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  1. In failing to create my own blend of hot sauce, I may have invented a new, ultra-potent blend of tear gas . . .

  2. The good news is, the Cowboys can't lose this week . . .

  3. The good news is, the Cowbiys can't lose this week . . .

  4. Getting dressed up and ready for the fight . . .Go GSP!!!!!

  5. If I hated on Robert Baratheon for all the partying, drinking and womanizing he did, that would make me the biggest hypocrit ever.

  6. The only good thing about being sick at home and not going to work is I get to spend the day here

  7. Oh how I hate being a Cowboys fan sometimes

  8. The futility of bureaucracy is outmatched only by the close-mindedness of those who enforce it.

  9. If you're gonna be a gangster in this town, you'll pay me for the privilege

  10. Today we face the monster that is at our door. Today we cancel the apocalypse.

  11. Today we face the monster that is our door. Today we cancel the apocalypse.

  12. "They have seven offensive linemen Al, if they lose one, they are down to six" - Michele Tefoya on Sunday Night Football

  13. Friends don't let friends marry Freys.