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  1. I gave it a 6, it wasn't the worst. One thing, of all the things to cut from HotU, Shade of the Evening, really?
  2. I really hope so I don't think I could handle no weasel soup AND no coin
  3. I'm starting to think they are setting Jeyne up to betray Robb, why else would she continue this charade?
  4. So I guess Jaqen is gonna meet her on the road to give her the coin and the info about valor morghulis??
  5. Shadow dude looked like the bad thing from Fern Gully, and I wish the death had been more bloody, like a SWORD to the throat. Brienne tearing it up was awesome. I don't really understand how Loras and pretty much everyone else were like "oh yea, Stannis totally did it." what? Loved seeing Roy Dotrice as Hallyne Bran taking Jojen's dream; what does that mean? D: I love Qarth, it reminds me of a Star Trek planet.
  6. gave it a 6 The true to the book scenes were good but seemed rushed, except for theon going to poundtown, that seemed to take forever. I'm not liking Stannis or Mel's portrayals. Too much LF he is supposed to be mysterious Ghost was awesome Salla was hilarious
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