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  1. Again, the only truly great Mirror episodes, besides the original...are the Enterprise ones. To see the Mirror Universe and its origins with no interference from the Prime Universe was brilliant. DS9 had a couple fun episodes with it, but it went on too long...
  2. It's almost comical in some ways...there is supposed to be this big, bad secret cabal, but they all seem hell bent on letting everyone know who they are as the seemingly bumble from place to place...it's a weird dynamic...
  3. Oh the first one absolutely. The second and third were stronger, if still based off the modules. They were very up front that the first book came out of the game sessions while working on the overall system... The Twins trilogy still holds up well, I think. Re-read it again at the start of the year and it's still enjoyable. Man, when I was a teen reading the original trilogu, I wanted to be the one to write those missing chapters...of course, it was only later I realized they just skipped over using those specific modules in the narrative structure. But I was smugly pleased that I had identified the correct missing pieces when that side quest triology came out. It was stretching thin some parts of the overall tale to make sure it fit, but it was fun.
  4. It would make sense in the early days of the Federation, as Starfleet integrated the with the fleets of the founding member worlds, that there would be more ships with less variety of species. Side note: CBS showing Discovery Season 1 starting tonight...and I realize it might get better, but I'm struck by my decision to skip this series as it really isn't well done, as far as being Trek is concerned. Just too much trying to be rewritten. Putting a show between Enterprise and TOS is just such a tactical error...
  5. Nearly done with book 2 finally...trippy in many ways. Still trying to sort out exactly what is going on... Is just me or are the secret powers behind the throne not really that secret..
  6. Season Four essentially threw the baby out with the bath water and essentially reinvented itself by actually looking at existing canon and attempting to make the narrative fit what had come before without shoe horning things in for reasons (looking at you, Borg or Ferengi episodes). Did absolutely everything work? No, but it was good faith efforts that tried to take the misshapen lump of clay that started with and transform it into what the show should have been to start with...
  7. It's a travesty that they ended Enterprise when they did. The third season was novel, if not completely solid and the fourth season was finally bringing the show into what it wanted to be, telling the story of the Federation coming together. The brilliance of the Mirror Universe 2 parter was that it essentially had nothing to do with the prime Universe.
  8. My lily white suburb of Milwaukee (that generally still shows up as part of Milwaukee on Google Maps because the outskirts of the city limits is so jacked up) is showing quite a bit of Biden love. I've only seen one Trump sign in the areas I frequent, and it was one of those "Coexist" signs coupled with Trump 2020...very bizarre.
  9. Pence will be gone within a year of any reelection to install Ivanka in his place. Book it.
  10. I assumed the Vision comic plays into it some, but I also was under the impression the 80s Vision and Scarlet Witch series was a primary influence also.
  11. That that Wanda/Vision trailer is fantastic. Cannot wait for this one...
  12. Cibola was more the dream though, wasn't it? I'm not sure it truly existed, but the chase of finding a fabled city of gold and making one's fortunes...isn't that essentially the goal of the settlers of Ilus? Finding their fortunes by chasing impossible dreams...?
  13. Didn't realize you had such an intimate correspondence with him. Interesting.
  14. For the record, these Trump ads running in Wisconsin? Beyond brutal. Every worst impulse of Michael Bay, JJ Abrams, and a couple other schlocky directors all crammed into miserable little 30 or 60 movie trailer like spectacle. And I realize what they're meant to do, and I realize who they're for, but someone like me who sees through the projected hysteria and outright lies in them...they're painful to have to watch...they're all shock and awe gotcha videos of no substance. At least the Biden ads are thoughtful and have some policy ideas in them, while at the same time pointing out the administration failures...
  15. Absolute brain cramp on my part. For some reason my other QB didn't drop into that slot like everywhere else...but I suspect that's a product of the dynasty format and how the teams were structured with returning players. Totally my fault.
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