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  1. I assume they've signed Albert to replace the bat of Joc...hoping to catch lighting in a 2011 bottle or something...
  2. Jaxom 1974


    By the by, this thread, and reviews, had me seek out the first book from the library...only seventy pages or do into it this far though...
  3. To be fair, if Voyager were created today, it's likely that the issues with it in terms of crew and other items likely would have been addressed. It seems like a lot of shows in the last 20 years are pretty good about keeping background characters the same...
  4. So...does that mean Cut's chip didn't activate for Order 66 since he wasn't near a Jedi...?
  5. Sure. A lot of circumstances go into that. I mean, I'm obviously at the very tail end of the 1960-1974 range. Those of us born in those early 70s...I think we run the whole length of what we possible outcomes could have been. Something like a third of the people I went to high school with got married out of high school, most without going to or finishing college, a third finished college, but within a year or two of finishing they were getting married and having children right away. Then the last third, like me, just never found the right situation, but also, I think, really took the attitude that it didn't have to be rushed. Couple that with the advent of computers and the shrinking of the country as a whole because of what it allowed...I think its that period of 71-75 that really where the shift began. Computers going from the desktop to the handheld phone just increased the speed...thus these younger generations leaning in so many directions...I mean, for those of us at a certain age, out politics were essentially formed through our family units (I know, odd for me to say after saying my family didn't talk politics really, but that informed my attitude toward voting in a way too, didn't it?) Kids these days have the world at their fingers to learn from. Ah...that's long winded and ruling to say I essentially agree with you. In terms of thinking about it in generational terms, my favorite anecdote is: When I turned 45, my son turned 10. When my dad turned 45, I turned 21 and was on the verge of graduating college. When his mom turned 45, I was 2 months old...everyone is ultimately different, but there are patterns to life...
  6. Well, as referenced in my screen name, we see I fall into this category. Anecdotally, I did vote against Kerry in 04. However, I hadn't yet started actually paying attention to politics in great deal yet then, and I was swayed, I do believe by the messaging on Kerry being dull, uninspiring, boring...I can't defend it, but it's how I looked at things like that. I mean, I voted for Clinton in the 90s... most likely for the same reasons...how he came across and how they messaged his personality. I know many of my peers in this age group do skew conservative, many more and more as time goes on. But in 2004, I was 30, newly married, didn't have kids or own my own home yet. I hadn't really started paying attention to anything yet. I was a later bloomer in that respect than my peers. Perhaps that played into some of it? Because I've certainly gotten more liberal as I've gotten older, despite my parents being Republican (apparently, I didn’t find out about their political leanings until I was 37...we didn't discuss politics in my home growing up...)
  7. World Series hangover still...?
  8. Wasn't my argument. I'm suggesting that they could have incorporated the idea of Death being courted with some dialog and such. Making trying to impress Death as his motivation...if they'd done something like that then the curious notion of giving Loki an Infinity Stone could make sorta more sense...
  9. If it was the comic storyline they wanted to emulate, then they could have been/should have been seeding the idea that Thanos was courting what he thought of as the personification of death in earlier movies. Death itself as a living avatar doesn't need to appear until IW. It might have also fixed some Infinity Stone questions, such as why give Loki one stone to go after another to make a gateway to bring the Chitauri to Earth. He could have been trying to give Death a sacrifice of Earth. Same with sending Ronan around. Trying to bring about large scale Death to impress Death. Gamora's flashback to meeting Thanos? Again, a sacrifice to try to impress, no need to suggest mismanagement of resources. It could have been made to work.
  10. So...this Arizona thing...the "recount" of looking for bamboo, the unofficial, no standing look for voter fraud...the one that is going slower than molasses uphill, so slow that they don't even have the space rented long enough to go through with the insanity... ...it's going to end up declaring Arizona should have gone to Trump no matter what happens, right?
  11. Based on his work with Black Panther and Captain America alone I think he's possibly the best person to write this story. Seeing as Superman is one of the most political characters there is under normal circumstances... Frankly, if you're going to take the classic story of the ultimate icon of both America and its history of immigration, but from the perspective of a black man, well then Coates may be one of the best writers to have on that story. Cavill is okay as Superman. Routh would have been better had he been able to grow the part. But the best live action Superman is currently Tyler Hoechlin...
  12. The MCU version of the Guardians of the Galaxy was never overly popular in the comics. The original version from the future had its fans. The newer version was thrown together and stole the team name...
  13. For the record, I am actually on DMCs side of this too...I also do not argue the fact that writers make choices. I do believe it is possible to for things to change organically from writing though, particularly in comic books. I think the length of time one particular writer works on a particular character is directly part of that. The difference between continuing arcs and rebooting.. My Frank Castle example might not be the best. I'll see if I can think of a better one. If I'm in any way coming across as defending the idiots who don't think Kal-El can't be a black man...then I apologize because I absolutely think it can be done.
  14. Okay. Right. I think we're coming at it from the same place. Each of those examples you use are all independent of one another. A black Superman's story should be a brand new slate. Start to finish. If you were going to drop a black Superman into the next theoretical Snyderverse Justice League movie, yeah, you need something organic to explain that though.
  15. For me, if you're referring to me (and I don't think I'm specifically arguing for or against), when I think of organically changing a character in the comic books, it's a story element borne out of specific plotting, and we're talking within the primary universe of books... While it's horrible in its execution and most everything about the plot, there is the time they made Frank Castle into a black man. It was pseudo sciency, and I don't think it was intended to be permanent...it came about organically. Nick Fury is an interesting example...as it was the Ultimates line of books that easily used the template of Samuel Jackson to alter the base character of Fury, but it was a new line and a natural move. It worked. Then the MCU and suddenly they needed to model Fury after the movie Fury in the books and it became Nick Fury Jr. or something like that.
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