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  1. 50/50 Kreese dies in an fight with Silver, trying to stop Silver from doing something bad to Johnny...in a Vader turns on the Emperor at the last moment kinda way...
  2. Such seeming potential...yet that's the way the trailers for the first season looked too...
  3. HIMYM becomes a poster child for NOT having more than the broad strokes of an ending laid out when you start. Sure, it was a show seeking longevity (because that's still how things were done mostly when it premiered), but if they'd chosen to not keep taking the renewals...and if they hadn't put themselves into a box with the definitive ending in mind...there would have been a better chance of sticking the landing...that said, in retrospect, as much as I liked the Tracy character, Victoria really was the stronger candidate to be the mother... (And the last 30 minutes of the show, the ending we saw? It doesn't exist.) And another show that ended strong, but no one ever remembers, was The Good Wife...
  4. Oh dear...don't tell me she's gone crazy conserva...??!!!?!?
  5. Apparently Milwaukee is a finalist for the RNC in '24 and I've never felt the need to win the lottery more than I do right now...
  6. I do think it'd be better for the show to have Anthony find a solution to his problem that isn't related to competing in the All Valley...it would be a better contrast to Kenny's journey as well.
  7. Are we done with flashbacks now...? If Boba doesn't need the bacta tank anymore...? And that he went five years without it...that's a medical miracle maker if he isn't using it until five years have passed...
  8. Really... he needs to have been with the Tuskens for this years...otherwise it means Bib Fortuna really didn't have much time being in charge...
  9. (Despite my attempts to "write" the comic book style ret-con explanations to DMCs thoughts and now this one...I want to make clear that I don't think it's needed to explain away Thanos like this...that it's how I think a comic book writer would explain it away twenty years after the initial story already appeared..you know, like they do in comic books...) But my response to the resource idea...in ret-con writing...is that Thanos wouldn't tell populations he was committing genocide to save their planet from the possible emergence of a Celestial...he'd simply hide the truth behind the resource idea... (I'm thinking about this too hard...in trying to see how if could all fit...I know I am...)
  10. You simply said that Titan still existing threw a wrench into the idea that the Celestial that might have been there didn't emerge...if Thanos didn't succeed in halving the population of Titan and there had been a Celestial, how did the planet survive? My thought was that Thanos succeeds in stopping the emergence on Titan, it just doesn't happen the way he intended...he then goes off and attempts the halving of populations to prevent other emergences on other planets... I was looking for a comic booky explanation for your thought to actually work...that's all...
  11. Exactly! (Though Jango would likely have a better hold on things...but if it were, saaaay...Cody or another clone like that...they'd have issues...)
  12. No. It still works to an extent...in that, in his attempts to offer Titan their own genocide, he incites a conflict that wrecks the planet in a manner we see, thus rendering it incapable of its own emergence...giving Thanos what he wanted, but not in the manner he wanted, so he then goes out at attempts to do the same for other worlds...
  13. I suddenly want to revisit my theory that it isn't really Boba Fett...but a wayward, left over clone trooper who is impersonating Fett...That'd be a twist!
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