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  1. This episode gets an 8, which from me is pretty darn high lol Unlike last week it felt like things were moving forward again.
  2. There being a subtle parallel between what is happening with each sister gives it some sense, thank you!
  3. Unless I'm losing my mind and eyesight, the body Arya is cleaning at the beginning of the episode, at the middle of the cleaning it is a somewhat young guy with brown hair, then after she cleans his hair he becomes an old guy with white/grey hair. Arya doesn't even blink at this. Was it the body of a Faceless Man? It was a very random and confusing scene to me.
  4. 3 Didn't feel like much happened in this ep until the end, meh
  5. Hello, I am a 46 year old Canadian. I read AGOT when it first came out, vaguely remember checking to see if the second book had come out for a while, but eventually moved on to others things and forgot all about it until I saw an advertisement for the HBO series. I discovered this forum/site while searching for info on the newer books and show, but after skimming a few threads decided to wait until I was caught up with reading the books before delving too far in here. Having finished all five books I am now re-reading them and enjoying this forum at last. :)
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