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  1. He might like to watch her with the Phillie Phanatic.
  2. Is anyone having trouble accessing the league via a laptop/desktop?
  3. Holy fuck, Johnny is like Bojack!
  4. The last few seasons haven't been great besides the most recent one. Some things I liked but the continous story each season wasn't great. The rest is great.
  5. I'd prefer Monday but I'm fine with Tuesday.
  6. And the Chinese government trying to censor art from the a outside.
  7. I think the first episode got 14 million viewers in the first 24 hours. People get scared off by having to pay for it.
  8. yeah Edit: How do we make spoiler tags happen?
  9. I finished the last episode on my way to work and holy fuck.
  10. Holy fuck, someone please tell me they're watching season 2.
  11. Yeah I can kinda got that vibe from him too.
  12. Bobby Brown, was the one who wanted to beat Daniel fair and Square, Dutch was the Platinum Blonde and Tommy was the one who wanted to put him in a body bag. If seen it too many times .
  13. Dutch was the one with the Platinum Blonde hair, Tommy was the guy you're thinking of.
  14. YouTube Red, the first two are free and then you have to sign up but you get a free month so you can cancel when you're done.
  15. Has anyone watched? I'm nine episodes deep and I really like it. You get a free month of YouTube Red so you can bang out the entire thing if you're inclined.
  16. And I like how all the Cobra Kai's seem to be kids who are bullied instead of those doing the bullying.
  17. I've watched a few of these and I'm not going to lie it is pretty compelling. And the trailers for this almost confirm it. A successful businessman is going to try and stop a small business owner from operating seems pretty villainous.
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