole series.
  2. Sanette

    How would you rate episode 210?

    5/10 and I'm being nice. What the hell was that? Is this still an adaptation of ASoIAF or some entirely different book because this is how it looks like. Boring, anti-climatic episode that just continues to change the characters and the whole show is getting dumber and dumber. They left so many important things out (Winterfell, Jon, Dany, Robb) that the logic just went to hell. Who burnt down Winterfell? Why didn't Bran and Rickon go with the northmen? The viewers don't know it was Ramsey so it doesn't make sense. Why did Dany act like a psycho and killed her last handmaiden? Jon killing the Halfhand looked like he acted on self-defence and not on an order. They made Robb look like an arrogant idiot who doesn't value his mother's advice and just do what the hell he wants. I just can't with this season. And don't even let me start on the HOTU mess.
  3. Sanette

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Martin is a pure genius. I wish he could write all the episodes. There was more drama in this episode alone than in the whole season. I loved the changes. Stannis leading the attack was a nice touch. It reminded me why I like his character. And the final shot with Loras as Renly's ghost and Cersei with Tommen on the throne was just breathtaking. The best episode this season and I have absolutely no complaints. Hopefully, D&D felt inspired by it and the finale is at least half as good. 10/10