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  1. WeirwoodTreeHugger

    [Book Spoilers] EP 208 Discussion

    Last week people were complaining that B & R weren't in the crypts. Now, they are complaining that they are in the crypts. It's totally valid to not think certain changes work, but let's not complain just for the sake of complaining!
  2. WeirwoodTreeHugger

    [Book Spoilers] EP 208 Discussion

    I thought it was interesting that Robb gave Roose the go ahead to send Ramsay to Winterfell. That will make the sack all the worse. I wish that the reveal that B & R are alive was pushed back to ep. 10, but in the book it was clear to me they weren't dead anyway. The dragonglass and the horn made me filled with glee! This makes me think we will get the three horn blasts in the finale. The return of Varys was great, Bronn cleaning his nails with a dagger was great, and this was Peter Dinklage and Lena Heady's best work so far this season. Whenever Heady plays Cersei with evil glee it's fabulous. It made very happy to see that Ilyn Payne makes an appearance next week. Robb and Talisa were so so. I really hope that they settle who she is now that they've had sex. It will be annoying if she isn't Jeyne. I'm glad I wasn't the only one confused about whether or not they made it to the Crag. Either way it doesn't matter. If the Westerling's household all knew Jeyne was going undercover they could just pretend they don't know her. It does look like the order from Qhorin is happening so finally people will stop assuming it won't and bitching about it in advance. Ghost needs to come back at some point. No weasel soup is disapointing but at least they had ARya trick Jaqen. It will be interesting to see the conclusion of this arc. They do need to start setting up Arya as an angry vengeful assasain sooner or later, but I don't mind if they do that slowly. Stannis and Davos were really good. I'm glad we got backstory on them so the non-book audience will actually care about them during the battle. It totally makes sense that Stannis is a dog person! Blackwater will be epic! Not just because GRRM wrote it, but because Neil Marshall directed. The Descent is one of my favorite horror movies. Tyrion's story about running the sewage system in Casterly Rock makes me think they are going to show either the chain or something else that shows us Tyrion is responsible for the victory.
  3. WeirwoodTreeHugger

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    This is really nitpicky but one thing the books and show get wrong is the amount Sansa bleeds during her period. The average amount of blood over the course of an entire period is 1/8 of a cup. Do men seriously think we hemorrage once a month? This was also an issue in Carrie. Men should consult Judy Blume first when writing a puberty scene!
  4. WeirwoodTreeHugger

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    Maybe Tywin knows Arya is Arya and he wants to keep her around as a prize for the RW. However, he doesn't want to drag her all around through battle so he leaves her in the care of his bannermen figuring she won't escape. What Tywin doesn't know is that she's crafty and has Jaqen to help. Hopefully weasel soup is intact. I read an interview with Maisie Williams where she said she was looking forward. They are not cutting that whole thing with Qhorin so relax! People thought last week that they wouldn't have the Theon killing Bran and Rickon fake out. They aren't going to take out something that important. They better keep Ghost in that scene though!
  5. WeirwoodTreeHugger

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    I just realised this episode contained no boobs and no Littlefinger! The Sansa/Cersei scene really makes me excited for their interaction in Maegar's holdfast. I think these will be more interesting than the actual battle.
  6. WeirwoodTreeHugger

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    Am I a paranoid lunatic or did "Talisa" and Roose exchange look? Loved the Qarth changes. Pyat Pree is even creepier. Why are they making Cersei nicer? Once she gives people to Qyburn to experiment on, there's no loving her. Non book readers are about to learn an important lesson about this story. If you don't actually see someone die...
  7. WeirwoodTreeHugger

    [Book Spoilers] EP 206 Discussion

    According to ancient astronaut theorists, Littlefinger must be an extraterrestrial who can make Einstein-Rosen bridges to travel Westeros. At least if LF is travelling, we don't have to see him in the brothel! I think they are softening Tywin to set up the RW. If non book reading audiences start to think he's not so bad it will be very shocking that he orchestrates a cold blooded murder. Perhaps Talisa/Jeyne is being forced to participate in this scam like Roslin Frey? If she doesn't know about the assasination plot, she can admit shes a spy, profess her love etc. Robb could marry her to keep her safe so she can run away from home. This way she can be a spy and still fall in love with him. That would be ok with me, but they need some better dialogue. You can get cheesy romance anywhere. As to the Jon/Ygritte chase scene, sure it was pointless but it took up one minute and doesn't change the story arc. Is it worth all this upset? Why does Roose saying Ramsay is at the Dreadfort mean he can't be Dagmer? Roose has to tell the truth all of a sudden? Roose could have sent a raven to Ramsay as soon as Theon departs for the Iron Islands and Ramsay could have hurried over there. It requires a bit of a plot stretch to imagine that none of the Ironborn noticed he was a stranger but oh well.
  8. WeirwoodTreeHugger

    [Book Spoilers] EP 206 Discussion

    I am so very relieved to hear a Ramsay mention. I wondered too how Roose would have known about Roderick's death. This Dagmer = Ramsay theory is intriguing, it solves the problem of the Winterfell storylne with Reek being absent. Dagmer is acting very Iagoish talking Theon into being even more of a douche. If Dagmer is the one to suggest executing Bran and Rickon, I will be very on board with this theory. It would be such a fun twist that would shock book readers too. Is anyone else wondering when Sansa is meeting Dontos in the godswood? IIRC she had already started doing this a long time ago in the book. Maybe it won't be until next season? Hopefully these theories about Olenna being cut are wrong. She is too great to be denied! I will be pissed if Alfie Allen and Maisie Williams don't get award noms for this season. They are so fantastic.
  9. WeirwoodTreeHugger

    [Book Spoilers] EP 205 Discussion

    I totally agree that they should have shown Loras rage. I was really looking forward to that. There was something that was a huge relief though. I love that in the books we aren't sure what Stannis knew about the shadowbaby. I was so scared the show would come out and say it and they didn't. One of the past moments was the end of Stannis' scene when they let the shot on his face for a few seconds. His chin and mouth kind of quiver, and then he goes back to stoic Stannisface. It's clear he feels something, but what? Grief? Guilt? Relief? We can all intrepret this for ourselves. Perfection! Also, Jaqen makes my loins stir. I agree with the general consensous that Maisie Williams is amazing. It will be such a crime if the Emmys doesn't recognise.