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  1. I liked this episode, minus the pointless Missy and Grey Worm scene and the, "Old Lady, Young Lady" flirting session. 1. How does 1,000 ships sneak up on you??? No scouts in the fleet, no one sounding the alarm (as mentioned). This isn't a speedboat fleet, they would have have time to signal, and form up for battle. 2. How did Euron know what ship was their flag ship?? In pitch black darkness???? 3. I am glad the Sand Worms are done . . . . . and Cersei will get her revenge against her Daughter's killers. 4. I liked the North scenes except Jon and Little Weasel. It reminded me as mentioned, of Ned and Little Weasel 5. LF asked for Sansa's hand in marriage? Why?? 6. I am glad Varys got put in his place. 7. Grey Worm is heading into a Trap . . .will Ser Gregorstein be there to take on Grey Worm????? 8. Where is this season going????? Huge victory for Euron and Cersei . . . . also, watching Euron with an ax reminded me Vic Greyjoy. 9. I got confused was it Lady, or Nymeria? They did cut away from her death scene in season 1 . . . but no D and D confirm it was Nymeria. 10. See ya next week!!!
  2. Best episode of the season, one of the best of the series along with Baelor, Fire and Blood, Blackwater, Mhysa, Watchers on The Wall and Hardhome.
  3. 8/10 Those Jaime and Brienne scenes were solid .. .
  4. 7/10 I can do without Dany's "I am your civilized Savior, follow me ye Savages and finally live!!!" It has gotten old. Let's get to Westeros and start the real fun already.
  5. So the one thing that gives me hope for Captain Vic Greyjoy is that Euron in all his wisdom doesn't know about Moqorro and how Moqorro has deciphered the Dragon Horn. Euron already had worked a spell so that Vic would blow it and die, while Euron controlled the dragons. Not anymore . ... Vic is going to change the game.
  6. A lot of debate . .. won't know until the chapter is released or until TWOW is finally finished.
  7. 9/10 some amazing things but some fails . . I wanted my Dragon Horn!!
  8. I hated parts of this episode. 1. Dany being Neo 2.0. So she burns down the hut with all the Khals in it and they like cowards, try to run. Good but now all the Dothraki see that she is the one to follow, she will lead them as one people out of Vaes Dothrak and to Budapest errrr Westeros, after she smites her enemies in Slaver's Bay. 2. Enough of the High Sparrow, enough! Cersei started this mess by snitching on the Tyrells and it backfired. Send Franken-Gregor in and clean house. 3. Tommen seems so confused that it hurts to watch. I am just not feeling King's Landing this season. 4. Ramsay still gonna Ramsay. Adios Osha, a character developed and gone, another loose end tied up. 5. The Tyrion scenes with Grey Worm and Missy are awful, just painful to watch. 6. Theon's scene with Yara/Asha was good, she had a right to be angry but after he was mutilated and tortured she had no know he had no intention of being any type of King. Didn't feel it . .
  9. 6/10 I'm just over Dany being "The One" complex that this show has. I'm just done!!!!!
  10. They mentioned in an article that after they received so much criticism after Season 1, they stopped visiting. I even did a support thread for them. They didn't do well in season 5 and many folks have, "lowered expectations" for season six. We shall see. But they have to know despite our criticism or support of their work, I am glad that there is a show to talk about.
  11. 8/10 The Dorne scenes are bad, really bad, really, really, really bad.
  12. SO END OUR FOES I thought the Braavos portion was missplaced. It should have been shoved into, "The Gift." It felt dry and out of place in this episode. Malaise Williams is starting to look more mature. She is going to be a very attractive woman in time. The Cersei scenes were well done but didn't move me. In the book she is happy to see Qyburn here it seems, "matter of fact." Jorah's scene was straight corny. Right out of a, "Lifetime" movie. I will fight for my love. OUR BLADES ARE SHARP Ramsay's scene was good, he's plotting a special forces mission to take out Stannis. I wonder how that will play out. It reminds me of the one Asha/Yara planned when rescuing Theon, and we know how that went. Good scene with Reek/Theon and Sansa. Sophie Turner has grown as an actress and Alfie Allen is remarkable once again. Also, good to see Roose. Olly and Sam's scene was good. Good reasoning to Olly. I wonder if his dad knows he's at The Wall? (The Missing tease). I loved seeing Dinklage with Clarke. Dinklage just owned her in the second scene. He out acted her by light years. "I am going to break the wheel." A good line but Dinklage is just so superb, he is Tyrion Lannister. Hardome was brilliant. Good to see Thenns again, the desperate situation seeing Jon first fight agains the Thenns, to see them both fight for survival together. It is good to get away from the fluff of the chase of power. The real reality is that Death Marches on the entire Continent of Westeros . . and it doesn't matter who you are, you better be ready when they come because the army of the dead is growing and they are coming. I loved seeing The Great Other aka The Night's King. More Great Other and less junk! We could write all day and night about the death and symbolism in the Hardhome battle. . . just Benioff and Weiss and their best.
  13. 10/10 Dinklage did a great job, the last 20 minutes were pure butter. Dave and Dan do their best work when they focus on a major event.
  14. That actually was a great scene, he actually looked wounded . . . . good to see LF get some of his own medicine after all the death and destruction he has caused.
