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    Someone to make Sansa happy in the end?...

    Thanks everyone for your insightful comments to a random thought.
  2. I hadn't given it much thought until the last episode but it occurred to me that maybe just maybe there IS someone out there that could fulfill the role of a man suitable for Sansa. Has anyone considered that Dickon Tarly has qualities and the right social standing for a match with Sansa? Ok so maybe not right now but he does seem a bit of a knight in shining armour that is the heir to a great house and he actually seems a nice guy once he is away from his overbearing father. If she loses her place as Lady of Winterfell and all the wars are fought and won and their world gets back to some semblance of peace....well, it was just a thought. Did any one else see a match somehow there??? Stranger things have happened!
  3. weirwood woman

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    That was Klondike and I just loved the opening credit for him...
  4. weirwood woman

    How would you rate episode 201?

    I gave it an 8. After reading all the comments , there were things that I had only given a passing WTF, like Crasters Keep, although not like the book description, I did feel the actor gave off a certain menace that would keep all the women of the household subject to his 'needs'. The huge depiction of Greywind got a big yes, so I forgave them for dragging Jamie through the battles. Robb definitely projected worthy leadership status, Joffry was brilliantly nasty, Melisandre was seductive in her power rather than scary - how I read her character anyway. (get more converts that way) Yep pretty good all round, except the irritating Roz/ whorehouse scenes. And I was watching it with a non reader so I didn't spoil their enjoyment by pointing out all the plot changes. I can appreciate the differences between the show and the books. The books are the Bible of this world (ASoIaF world I mean) while the show has become like an offshoot religion...same story, different interpretation. Does that make GRRM God???LOL PS no offence intended to any religiously inclined person. If you are here on this site, this is our religion!! PPS I also liked the way the scenes blended from one totally different location to another.