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  1. 10/10 It wasn't the best episode of the show, but it was a season finale. It finished the plot of the season adequately, and set up for next year, which is all I asked for. The deviations from the book were excusable (Book!Stannis was dead long before now) and there are still some that can appear (Coldhands/Stoneheart). I didn't expect anything groundbreaking and I wasn't disappointed with what I got. I think people went in with too high expectations after "Rains". An episode doesn't need loud confrontations, and deaths to be compelling. The quiet moments made this episode, and Arya's murder is a great foreshadowing of where her character is going.
  2. 9.5 only because Cat didn't claw her face, which would have made it so much more powerful.
  3. 9.5/10, so I ranked it a 9. I liked pretty much the whole episode, especially QoT commenting on the future of the family tree and Tyrion's drunken tirades, "I am the God of Tits and Wine! I shall build a shrine to myself" is my new favourite Tyrion line. Joffrey was awful, even as a religious reader of the series this show makes me hate him in all new ways. The walker's death was great, especially after seeing Ross Mullen (who plays the Walker) at Comic Con last week and getting an early tease about it. I only take off a .5 becaue Sansa kneeled, but it didn't ruin the scene by any means since they held it long enough to get the point either way.
  4. Sandor/Beric was great, loved Rory acting based on the fire, Arya's realisation that she will be alone without Gendry was quite sad, Beric was charismatic as he should be, Olenna was great as usual, The bathhouse was good, but Jaime's speech wasn't as powerful as I imagined it would be, however his asking to be called Jaime is great, and an indication that his character is evolving into less of a villain, glad to see they are showing that Robb is slowly letting his army fall apart while holding hope that they'll support him regardless, nice touch with the music during Karstark's execution to parallell with Theon's greatest mistake when he beheaded Cassel, Jon and Ygritte was good, but it had no buildup, and felt tacked in for the sake of consistency with the books, Nice to see Grey Worm for the first time, Barristan and Jorah was great, I love when the characters discuss the past, and their mistakes, Shireen was great, I love the makeup, Selyse was okay as well, So Shireen will now take on the role of Davos teacher then that's fine with me, it was interesting to finally see a more human side of Stannis, I guess Patchface has been cut, that's too bad, could have done without the sex scene with Loras, but Littlefinger again being the master manipulator, love it, poor Sansa just a pawn in everyone else's game, the closing credits were nice and creepy, but the gem of the episode was Tywin's scene with his kids. Tywin is the true leader of the realm and he knows it. 9/10 for me pretty good, but not flawless.
  5. Fair enough, but I've given my problems with the scene and will say no more, I'm only replying to clear the air, I don't have any problem with you or anyone I was debating with, I just wanted to give my reasoning for my one complaint of the episode. Anyway, Yeah Jack Gleeson was amazing as always, I love his insanity, I knew he was insane reading the books, but the show has brought it to a whole new level. This episode was peppered with fan service, Tywins admonishment of Cersei, Olenna criticising her house symbols, Theon saying his father died in King's landing, and Danaerys truly becoming a conqueror in the last scene. One of my favourite episodes of the series thus far, and the best this season without question.
  6. You've made a valid point about Ros and her ambitions, I never thought about it from that angle. Still I don't believe that she could have gained that much influence, that quickly in King's Landing, which is my biggest gripe, and which nobody has adequately addressed enough to make me change my mind. But she did take time, she was the focal point of the scene, that was my original problem, her scene diminished Varys by implying that she was better at his job than he is. Her scenes would be just more opportunities to see these characters if they weren't consistently written to remind me how great she is. All that said, I actually like the actress playing Ros, and think she does well with what she is given, I believe her portrayal of the character, but she is sloppily written, and unrealistic. I've said all I really care to say on Ros at this point, I'm obviously not going to change any minds, and you obviously aren't going to make me change mine. It seems that nobody wants to hear any more about it anyway, so I'll stop there. Other than the whole Ros thing this was one of my favourite episodes so far, and I don't want the whole thing to be marred by this conversation about a 2 minute sequence. On the comment just made about Tyrion, he is intelligent because he compensated for his physical problems by becoming intelligent, because he felt like he was the least important member of his house due to his dwarfism. I see nothing unrealistic there. In fact his character is the most realistic of the series to me at least. All that intelligence doesn't matter anyway since nobody takes him seriously due to his condition. Magic in this world was long thought to be dead, and has only come back with the dragons. I'm perfectly fine with that.
