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  1. Whoa whoa whoa. Are you suggesting that drivers who are driving high, or getting high while driving, shouldn't be subjected to similar impairment laws? It can't be argued about the terrible nature of drunk driving. But are you suggesting that Marijuana users who drive impaired shouldn't be subject to impairment laws? I personally loathe the stuff and have no use for it, but I'm not going argue against the decriminalization of the stuff...as long as it is regulated and treated in a similar manner to alcohol laws and taxes. Have at it.
  2. Yeah. I won't say it stinks of skunk specifically...but the smell lingers. Why people think they can just toke up in the hotel rooms...it just permeates the hallway... I'm like Scot and have little to no use for the stuff (give me beer also), but if we're going to move forward as a society and decriminalize the stuff across the board, you'd think some of these science wonks and their new strains would do something about the smell...
  3. Oh I await the actual list. Too much into it? Maybe not, but he sure did find the right time to try to slip it through quietly and then tried to chum the water with a different story....
  4. Yeah. Political theatre posturing and DeSantis can't event get that right.
  5. The 30+ number seems to be pretty solid...at the moment. But I won't debate you on those merits! DeSantis has apparently also moved to get the Florida law that says he can't be Governor and run for President repealed tonight...? Regardless, there might not be much left of him to officially run once Disney is done with him...
  6. Hmmm...Maddow points out that DeSantis declaring, "Florida won't abided by any extradition requests" (ignoring the Constitution doesn't allow for that) is the kind of political theatre that he needs to gin up.
  7. Yes. Yes. But there feels like there is some sort of difference here. Trump was looker on as a joke. Rightly so. Except the media took his celebrity and made it a thing. And then that dark, hidden, unspoken of part of the Republican bade realized that guy would do and sat anything to win and they ran with it because he legitimized them. And then it was too late for the rest of us. DeSantis is being shown, again and again, that he's not a very good politician and he's not even any kind of national celebrity. That mainstream, a loose term to be certain, Republicans think he's the answer to Trump? He can't even fight against a company like Disney correctly...and they think he can stand up to Trump? But regardless, you're correct. No complacency. That I agree with.
  8. DeSantis just got pants by Disney. Why are we still taking him seriously as a likely Presidential candidate? Simply because he's an alternative to Trump? Republicans should be laughing at that guy...but then again, they're Republicans...
  9. Hopefully. But a lot of that may or may not hinge in the reaction to this, no? It shouldn't slow down Georgia or the Federal cases, but it may give pause...though I say speed them up.
  10. The cheeky answer is that TNG and Votager didn't really get to participate in the Dominion War, so this is their chance...why muck it up with other DS9 peeps? But really, RumHam has most of the right of it...though it seems like there could have been a way to get O'Brien involved...
  11. The MLB clinging to the blackout rules in this day and age just suuuuuuxcckkkkkkssss...
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