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  1. Jaxom 1974

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    22 weeks is forever...yet at the same time, it'll take me a lit monger than that to have enough of the pokemon who need it... :p
  2. Jaxom 1974

    Comics XIII

    Put Irredeemable and Incorruptible on hold at the library. Incorruptible came first. Can I read it without having read Irredeemable first?
  3. Sometimes I feel like she's a more upbeat version of Capaldi's Doctor... But I like her. I like how they're working with the multiple companions. I like a lot of the stories, though it sometimes feels like an entirely new show (which I suppose it is) and there's so little connection to the past, which I realize isn't always a good thing to do. For all the hemming and hawing over the Tardis initially, it really isn't seen much. Truly that isn't meant as critical. The show has been great this season.
  4. Jaxom 1974

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    I really don't know how that step tracker works...sometimes I think it's on, other times, it's not. I just take what it gives me in the end.
  5. Jaxom 1974

    Most filmable adaptation

    I want to see a Pern adaptation. But I'm wary on the presentation. I'm also odd in that I'd adapt the prequel story Dragonsdawn first then delve into the ninth pass.
  6. Jaxom 1974

    Hope Never Dies - Andrew Shaffer

    Any thoughts? Thisbis going to be my plane read when inhead on vacation this weekend. I dont know why, but I'm looking forward to this. A lot. I've gotten a couple thumbs up on it from trusted friends. What about anyone else?
  7. Jaxom 1974

    Watership Down

    I actually read it for the first time about three years ago. I remember it being a tough read, but I don't know if that was expectations or something else. I'm certainly interested in the show.
  8. Jaxom 1974

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    Caught the or four. Seen a couple others. Seems like they nest by my office.
  9. Jaxom 1974

    What Do You Think Cultural Appropriation Is?

    I've struggled with this a bit lately. The definition. When I was a boy, I was part of a YMCA program, Indian Guides. Dads and sons grouped into tribes, using names like Blackfoot and Comanche. The dad in charge was the Chief, the boys referred to as braves. The chiefs did wear headdress and sometimes other garb based on actual native american dress, though generally only at the campfire ceremony. It was the early 80s (at that time the Y program would have been about 65 years old, as it's about 90 now). It used the terminology and, yes, the dress to a small extent, but it ultimately was a program that framed a lot if the YMCA's Christian messaging and themes (though ultimately even that was tamped down in favor of being a really good excuse for dads to spend quality time with their sons). Fast forward 35 some years and I've got both Little Jax and the Little Lady in the current versions of the Y program (my little sister was in the girls version of father and daughters called Indian Princesses in the 80s also). The YMCA program we've joined up with here in Wisconsin still used the Native American terminology and ways of grouping the kids and dads. (When still in Illinois when Little Jax was just old enough to join the program, the group we were with was contemplating moving away from the appropriated aspects). And now, nearly a year in, the Wisconsin group is doing the same. The group we're with now has a number of dads in my general age range who came through the program in the 80s into the early 90s. Some are resistant to the changes, though most do seem to understand the why. I look at the references to "the Great Spirit" and use of garb and I see it through the eyes of my 8 year old self and it doesn't seem wrong. We're not now, or then, trying to become Native Americans or emulate them. We're not making money, nor is anything in the program blatantly racist in its presentation, at least I truly believe it isnt meant to be. But I get it and I have no desire to protest moving away from the use of Native American symbolism. The program's slogan is "pals forever", so it doesnt actually need the Native American framing. The "aims" that the boys and girls learn as a part of the program, other than one referencing the Great Spirit when talking about dealing with nature, don't actually refernence Native American ideas, as the aims are more about citizenship and is more reflective of Y's Christian background. I do get it. Truly the worst aspect of appropriated culture is the dads, the "chiefs" in full headdress (no matter how proper they been made) hosting the evening campfire ceremonies. It isn't needed, regardless of effect. I'm okay with moving away from the "tribes" and calling the groups based on animal names. Ultimately it's interesting that the recent movement in the direction (certainly later than it should have been) helped me see what wasn't actually correct, even if it was meant to innocent framing device. I still get to spend quality time with my kids the way I did with my dad. The program is Y Guides now, and the basic tenet of being Pals Forever with your child hasnt gone away, it has just been brought into the 21st century. Man I hope this ramble makes sense.
  10. Jaxom 1974

    Westeros Fantasy Football Thunderdome 2018

    I gotta be me. Though, as i mentioned to you before, im just not paying enough attention to the NFL this year...its a weord by prpduct of using Sling TV, I think. As I dont have access to locam stations on it, and I am a little lazy on switching to antenna...I'm just not paying attention.
  11. Jaxom 1974

    What are your kids reading?

    My not quite 9 year old has been cruisong through Harry Potter in recent weeks. He's up to Goblet of Fire...
  12. My suspicion is that the supposed time jumping in Avengers 4 will get things back to that Battle in Wakanda before the snap...that's when Cap and Tony could die in a blaze of glory sacrafice...people, except for some big guns, won't remember that there had been a snap...
  13. This will likely happen, but limited to folks like Dr. Strange, Thor, Captain Marvel...
  14. Jaxom 1974

    MLB 2018: Bonfire of the Metropolitans

    Two of the greatest pitchers in generations and I cannot find myself seeking this game out...part of me feels terrible for that, part of me can't be arsed to watch Dodgers/Red Sox...power to you fans of those teams...