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    Fantasy and SF Recommendations: Series

    The Windhover Tapes, by Warren Norwood. first 3 of 4 books take format of log entries by the protagonist to his ship's log. Initial plot involves the protagonist (roving stellar diplomat) trying to figure out why he cannot remember part of his past. Asgard/Journey to the Centre by Brian Stableford 3-book series (2 different title sets) Protagonist is a freelance explorer on a planet covered in artificial layers abandoned for millions of years. Events ensue, discoveries are made. The Last Viking, by Poul Anderson. 3-books. Historical fiction of the life of Harold IIII of Norway, who died at Stamford Bridge in 1066. He apparently uses all the extant saga and anglo-saxon sources in building this. The Man of Gold/Flamesong and 3 subsequent novels by MAR Barker These were written in a world with a former advanced civilization which fell very far in the past. Heavy emphasis on the polytheistic system. This was written to fit into his Petal Throne pen-paper rpg. Once I started, I couldn't put them down. Does this count as a series? Worth noting that Cook is finally publishing a new final volume of Dread Empire's second trilogy in January, the original having been stolen decades ago. I enjoyed the gap series a lot, this was the first time Donaldson starting working plots with 3-4 factions actively pursuing interests (ignoring the elohim in 2nd chronicles).
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    Glen Cooks The Black Company series

    This sums up my feelings as well. Water Sleeps was at least somewhat enjoyable and Soldier's Live I liked even more, but books 4-8 were just not up to snuff, in my opinion.