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    How would you rate episode 209?

    Even knowing the outcome, I was still on the edge of my seat the whole time. Like a kid on Christmas for Rains(Reynes) of Castamere. The explosion, the green flame, even the stuff with the girls, it was all fantastic. Definitely a 10 from me.
  2. The show is the show and the book is the book,I understand that. They butchered this though. I'm really getting tired of this reinvented story, because it's not better. I'm struggling to think of one scene from this episode that was actually the same. I had absolutely no problem with season 1. Season 2 is a complete disaster as far as I'm concerned.
  3. I don't mind changes that are necessary, like using fewer characters or combining events. I do mind changes that seem forced. Why is Dany even talking to the "13"? There's only one that needs to be known, the rest can be ambiguous, just a brief mention of what they are would have completely nullified the scene. She could have easily arrived to open gates and Xaro to greet her. I think they could have ended the Joff/Whore scene with the line where he tells Ros to hit the other girl. Everyone would have gotten the point. They do have to change some things. You can't exactly strip Sansa naked. I'm sure everyone is fine with that. I'm also fine with them not always following the book. They can introduce new things that aren't in the book but don't change the story. If they would cut back on the continuous sex scenes, nudity and fart jokes, they probably wouldn't have to cut so much of the story. It's still a good show. It just feels like things are drifting this season. Also, what was up with the change in LF's voice and seeming less amiable this season?
  4. What is up with Littlefinger this season? His voice is different and he lacks the big fake smirk. He seemed a lot more amiable last season. He's closer to Scar from Lion King than the way his character had been.