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  1. I thought this was good but not as interesting as the original trilogy or the standalones. I would've preferred more emphasis on the commoners rebellion and less on the North; the Stour, Leo and Rikke stories haven't been great so far imo. I will say that I really enjoy when Joe writes Eaters tearing things up. Sulfur casually strolling into the crowd post-bomb and just utterly tearing apart the would-be assassins was a fun read.
  2. Season 19? The overarching pussy crushing politically correct theme was funny, and i remember enjoying the individual episode jokes (e.g. ninjas as muslims).
  3. Yeah that was boring. The only thing I found a little bit funny was the guy in the Master Chief outfit taking part in the march.
  4. I was really looking forward to Garrison's reaction/meltdown after having won, Jenner making him a MB mindslave was underwhelming. The video call was the best part. "Stop being such a pussy, okay pal?"
  5. Jeez, so Garrison is going to be President then.
  6. Who do you all think figured out Gerald? Kyle seemed conspicuously absent this episode, but then it also wouldn't surprise me if it was Cartman, since he'd naturally assume a jew was at fault.
  7. The only part I'm not liking very much is the election stuff, as I think every Trump joke possible has been made at this point. I'm loving the trolling stuff though, and that literally no one suspects the troll could be an otherwise normal person and not some evil loser. If you steal my sunshine....
  8. Man, this and the Theon chapter should've been included in the current books, they're much better cliffhangers. Excited to see Euron wage his magic war. Stannis and Melisandre were like a taste of what someone could do with magic on their side, and now you've got a man with zero moral compunctions wielding anything he can get his hands on.
  9. Upon logging in today the format of the forum is completely changed. Looks incredibly basic and the colour scheme is blue/black/white rather than the usual orange/grey/white. Navigation is a lot harder and I'm unable to quote anyone. Don't know if this is known or unique to me.   eta: works fine now.
  10. In the absence of a rant thread: I just realized they didn't include Dany's violent diarrhea scene. So many GoT related gifs could have spawned from that.
  11. They said that Shireen gets burned and it's the culmination of the talk about kings blood, not that Stannis would order it. It literally cannot be taken 'straight out' of the books as when in the same scenario book-Stannis refused to burn some random unbeliever with whom he had zero connection, let alone his only child and heir.
  12. I didn't mind it. It's not as smooth as "we will march, and we will free Winterfell … or die in the attempt" but it's treason to include lines taken straight from the book, apparently, even if they're written perfect for tv.
  13. Yeah, agreed. I think I've withheld judgment about whether or not Dorne deserved to be in so far, but it's hard to see why the Riverlands stories wouldn't be a better choice. Jaime could stick to his storyline, Brienne to hers, Edmure+Blackfish and Beric+Thoros+Stoneheart could do their things rather than being disappeared for a few seasons (or else just cut), instead of a completely new continent being introduced along with a heap of bad characters that drag decent characters down with them.
  14. I think this is the second episode ever that I've given a rating above the average.
  15. Bastard claims are dubious. Roose could theoretically name his trueborn son his heir ahead of Ramsay, or he could, knowing Roose, just have Ramsay killed. It's just safer for Ramsay to be his only child.
  16. What on earth was that Dany scene? That's some season 3+4 Stannis treatment.
  17. Probably had more sex in one night than Stannis and Selyse did in seventeen years.
  18. I knew I recognized that sheriff. Only about three/four episodes in so far.
  19. Started watching Secret State, so far I've seen Tywin, Stannis, Edmure and Jory.
  20. Using boats. What doesn't make sense is that pincer attack. Oh, and 7/10. The Dany and Wall scenes were quite good, the rest was fairly average. Jaime and Tyrion shouldn't have been changed.
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