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  1. much muchmuch better than the last two episodes. 9. I bet the views will rise again for the next episode only not sure why melissandre had to take off her clothes to tiegendry up.. you would think acouple of guardsmen would have done just fine
  2. agreed.. but remember how they had no problem shwoing the mountain beheading his horse in season 1? I am quite disappointed since this was a grrm episode... the shae scene was too long and poorly executed, robb and talisa(argh) scene too stretched and somewhat useless, sansa scene totally worthless... I would be intersted to see where this gendry thing is going though.. arya is one of my favorite characters from the books and I feel this series has done her character a huge injustice starting at season 2. did not care too much for the bear scene either.. from the tv serues scenes no one would feel briemne has any notable skills with swords. why was the osha scene so freaking long? the point of the scene was the last 30 seconds.. the initial buildup was just waste of valuable airtime edit: typos
  3. solid 9 .. took off one point mostly because of the Loras character assassination. I still hate Talissa though
  4. :| quoting wikipedia - .. so I kind of have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.. anyway.. back to the last episode, I completely forgot to mention how much I don't like the King Beyond the Wall.. He completely lacks the energy of Mance. Makes no mention of visiting Winterfell ( that I remember) and lacks charisma as a whole .. I absolutely loved the opening scene though.. Peter Dinklage is the man !
  5. No, I think they are wasting precious airtime trying to make an awesome story line 'better' (and I fear in the process they will make it worse).. I don't think we will have enough air time to see the whole transformation.. like I said, I felt that the 'dumbing down' started a while back, pretty much right after Theon burns his letter to Rob.. I feel that this whole re-route was kind of unnecessary (call me purist if you will).. Another Theon escape with a dog chase seems unlikely and repetitive at this point.. but again, I have been wrong before.. they might be able to pull Theon off, but I am sure others will have to give way in that case.. I guess we have to wait and see how far this goes.. Kind of like how they ruined the Cersei-Joffrey relationship thing (at least for me).. I don't really like what they have done with the Arya character since she was brought to Harenhall at all either.. But I understand they had to flesh out Tywin Lannister's character some how.. I just don't like how they sacrificed Arya's character in the process.
  6. Yes, I guess I should have clarified that I was talking about the series as a whole, not just this episode.. and I may be wrong, but so far it seems that a lot of that stuff is going to be missing in the TV series.. instead we are going to see that Ramsey play a different psychological game with Theon where Ramsey plays Theon's savior in the beginning.. However, I am having a hard time believing that Theon would buy this whole thing , after all.. it was Ramsey who betrays him at winterfell and slaughters his army!!
  7. They dumbed down Theon's Arc quite a bit it seems :\ .. I actually liked this episode much more than the last two... However I wish they used the valuable 5 minutes of air time they wasted after the podrick fiasco in something more important...
  8. Argh.. The scene between Jorah and Dany was weak too I thought.. 7/10 for me.
  9. Did not care too much for the Cersei Tyrion scene. Liked the Jaime scenes though. 8/10 I kind of liked what they did with Qarth. It was lot better than what i was expecting it to be.
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