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  1. Another evil presence, Horse(wo)man of the Apocalypse, constantly tired

  2. ...Mother of Wolves, daughter of Freedom, slayer of SQL demons...

  3. Looks like a dream of spring has already arrived in my corner of the world. The sun is shining, birds are singing, life is good.

  4. Yes, I changed my pic AGAIN. So what? It's AWESOME! It's blood...on fur...and...and...you know...

  5. Survived the flu - rewarding myself with lemony lemony lemoncakes

  6. down with the flu - well, at least it's better than greyscale

  7. The Day is bright an full of Sunshine :-)

  8. Insomnia striking again...

  9. currently jealous of animals that can go into hibernation. IT'S TOO DAMN COLD!!!

  10. Winter's Lady


    Hi everyone! My name is Svenja and I am from Altenburg (=Oldcastle :lol: ), Germany. I stumbled upon the HBO Series and read all the books afterwards.(in English, the German translation sucks, big time!) I will finally receive my own set of books for christmas (hey, poor student has to save money^^), so I won´t have to rely on the crappy local library anymore. :thumbsup:. I apalogize in advance for any abuse of the English language, but you can call yourselves lucky you won´t have to hear me, I could probably make your ears bleed with my accent :D. Looking forward to many interesting discussions, anything to shorten the wait for TWOW!