  7. Talisa as has been revealed through dialogue was born a noble in Essos (again this was revealed unlike Ros past which is left vague) which explains her sense of entitlement. She is able to walk around unguarded because she is offering medical attention to any injured soldier regardless of affiliation. Who in their right mind would stop her from doing that? Roose may very well have killed Talisa had Robb not stopped him. Robb is blinded to her problems because of young love. Everyone else tells him it's a bad idea, and tries to keep him from going ahead with it. I never said any criticisms about whores in Westeros, in fact I defend the inclusion of whores in another post if you want to pull up posts from a few pages ago, I have a problem with a whore who comes to shape Westerosi politics in such a short time from rising from the brothels of Winterfell. And I don't appreciate the sarcasm, I've got just as much right as anyone on this board to post threads and discuss my opinions.
  8. I'm sorry about that, but I tried to make a thread about Ros specifically so that people wouldn't have to read it if they didn't want, but the moderators never approved it, you can blame them that this is the only appropriate thread in which we can actually discuss Ros. But again that is us having to invent a reason for why the character can exist rather than her existing naturally, which is what makes it unrealistic.
  9. Because when the show is only on average 53 minutes long, and 3-4 minutes are used every episode on a character who shouldn't exist it adds up, and wastes almost a whole episode's worth of time that could be used on anything else. The show has been pretty explicit so far about when characters are deceiving one another or feigning ignorance (through body language/facial expressions), I doubt that the rules change when Ros is in the room (and if they do it only strengthens my argument that she is a bad creation) Otherwise you simply propose backstories that justify her character faults, which the viewers shouldn't have to do. the characters should speak for themselves without the fans inventing reasons why they are the way they are. Fair enough, but that's not the character that's at fault it's the plot itself that works around killing Arya off. She was smart enough to avoid revealing her identity to the wrong people. She has had some luck, I'll give you that, but even when her identity was revealed, remember that during medieval wars members of high-ranking nobility become a currency of sorts (trading for other prisoners/surrenders/etc), so it would serve no character who knows who she is any purpose to kill her. I'm also not a girl, so I'm afraid I really have no idea whether she thinks like one.
  10. Brienne is not someone who fights in a specialised fistfight with men, she has been trained in swordplay and is decent at it. There are plenty of women fencers in the world who can hold their own against men in their sport. Ros is established as a low class whore in the first episode and in the span of roughly a year has become one of the most pivotal people in the political landscape of Westeros, this is not a realistic character evolution. Characters like Varys and Littlefinger have devoted their lives to this and are only a step ahead of her now. If she possessed this intelligence before now she would have been working her way up in King's Landing long before the show began. There are smart whores in Westeros, but they mostly exist in the books and have been cut in the show to favour Ros, who as I've already shown should not be as important as she is in the show. And just out of curiosity, what about Arya do you find unrealistic? I'm not criticising that, and if you can give me a reason why you find her unrealistic it would help your argument a little. I find her to be realistic, but I'm not a 12 year old girl so I'm not really entitled to make that call.
  11. Arya and Brienne are quite realistic. Have you never known any Tomboys in your life? Exactly they cycle through whores in the books, because no one whore is able to gain any prominence in Westeros due to the profession being looked down upon. Anyone who uses whores does not respect them, or casts them aside when they are no longer wanted. It shows the lack of empathy the characters have for women who have lived hard lives, rather than showing how anyone can make a name for themselves in Westeros as long as they're willing to get naked.
  12. Thank the Gods, I thought I was dealing with an insane person here. Nice avatar by the way, I love Chrono Trigger For me it's because she's a Mary Sue of sorts, the whore who comes from nothing, accomplishes everything she could ever want, do things she could never possible do in a realistic world (like reading), thus reducing the beleivability of the realistic world George created, reduces the image of other characters, like Littlefinger and Varys by always having some clever insight into their character (knowing that LF can't be trusted) or knowing something they don't (seeing that LF booked 2 beds when Varys didn't), and all this from a character who shouldn't be taking up screen time that could be used to get more plot from the books that is cut to save time, simply because D&D want to place their stamp on the universe regardless of what fans think. That is why I hate Ros so much. See the above. And to be fair I like Talisa. I would have liked to see Jeyne Westerling, but Talisa is fine as well since she is at least based on something from the books, has a reason to be around Robb and fall in love with him being a nurse on the battlefields and actually serves a useful part in the plot without diminishing other characters.
