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  1. All true. I've found, over these part few years, Wisconsin Republicans to be especially repellent. Worse than Southern ones? They're in the running.
  2. Not going to mince words. Republicans in Wisconsin are a pretty loathsome lot. This map is good news.
  3. Having now watched The Marvels...I enjoyed it. I think it was better than the first Captain Marvel movie. Certainly I believe it'll be much more re-watchable when it eventually lands on TNT or the like... Oh it isn't perfect. But it blended the humor and seriousness in a manner that hasn't been seen since Thor Ragnarock. I'd also say that it suffers from a Marvel TImeline Identity Crisis. It used elements of past movies (the jump gates of Guardians and such). The bones of the scientific side of the whole Multiverse story is there...and if you'd not seen Secret Wars, then things do move right along without missing a beat...Just so many pieces and elements crammed into a timeline that seemed rushed, but would have suffered more if it had gone another 20 minutes... If anything, it's a movie that essentially boils down the entire phase's issues: That it needed a bit more cohesion in what it wanted. I actually like the idea of taking the story towards Secret Wars, but the Infinity Saga benefited from its pieces not deliberately trying to connect quite so tightly. Each area told it's piece and then it all made more general sense by Infinity War... I absolutely love the very end with Kamala trying to emulate Fury at the end of the original Iron Man movie...I'd actually somehow missed a spoiler on that ending cameo...
  4. Respect. I'm just not in the camp of wanting to do things like that, regardless of reason.
  5. Honestly? No. I don't generally participate in these things. One, I don't have any desire to. And two, I try to keep moderation in mind in general terms. As I don't believe myself to have any great excesses, I don't think I've ever worried about needing to curb myself. And as I'm very very far from religious, I've never felt compelled to adhere to Lent (even though my wife is Catholic).
  6. Seems Doom depends on the direction, no? He's baked into the history of the FF so much...maybe the introduce him and set him up, but he's not the primary antagonist of the film? Particularly if this has some sort of time travel shenanigans going on? And I'm actually sad about Krasinski. He did seem perfect for the role. As much as I do like Pascal, he just doesn't seem to have the "look" I associate with Reed Richards...but, again, I'm going to reserve judgement for now and hope for the best.
  7. It is hoped that most Democrats and independents out there will stop fretting about age come November. Love or hate Biden, he's the candidate. Get over it. Voting to keep Trump, or really just about any Republican at this point, out of the Presidency in 2024 isn't about voting for Joe Biden, it's about getting to vote in 2026, 2028, and beyond. Retain the White House, re-capture the House, retain the Senate in 2024 and start making changes and shoring up things to keep Trump and Trumplike MAGA sycophants out of office, start hitting some more of those bigger progressive wants that are sitting out there, and then in 2028 (regardless of whether Joe makes it through the term or not), the next generations can start jockeying to take things forward. Ultimately, Joe Biden isn't getting your vote when you vote for him, your ability to get to keep voting beyond 2024 is getting your vote.
  8. I'm staying open minded, but I struggle to see Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards, and I honestly know zero about the other three...
  9. So this is a sequel? The original is one of those that you just stop and watch when it's on television...
  10. One could easily make that assumption. Hopefully it's true.
  11. Being a 12 year old girl? My daughter is obsessed. I particularly like the enormous, 'Taylor Swift Save America 2024" flag she's hung in her bedroom. It's pink and absolutely telling the MAGA flags. Does she see that? Not sure it matters. And I actually find a number of Swift's songs pretty good.
  12. Wisconsin has many issues and faults, but I do think you meant Indiana. Indiana is the Florida of the north.
  13. I honestly don't completely understand reading tea leaves from voters declaring they're moving from Trump in a New Hampshire primary and an Iowa caucus. If South Carolina shows that line of thinking, or better yet Pennsylvania or Wisconsin...that would be a better indicator, no? And the idea that Haley sticks around until Pennsylvania or Wisconsin...seems far fetched, which would then move the calculus again, if there isn't another primary option of any kind?
  14. If you truly want, "serious" government, then it seems imperative that we re-elect Andrew Sheppard!
  15. Policy Wonks or a combination of the rise of social media and the idea that journalism has been turned into entertainment akin to a sports broadcast?
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