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  1. Top Notch Balanter

    Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    It's alright if i join up. I presumed it is a thing for all boarders sorry for not asking if not
  2. Top Notch Balanter

    How would you rate episode 305?

    I gave it a 9 but it was pretty close to a 10 excellent episode overall the Lannisters immense as usual and great work by Kerry Ingram as Shireen i was really really impressed. Dillane and Cunningham performed excellent as well and i felt that Richard Madden had one of his strongest episodes yet. If i was to nitpick a little i might complain about Maisie Williams but i feel bad about doing it due to how good she has been throughout the show. The weaker characters eg Jon and Littlefinger had good performances which was nice to see still not fully impressed with Oona Chaplain but again overall the cast had a really good episode
  3. Top Notch Balanter


    Hello everyone i am luke and i am an irishman who will be doing the leaving cert next year i've been around for 6 or 7 months now i love both the books and the tv show