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  1. It seems unlikely as they've made her a regular this season. Of course, they could troll us but I'd sooner see them add a popular character like Oberyn to the main cast and shock the show viewers rather than adding a likeable but not hugely interesting character like Gilly. And of course, Sam needs to put his pink mast somewhere. :P
  2. Travy1991

    How would you rate episode 404?

    Nice stereotyping there, sir. So if a teenage boy likes cats, he's most likely gay? You are as dumb as you think Tommen is. I think the show is going in the right direction with Tommen. He's a sweet, innocent older boy who is very naive and clearly infatuated with Margaery. This way the show is keeping Tommen close to his book counterpart while making the necessary changes to accommodate the actor's older age. The only point I agree with you about is the cartoonish evil guys at Craster's. Drinking from Mormont's skull was silly and OTT but I really want to punch the actor playing Karl in the face so he must be doing something right. Anyway, that was a fantastic episode! Love the changes they have made with Bran's clunker of a storyline (for the most part) and that final shot with the White Walkers was absolutely stunning. Bryan Cogman is fantastic and the show feels very fresh with the changes they made this episode.
  3. Game of Thrones renewed for Season 5 and 6! Awww yeah!