  15. Is that a compliment to the rise of Dorne or an insult the descent of the rest of the show's material?
  16. Folks want to see character development and not character regression. Sansa seems to have regressed due to the writers. But we don't know what GRRM has instore for her character.
  17. 7/10 High highs and Low lows . . AS HIGH AS HONOUR .. . . The Queen of Thorns and The High Sparrow . . . The High Sparrow with the Karl Marx comeback . . . .. The Queen of Thorns finally found someone who had integrity and who had not impressed her since she dealt with Lord Tywin Lannister. Great scene, Dave and Dan at their best . . The actors nailed it, teh director nailed it and it was awesome. Jorah with Dany and Tyrion . . no messing around, no messy battle, here it is in a streamlined way . . . Jorah, Tyrion and Dany together again . . . Cersei finally getting hers . . . . . . "I am the Kwwweeennnn!!!" Littlefinger walking through his trashed brothel . . . looking actually for the first time in his life, hurt. It seemed like he cared about his chamber of secrets and realized how even in playing the game that power shifts on you . . to the unexpected. The Queen however did not know that he knew about her and Lancel and about Lancel killing King Robert . . . . oh Cersei!!! You outplayed Ned, Sansa, but the Tyrells and Littlefinger . . . they are above you! Good to see the three Septas as well, Unella, Moelle, Scolera . . . Sam and Gilly getting it on . . . that was funny . . . and good to see Ghost as well . . . . WE DO NOT SOW . . . Another attempted rape scene . . . my goodness . . . . it is as Dave, Dan and Cogman don't get it . . stop with the rape and attempted rapes, the show has excelled on the TV total, even Law and Order: SVU think that the rapes and attempted rapes on GoT have gotten out of hand . . . . DORNE . . .awful . . . Myrcella and Jaime awful . . . Bronn with the hottie Sand Skanks errr Sand Tarts errr Sand Worms . . . for the typical toss in a boob . . awful . Bronn should have died so Jerome Flynn's career will not suffer as a result for being associated with this catastrophe . . . Death of Masester Aemon . . it full rushed and emotionless . . . . I know that is from not having a lot of screen time to develop his character in the last few seasons . . but it was rushed, good for him to get the funeral he deserved, not in a rum barrel but burned as a Targ should be . . . What are Sam and Gilly going to do now? Hang out with Ghost? Someone has to send Sam to Old Town and Gilly has to get outta there . . . I thought Arya would be giving it to Ser Meryn this episode but ran outta time . . . . The Winterfell Story Line . . a bruised Sansa telling Reek to help her . . and what does he do? Get the old lady flayed . . . . that is it . . Sansa is a pawn, this doesn't help develop her character at all and things will go from bad to worse for her . . . . she's a pawn . . Dave and Dan have ruined her character Stannis finally seeing Mel for what she is . . . Mel wants Shireen . . . she wants her life to be sacrficed as Nissa Nissa was . . . as Khal Drogo was for Dany . . . typical, plain and lame. The show has just seemed to jump the shark, this episode has high highs, but was so bad in so many areas and the season seems to be heading down the rails of Season 2 where nothing can save it . . . there are three episodes left, thank goodness to put this season, likely the worst season of GoT ever out of its misery . . or maybe the final three will be so awesome, it will make the first seven worth it . . we shall see . .
  18. From a dude/lady with 30 posts . . calling us, "trolls." :bs:
  19. § I enjoyed the acting between Ramsay and Roose. It is a story that Roose told Theon in the books but it was good to see them interact. Roose is untrustworthy and Ramsay knows this, with Walda Frey (Roose’s wife) pregnant possibly with a boy it puts Ramsay at risk for succession as Warden of the North. Roose is sending Ramsay out to face Stannis while keeping his best troops back. § The Brienne and Pod scene was boring. I don’t think they are working well together on screen or the writers/directors want their tension to be shown. § Stannis and Jon scenes were warm, but WHO IS AT THE WALL? Jon is going to Hardhome to save The Wildlings, and Jon has turned the Night’s Watch against him by bringing Wildlings south of the wall after the Wildlings butchered folks south of the wall. Jon is making a huge mistake here, turning his allies against him. § Stannis, Melisandre, Davos are all headed off to fight The Boltons . . . . who will win? Will Brienne get revenge? Who knows? § The Sansa, “I’m in Danger scenes” are awful . . . tired of it . . . that is so Season 2 . .. § Dany feeding the Slave Master to the dragons was cool. But her marriage to Hizdahr makes no sense. He’s took weak of a person to be her spouse. She likes strong violent men like Drogo and Daario. § I loved seeing the ruins of Old Valyria .. .. it was great to see the stone men and see that Jorah rescued Tyrion .. . a great civilization gone in a moment, not even the dragons were spared. § Reek, Reek, rhymes with sneak . . . .
  20. 9/10 Didn't like Sansa being a pawn . .. . Wanted a bit more action, Everything else was perfect. Great acting by The Boltons . but I am tired of Sansa, "I'm in danger" storyline.
  21. 9/10 Didn't like Sansa being a pawn . .. . Wanted a bit more action, Everything else was perfect. Great acting by The Boltons . but I am tired of Sansa, "I'm in danger" storyline.
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