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  1. The Drunkard

    DCEU: Killer Clowns from Gotham City

    I suspect the movie being critical toward the media might explain some of the beatup. It helped turn Arthur into the Joker by 1) not caring about him or the problems of people like him until he lashed out, 2) politicising his murders and turning him into a symbol to boost ratings, 3) repeatedly humiliating him for being a weird failure before he had done anything to deserve it. It convinced him that the only way to feel better about himself was to lash out, and made him angry enough to do it. So that, poor mental health funding and a general lack of empathy from others were all on blast.
  2. The Drunkard

    DCEU: Killer Clowns from Gotham City

    I loved Joker, everything about it. Without spoiling anything, I think my favourite scene was the bathroom dance. Arthur was such a strange character with weird childlike and sometimes effeminate mannerisms but it really worked well. I hope the DC Black idea takes off and more movies like this are made rather than a relentless tide of more capeshit.
  3. The Drunkard

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    Had an interesting series of events in CK2. At the start of it I was playing as Duke Gerald of Normandy, vassal to Charlemagne. Charlemagne was (at that point) ruling all of Francia and Saxony, but was having a tough time handling the endless Saxon rebellions. Matters were only exacerbated when the Danes invaded, so I decided that Duke Gerald should assist Charlemagne in defeating them. Over the course of the war I captured a Danish chieftain, who I had executed when he proved too poor to pay his own ransom and no one else wanted to do it. Charlemagne won the war and that was that, or so I thought. Fast forward several decades and I am now playing as Duke Gerald's grandson, Armand, who has only recently become the King of England. I am notified that the Danes are preparing an invasion and I have a year to prepare. Easy enough, I think. Only, King Armand's brother, Duke Tybalt of Normandy and some other provinces in Franace, throws his considerable weight behind a rebellious faction which triggers a civil war. I scramble to defeat the rebels in England while my brother Tybalt squats in Normandy with his sizeable army. Eventually, after pacifying the English lords, King Armand sails across the Channel and defeats his brother. The civil war ends and I throw the lot of them in prison. Meanwhile, the Danes have invaded, and a force significantly larger than my now-depleted army is sitting in Essex besieging my capital. It is at this point I notice who is leading them - the grandson of the petty tribal chief Duke Gerald had executed decades ago. He has somehow become King of Denmark in the ensuing years just as Armand has become King of England. Noting this, my King crosses the Channel once again, ready for round 2 in this inter-generational saga. Alongside him is his treasonous brother, freed from prison and appointed as commander due to his huge marshal score. Given I am outnumbered, I am taking all the help I can get. The English and Danish armies engage in Essex, the former attacking from the north to fight on more favourable ground. Despite the numbers it looks like the English will edge out the Danes, due to the feudal warriors being better than the tribal Danes. But just as I start to feel confident, King Armand, commanding the centre, finds himself duelling an enemy commander and given the choice to engage or flee. I choose to engage and King Armand is cut down, slain by the enemy commander. Despite this, the English go on to triumph over the Danes, who are routed from the battlefield and forced to flee England. The crown passes to the King's 19 y/o son and heir, Gerald II. Not being a warrior, the new King gives command of the English armies to good old Uncle Tybalt, who follows the Danes back to Normandy and routs them a second time. The war ends shortly after. Duke Tybalt goes on to become King Gerald's most loyal vassal and the hammer with which the young King bludgeons his rebellious Anglo-Saxon rebels to death with for years to come. Years later, the King of Denmark dies under suspicious circumstances, no one ever discovering who the real culprit* was. King Gerald becomes known as the Just and manages to unite most of the remaining English provinces under his banner, also marrying the powerful Irish Chieftess of Mumu who had managed to expand over more than half of the island. All's well that ends well.
  4. The Drunkard

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    Yes, but I said it's the broader economic agenda I think was irrelevant, not every aspect of it. Anything other than franking credits and subsidised coal mining wouldn't have severely tanked the ALP's elderly and Queensland votes, imo.
  5. The Drunkard

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    I don't think the broader economic agenda had anything to do with it. Old people want everyone else to keep funding their shit and so they swung massively towards the LNP, and the same for rural Queensland voters and their mining jobs. This election was won on undeserving people wanting to keep their unearned free shit at the expense of everyone else.
  6. The Drunkard

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    I have a premonition of three years of zero policy proposals, with Morrison and Albo trying to out-bloke each other.
  7. The Drunkard

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    Boomers and bogans, god damn. Heaven help any party that dares touch their endless welfare and government subsidised jobs.
  8. The Drunkard

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

  9. The Drunkard

    Summerhall tragedy - new theory

    He became increasingly obsessed with bringing the dragons back as he grew older, believing that he could only ever reform the kingdom if he had dragons to enforce his decrees. He began to dream of them and sent expeditions across the world to learn whatever he could about reviving them. It culminated in him organising some unknown ritual involving pyromancers, wildfire and sorcery, as well as luring the extended Targaryen family tree to Summerhall on the pretext of celebrating Rhaegar's birth. Whatever betrayal happened there was horrible enough that none of the survivors would ever explain what happened nor explain who was responsible. “There is power in a king’s blood,” the old maester had warned, “and better men than Stannis have done worse things than this.” If we ignore Aemon's clear senility (as evidenced by him thinking there could be a man better than Stannis), the sacrifice theory explains who exactly Aemon was referring to.
  10. The Drunkard

    Unpopular opinion

    I have no doubt in my mind the Yaaas slay queen Dany fans will shit themselves when she cracks regardless of how well GRRM writes it.
  11. The Drunkard

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    I hate it. Their answer to too much private debt and inflated house prices is to make it easier to get into debt and to increase demand.
  12. The Drunkard

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    After scanning a lot of the ALP's proposed spending policies I wouldn't mind if a lot of that was blocked tbh, while I hope all the savings measures are passed. I can imagine a kooky RW Senate might end up doing the reverse of literally everything I want though.
  13. Hey remember that time Stannis couldn't go back to Castle Black because then he'd be stuck there for years waiting for the winter storms to end and then within 2 episodes there was no bad weather ever again.
  14. The Drunkard

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Still waiting for the comeback...