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  1. crowganic

    Rothfuss XIII: Fan Angst Live Stream

    Diagnosing somebody with a mental illness and then implying that this mental illness leads somebody to fish for compliments is just sort of an iffy way to go about things. But I'm not all that torn up about it, by all means keep doing what you gotta do. And sorry if my post doesn't work for you.
  2. crowganic

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    He used it in River of Stars for the poet woman, right? I actually thought it worked well there, reflected how she saw the world differently (more immediately?). Generally I dislike third person present tense though, even more so when it's dropped into a book that otherwise isn't.
  3. crowganic

    Bakker LIII - Sranc and File

    I've been reading these books since 2008, have given them multiple rereads, and on and off have lurked through thousands of posts here in the Bakker threads. Almost a year later still not sure how I feel about TUC but I'm starting to come down more and more firmly of "occasionally great and inspired but overall flawed and misconceived disappointment." At the same time I need to give it a re-read, and I am still thinking about it after all this time, so...
  4. crowganic

    Rothfuss XIII: Fan Angst Live Stream

    But yeah Rothfuss needs to just finish this book if for no other reason than so he go on to write other, different books and actually grow as an author. Pointless to agonize over this third book so much because if he's a good enough writer, he should have conviction that he'll put out another great book one day -- even if this one (as increasingly seems to be the case) is too weighed down by having to end a trilogy written without much conception of what he was doing. Dude is obviously tormenting himself over this book to the point where it's suffocating his creativity, which is sad and sympathetic, but a certain point just get it over with one way or the other.
  5. crowganic

    Rothfuss XIII: Fan Angst Live Stream

    Kind of a shitty take on both his author's note and insecurity/anxiety in general.
  6. RT @FacesPics: Juggler giving up on his dreams (not a face but I can't stop laughing) https://t.co/KtoWkJRbYr

  7. RT @ConnerHabib: https://t.co/wU7fXWFnko

  8. possibly as a culture we could maybe start to get over ironic detachment now? or, i don't know. like edge away from it just a lil?

  9. @NMamatas What was it for 'Love is the Law'?

  10. RT @NEAarts: Full interview w/ Zhou Zan here: http://t.co/otYjbkrIer http://t.co/75hTdjE39I