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  1. I see what you did there... You know she's not getting, "stiffed" by the former guy...
  2. Honestly no. No need to know anything else. There are no specific references to Supergirl, Arrow, or their version of Crisis, though the set up for what appears to be the primary villain should cause references to all of it at some point. But nothing that has come before hinges on it, as the Crisis did reset things to give them this start. I think its possibly the most human story I've seen for Superman on screen in a long time.
  3. Hmmm...I also thought, "For the Children", was also part of Agatha trying to jar Wanda into revealing herself...and likely also part of something bigger, if (as I believe there is) something bigger behind it all...
  4. Let's also give a hand to Debra Jo Rupp's agent. I get that she's a bit of a name. Lord knows I think she's fantastic, but two seconds of screen time in episode 8 and she's in the closing credits right up there with Olsen, Bettany, and Hahn. Hell the guy playing Hayward has never gotten that type of credit, and he could end up being the overall big bad! This isn't criticism either! Just amusement at some of the workings of Hollywood...
  5. There was the black version of Superman as part of DC's multiverse... there's been some minor speculation that Coates could use that version...YMMV... At his core though, Superman is the immigrant and the American Dream story. There is so much Coates could do with that. However, after Superman and Lois, I'm not certain I care about the DCEU version of Superman. That pilot for the show, even with the minor trappings of the Arrowverse, really is the definitive take on Lois and Clark since the first movie in '78. And I like both the Cavill and Routh versions of Superman. But I've loved Hoeclin since he was introduced to the Arrowverse and Bitsie Tulloch is a revelation as Lois...
  6. Wait. Is the argument the aesthetic of the scene or that they used Salem and witches in general? I mean, it is established in the comics that Agatha Harkness was part of the witch trials in the comics...
  7. Multiverse is going to multiverse. I think it is just as probable that Agatha plucked another Pietro from another universe, possibly leading the cracking of the multiverse wall...I mean, Wanda says you can't bring back the dead, yet Agatha indicates that necromancy is absolutely a thing... We've now seen five magic colors...? Red for Wanda, Purple for Agatha, Blue for the Salem Witches, Yellow and Green for Strange...
  8. Nah. Tom ran Leo down and had him boxed in to where the French were going to muck it up and he stepped in to finish hisjob. So I guess in a way, he saved Private Ryan and Leo...
  9. VisionQuest was Byrne’s initial AWC storyline. Vision was deconstructed. When Hank Pym tried to rebuild him, he didn't have Wonder Man's mind pattern and some other things, so Vision came out white, emotionless, and more robotic. Helped push Wanda over the edge to becoming evil later on... The show is liberally borrowing scraps from that storyline, without actually doing that storyline...
  10. Match 4th used to be Inauguration Day. The crazies think that that's the day Previous One will be back to take things over again...after they storm the Capitol one more time...
  11. Season 2? But otherwise, meh. I've seen a little of this. Wasn't my cup of tea.
  12. Perhaps in your profession, maybe in Zabs also. But the idea that people won't go to work when sick? To many don't have a choice still. And far too many of them are in professions where they shouldn't be working, but do. As long as the pay is too low and the coverage the bare minimum, people can get into a bad place if they try to take care of themselves. Hell, I'm management and it's still frowned on when I'd consider taking a day off for illness. I certainly don't like sitting on the 10 weeks of eligible sick time I have, but my boss is generally a terrible person who thinks managers who take sick days are probably faking regardless of the circumstances.
  13. Ha. And did I? I thought I fixed that stupid autocorrect...lemme go check...
  14. I'm not saying they couldn't have done it without the MCU characters. However, Tom Holland is pretty explicitly entrenched in the DNA of the third and fourth phases of the MCU. A Sony film with Tom Holland and none of the trapping of the MCU? Hard pass. I have zero faith and zero interest with anything Sony does, with the only caveat being that Into the Spiderverse was probably the only truly great thing they've done once Spider-Man 2...
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