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  1. Didn't I add my new ones above?
  2. Two days of phone tag, only to get a text tonight asking for professional references and the chance at a longer conversation on Monday or Tuesday...the phone tag is absolutely a product of the personnel shortages going around.
  3. Thanks. It's turned into phone tag. So now I sweat the conversation overnight...
  4. Been desperate for a change of pace...been interviewing when I can...had an awesome interview on Monday with a hotel I like...think I'm about to get an offer and I'm nervous...
  5. That's fair. But I suspect that these extraordinary circumstances aren't the only things that went down with any number of individuals to keep Trump from throwing everything into even more chaos. Let's hear what he has to say, yes. But then let's not overreact.
  6. What is it you're looking for? Maybe I misunderstanding what happened, but I walked away with the impression he was inserting a brake of sorts within the chain of command to ensure another voice. Not sure it's correct, but it seems like he had legitimate reasons for wanting to do so...
  7. Jim Chueng is half of Kate Bishop's creators. I'm blanking on the writer. Young Avengers.
  8. Mooney and Hines 2 Jones 3 Fields 4
  9. Missed the Mack question. Serves me right.
  10. Ah...spending an evening with with GGK reread...just of this whole thread... And trying to listen to any of the novels I can get on audio...just strengthens the enjoyment of so many of these. I mean, I already loved Last Light of the Sun, but listening to it...just amazing.
  11. I haven't read the whole thread yet...but the correct answer is, "fuck", right? I mean, I know I probably use it a might too much...
  12. Is it worth countering to Manchin with the idea, "You can have 1.5 trillion, but we want the filibuster gone..."
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