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  1. Gave it a one. Some of the changes these two idiots make are so incredibly bad. There is no reason whatsoever to not have Barriston kill the Titans Bastard.........NONE! They're still too busy adding ridiculous sex scenes to every f**king episode to care at ALL about the actual story. Just another in a long line of memorable scenes we get screwed out of.
  2. I think this episode pissed me off more than any other so far. If HBO weren't the cheap a$$es that they are, EVERY episode could be as good as this one. It......was.....PERFECT! I really hope that going forward, they add more of the action. It is SO much more enjoyable than them trying to distract me with topless woman.
  3. Not gonna read through 32 pages to see if it was mentioned....and I'm sure it was......but I'm pissed beyond belief that the first guy Arya names is the Tickler. One of the most memorable moments in SOS is when SHE kills him. Why the flying f*** would they ruin that? And its been a while since I read....but I think I'd remember Stannis boning the red woman. It goes against so much of who he is. Stupid......just an excuse to add more nudity to blind us from the fact they don't want to spend money on action. Even with 10 hours to play with, they can't stick close to the book. What a waste. I don't even care to watch anymore. The show is really all about nudity and little else. Whens the next book come out?
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