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  1. Jaxom 1974

    The Crown Season 3 [Spoilers]

    I wondered a little about the timelines and the two year thing with the actors, especially starting season 3 in 1964 with a 38 year old Elizabeth. I wondered about Coleman in the role, thinking she wad actually older than she is. I was actually floored when I realized she's the same age as me. So I'm going to continuity watching with that info helping my observations. Really liked the first episode.
  2. Jaxom 1974

    Audiobook recommendations and issues

    Not sure? I have a copy through my library app...I didn't have an option...
  3. Jaxom 1974

    Audiobook recommendations and issues

    Can't say I have similar feelings, though I agree that the right voice actor overall is important. Michael Page reads the Gentleman Bastard series and I've loved his interpretations. I just recently finished Republic of Thieves and jumped to Abercrombie's Best Served Cold, not realizing he was reading that also. Pleasant surprise, and he's fantastic. Another performer I enjoy is the Dick Hill readings of a number of the Dragonriders of Pern novels. Ultimately, I find if it's a book I already enjoy, the easier it is to accept the read versions of it. Actually, the worst times I've had with audiobooks, it was when there was a celebrity reader.
  4. Jaxom 1974

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    What the hell planet is the first two episodes supposed to be on? Because all those Jawas and the dessert and the moisture farming...it feels like Tatooine, but I don't remember it being named... And the second epsiode... yeah, I don't know. I see all the points against it. But it also looks good. But it sure needed more meat to the overall story. And Baby Yoda being "good" at the force...well, it leave him passed out a for more than a few days...
  5. Jaxom 1974

    MLB Post/Off-season: Houston, We Have a Problem

    Actually I expected a shared one...just because... But yeah, hard to think Cole wasn't robber. Is he known to be a jag to the press or something?
  6. Jaxom 1974

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    "Do or do not. There is no try."
  7. Jaxom 1974

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    Was it ever established that Jango Fett was actually a Mandalorian...? Or just a guy in their armor...?
  8. Jaxom 1974

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    https://nerdist.com/article/mandalorian-samurai-movie-inspiration-disney-plus/?amp&__twitter_impression=true Nerdist seems to agree with my earlier suggestion.
  9. Jaxom 1974

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    Got my hands on Legion of Superheroes #1...and I'm not sold in the Bendis style of writing on this book. I'm a huge Legion partisan, and it's relaunch is another reason I'm back in the comic shop more than once in a blue moon these days, but the first issue wasn't all I hoped for. I'll stick with it for now though...
  10. Jaxom 1974

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    I think it was a pilot episode. Lots to think about, mainly because we're not given a whole lot. Once they revealed the baby Yod, I assumed we are going to get a riff on Lone Wolf and Cub...
  11. Jaxom 1974

    Name for decorator frosting

    It's fondant. It's something that is malleable.
  12. Jaxom 1974

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    Has it crashed yet? Trying to load the app up and it is all about the "slow internet speeds check back..." and I know it isn't my connection...
  13. Jaxom 1974

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    You don't like betting on the Pod Races...?
  14. Jaxom 1974

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    Also, Han would have been alive for Order 66...so there's that...people being told by the new Emperor that the Jedi were to blame...doesn't make them a myth so much a bogey...eh. It could have been done better. As for the information dissemination...it does appear that the Empire had a pretty good deal going with suppression there...
  15. Jaxom 1974

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    Cleaning and reorganizing some stuff today and pulled out an old Eternals King Sized Annual...I don't remember how I got it, I know haven't read it in easily 20 years...but the main point is that it was written and drawn by Jack Kirby...