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  1. I forgot the protagonist was named V and thought you were all talking euphemistically about the pubic hair customisation for a while. I am reserving judgement for the moment. I never noticed the lack of cutscenes in games like New Vegas (until just now, thinking about it) and I thought that was completely fine in terms of presentation.
  2. Shorten sinking the boot into Heydon must have been satisfying.
  3. Sure. My main issues are: 1. Less time than TLOU was spent on the relationship between Ellie & Joel in favour of new side characters who weren't as compelling. I think the Ellie & Joel parts were really good and a great progression from the events of the first game, but I wasn't invested in what happened to the newcomers. 2. The pacing is nowhere near as tight as TLOU and most of the game feels like Pittsburgh. 3. Two very big narrative decisions that ultimately I didn't appreciate. I thought the first had potential but the second I think was just a plain mistake. I've read a lot of comments from people who had no problems with it so it's probably a taste thing. Overall I think they missed the mark on what made the first game so good, and that it could have used some major editting.
  4. I was a bit disappointed in TLOU2 by the end of it. Gameplay was great but I think they fumbled the story, which I was initially on board with even after the opening events.
  5. My city is reasonably high population, predominantly suburban with decent living spaces, and one of the more affordable Australian cities, but I am tempted to move into the country. I think the ideal would be several weeks rural WFH, then a week or so in the city to handle anything that must be or is better done in person. Mostly rural living without the shithouse salary or career opportunities. There were people in the same industry as I that already worked like this and provided value doing it, so hopefully the pandemic helps to normalise this lifestyle and make it more achievable. I miss being able to go outside and be in almost absolute silence. I think the absolute best approach would be having fewer people.
  6. Labor leader Anthony Albanese - who found out about the app in the newspaper - is concerned about the prospect of forcibly being tracked. "One of the things that would occur if that was the government response would be people would simply stop taking their phone to places," he told reporters. "It's up to the government, frankly, to explain exactly what it has in mind with this app and to be very clear with the Australian public about whether it is going to be voluntary or whether it is going to be some level of compulsion involved." Albanese is genuinely such a useless opposition leader. The government proposing to forcibly install location-tracking malware on the entire population's phones offers so many easy attacks and Albanese responds by asking for more detail.
  7. I'm curious if Australia could pull off the same, if the economic effect of the international working/travel restrictions are relatively minor vs the effect of the internal restrictions. Tourism and universities would be screwed but, in the case of the latter at least, the status quo was already fairly shit and in need of some sort of solution.
  8. Started and finished the Monarchies of God series by Paul Kearney. I thought it started great but fizzled out, particularly in the last book. Also, this may be a me problem but it was yet another fantasy series where I found the overarching, hidden magical plot to be much less interesting than the initial political plot the author pulls you in with. Overall I preferred the Macht trilogy.
  9. Bit severe from the Premier but I have to agree with Mark McGowan. Also it will probably help with the coronovirus.
  10. Someone on night shift nicked a large thing of hand sanitizer from work this week when everyone else was out of the office. It was very entertaining and gave me a sense of high school deja vu when I came in the next day and watched the superintendent give a roomful of grizzled old labourers a stern talking to, mentioning how disappointed he was in the culprit and how no questions will be asked if they did the right thing and returned it. Weird times.
  11. I don't think they would typically deserve any paid leave, for the reasons you say. In circumstances like these where business as usual leads to a country having to implement quarantines and curfews and the like I think it's justified though, just as a purely practical, preventative measure, to get people to stay home when they feel compelled to work sick.
  12. I for one think there is a clear lack of threads concerning Stannis and that the character has never had the volume of discussion it deserves.
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