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  1. Jaxom 1974

    Primetime Emmy Awards 2018

    Football has been a bastion of Monday Night for 40 years though...
  2. Jaxom 1974

    Primetime Emmy Awards 2018

    Sadly had no idea this was even on...Monday seems odd...
  3. Jaxom 1974

    My new daughter

  4. Jaxom 1974

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    I dont really have anyone I want to give extended contracts to...
  5. Jaxom 1974

    Star Trek: Discovery #2, set phasers to stunned.

    Honestly I think that's what makes so many of the Trek novels enjoyable. That it isn't worried about canonical specifics, allows Trek authors to have fun and make (mostly) good logical sense in filling in holes on backstory. Of course, good editorial direction helps.
  6. Jaxom 1974

    Star Trek: Discovery #2, set phasers to stunned.

    Some are a little out there...but man they did some good stuff. The five part Poisoned Chalice run was great.
  7. Jaxom 1974

    Star Trek: Discovery #2, set phasers to stunned.

    At least three times...though there are the novels before it setting it up...plus it's the basis for the whole Typhon Pact that essentially sets the stage for the Trek novel universe for years. I've advocated that that is what should be adapted for a while now...I'd skip the Destiny trilogy, but allude to it and start with the Trek Cold War (not of the temporal variety...)
  8. Jaxom 1974

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    I'd assume you have to get the eggs during the event, not before...?
  9. Jaxom 1974

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    I'm really sorry, guys. I literally just got home from a 14 hour day...couldn't have gone much worse. I didn't want to miss the draft. And inwanst able to get a message out. Again. Sorry.
  10. Jaxom 1974

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    2 works
  11. Jaxom 1974

    Venture Bros. Season Seven...

    No thread? Did I miss one? I'm not using cable specifically, do I forgot it was premiering a few weeks ago. I'm three episodes in, out of the first five, and it's busy, wordy, yet oddly compelling as threads from many different seasons start to tie up...I like it.
  12. Jaxom 1974

    August '18 Reading- (Insert Clever Subtitle)

    I shan't comment on the love interests...they weren't half as interesting to me as the political intriguing and the world building... Though I would agree none of the Male characters shine, except maybe one...
  13. Jaxom 1974

    August '18 Reading- (Insert Clever Subtitle)

    Finished City of Brass last night. Fantastic read. Where is the thread about it?
  14. Jaxom 1974

    Participation Trophies Are A Good Thing

    It's intersting... I dont know that I care one way or another specifically, but this summer, Little Jax, aged all of 8, was in a track club. It was something just to get him doing any kind of athletics. They'd do little, informal meets with other clubs. It wasn't organized in any great way. But they'd run events and group the kids by age and such. The first time he was in a race, the group was at least 10 kids, only the first 8 places got ribbons. He was last and got nothing. He wasn't overly phased, so I wasn't. The next week, the group he ran in was only 8 kids. He still came in last, but he got the 8th place ribbon. Rather than dwelling on the fact he only got something because there were only 8 kids, he locked onto the idea that he needed to get a 7th place ribbon next. Of course, the next week, he was 7th of 7, but he got that 7th place ribbon, without even acknowledging he was still coming in last. So he went for 6th, and you guessed it, only 6 in the group the following week. He honestly didn't care about getting a ribbon by default essentially, he was trying because he thought he was working towards the next level up, which he essentially did. And I was proud of him for it. What it really spurred was his jealous little sister, who didn't like that he had more track ribbons than she had from gymnastics, which she got for completing a level and moving up.
  15. Jaxom 1974

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    I've marked the calendar and will do all I can to be on time for the 7th.