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  1. This I can agree with. But at this point, in C-137's head, it Rick Prime who is the Rickest...until he gets through that, he'll have issues...
  2. Okay. I can accept that. And in some ways, I gather "Mortyplicity" was telegraphing for the audience exactly how that shakes out with each episode being possibly its own thing...despite that, I still believe the intention is that we are generally seeing the adventures of C-137 and his current family unless otherwise stated... And C-137 can't actually be the Rickest Rick until he vanquished the current one...
  3. A couple episodes. Yeah, the Harley Quinn cartoon is really good. Not arguing quality, just that they are characters that never should have popped like they did.
  4. Oddly enough, I'm a fan of Ryan Reynolds, but I also think Deadpool is one of the worst comic book characters ever. His (Deadpool) rise to prominence defies description (same as Harley Quinn). And despite my admiration for Reynolds, I cannot like the Deadpool movies. I absolutely wouldn't be surprised if Jackman's role in this movie was nothing more that a glorified cameo for Aviation Gin...
  5. Jackman will actually appear in only one scene for a couple lines and that'll be it...right...?
  6. What a crap loss this week. Lamb screwed me over in Experts, but got me a less than 1 point win in Dynasty...
  7. Huh. Nothing I've ever noticed has need me to believe that the specific episodes we've been watching weren't grounded with C-137. Oh sure, the Atlantis episode was only the bookends with him, but still... I get the idea of what you're saying, but it would needlessly complicate things if there were anthology episodes with other Rick's. I thought the first Elsie this season clearly established C-137 as actually being C-137...it's just that he's not the "Rickest Rick" as we were led to believe.
  8. That's the thing about Rick and Morty...it's so layered, that there is something for everyone.
  9. This presupposes that he'd want to do this constitutionally and not just think it into being...
  10. Wait. The planet that Andor is on as an adult isn't the same one the tribe of kids was on?
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