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  1. I'm hoping the Reeds will be added on next season. I'm thinking Osha and Hodor will take Bran and Rickon into hiding and at some point will visit/meet up with the Reeds while on the run. Otherwise Bran and Rickon can't split up. They aren't 100% necessary until that happens, so I can see why their introduction would be postponed until the beginning of next season.
  2. This this this. Loving how Margaery's playing out. And I love how sweet she is to Renly too, even though she knows their marriage is a complete sham. She loves him because her brother loves him, and she wants him to succeed. It really says a lot about Margaery and Loras' relationship. I didn't imagine Margaery as a schemer, but I'm easily adapting to this interpretation of her. Which just shows how hamfisted this incarnation of Asha is. And, you know, I don't think it's Gemma's fault. I think she's playing the character the way they intended. It's absolutely killing me, because Asha's one of my favorite characters and I hate to see her all solemn and sulky. I'm hoping that this is all intentional to make Theon's homecoming seem even worse and that her attitude is simply because she's disappointed and disgusted by her brother. I'm hoping like hell she'll get the fuck over it once she gets her ships.
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    I ran across this from several years ago and the Margaery/Anne Boleyn thing suck out very strongly in my mind as well when I was reading about Cersei's plans to bring her down. Cersei's complaint of Tyrells everywhere (in multiple positions of power) is very reminiscent of the Boleyns being instilled throughout the court once Anne married Henry. Margaery's welcomed as a courtly, joyous breath of fresh air by both the common people and the court (very much like Anne Boleyn) while the king's former consort is put aside in disgrace. Margaery's accused of sleeping with multiple men, including a singer (Marillion/Smeaton) and the Queen considers accusing her of incest as well (as Anne was with George, who, interestingly enough has been portrayed as bisexual/gay). At any rate, Natalie Dormer should have absolutely zero difficulty playing Margaery after her run as Anne Boleyn the Tudors!