  13. I seriously hope you're trolling... I hope she does take Dontos place and get killed after smuggling out Sansa, every time I see her I just... :bang:
  14. Why do the writers feel the need to embellish Ros so much? Not only did she have to continue that Pod joke that was chuckle-worthy at best the first time round, but they also imply she's smarter than Varys. She sees that Littlefinger booked two beds and Varys, the MASTER OF WHISPERS, whose job it is to see the things that others don't, can't, without her to point it out to him? It's a bit much. Every scene she has I come to loathe her a little more
  15. My only complaint for the whole episode is that it was implied that Ros was smarter than Varys since she saw 2 beds on the shipping notice and he didn't. Every time she's onscreen I have more reasons to hate her... other than that I can't complain about anything, this was one of the best episodes of the show yet.
  16. 9.5 out of 10 (rounded up to 10), amazing dialogue, Loved the Queen of Thorns and Varys in particular, Varys isn't used to being equaled in terms of cunning, Margaery is perfect so far, Sansa was great, Bran's scene was weak in comparison to everything else, but wasn't bad by any means, finally got to see where Ramsay was going with his deception, pulling a confession out of Theon through trust, Arya finally gets to charge the Hound with the murder of Micah, he gets to defend his actions as merely being a loyal dog, Jaime and Brienne was great as usual, Jaime wanting to die but not wanting to be "weak like a woman" was great, betrayal of the Night's Watch was exactly how I imagined it in the book, finally got Varys explanation about being a eunuch, LOVED the sack of Astapor and reveal of Dany knowing Valyrian, best episode this season so far, loved every minute... except for the implication of Ros being smarter than Varys... seems like every time I see Ros I don't like the scene...
  17. Loved the Chair scene, found it hilarious. I liked most of the stuff in King's Landing, but I felt the Pod stuff was unnecessary, slowed the plot, and wasted time that could have been used somewhere else. Liked the reference to the Mereneese knot though and the establishment of the Iron Bank. Arya and hot Pie was so cute, and sad to see him go. Loved Arya confronting the Hound and him just brushing her off I liked that they kept Edmure missing with the arrows, but otherwise I don't like that they've made him completely incompetent. However the Blackfish is amazing. I get the feeling that Sam the Slayer may never happen, and even if it does who will believe him. Dany scenes were good, especially the bargaining scene, I loved how Barristan and Jorah were so distraught about the dragon, I remember feeling that way the first time I read it. I'm wondering whether they'll keep her being able to understand the trader in, since they still haven't made mention of it. I loved that they kept the line that Rhaegar was honourable, he was true, and he died. One of the best lines from the books. Ramsay is really just messing Theon up... I love it as we're gonna see Theon just completely decimated mentally. I like how they're bringing Jaime around to become somewhat redeemed by protecting Brienne as best he can, although I doubt show watchers will ever come to like him as much as book readers have. The Bear and the Maiden Fair was amazing when the Bolton's sang it, although I wasn't really a fan of the Punk version. My favourite part was when Jaime's hand was cut off he looked at it as though he didn't realize for half a second, then shock and disbelief then just utter pain, played perfectly by Nikolaj.
  18. I liked the first 2 episodes, but I LOVED this one. Added scenes all felt in character (Sansa came off as spoiled and arrogant having grown up and wanting nothing, but on realizing Shae is in a similar situation she warmed up to her, and Tommen is the weak little boy who doesn't want to hurt even his worst enemies, Jaqen says "a boy should help open the cage", and "a man can fight"). the scenes all served a purpose (for those complaining about Renly/Loras the scene did show how Brienne will be viewed as a member of the Rainbow Guard, and showed that the public knows about their love and scoffs at Renly as being weak for it). Littlefinger finally showed up as he is in the books (that look when promised Harrenhal and Lord Paramount of the Trident spoke volumes on part of his character) and not as the weak, pointless, and stupid character he has been so far this season. And they managed to end the tailing Gendry then suddenly he is forgotten/what to do with Arya's pointless wandering issues that would inevitably come up in great form (condensing the wandering around the lake doesn't bother me at all). Yoren and Arya was great and foreshadowed where Arya is headed as a dark path with no happy ending greatly. The small council deception from Tyrion, the reaction from Cersei, Brienne in general, and the arrest of Pycelle all matched my imagination perfectly. This episode has been the best this season, and in at least the top 3 of the series, I personally thought it was flawless. 10/10 From me
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