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  1. Another 7/10 for me . . underwhelmed so far this season The Goods are Good and the Bads are just horrendous . . GOOD 1. Jamie and Bronn's excellent adventure. Funny, entertaining, action packed, good acting. 2. Ser Jorah and Tyrion . . good to see them finally interact. 3. Stannis and Shireen . . . good scene, good acting. 4. Jon Snow turning down Mel . . . 5. Cersei and the High Sparrow, good scenes 6. Tommen getting punked by the Faith Militant , Tommen is too weak to be a leader . 7. Sons of the Harpy vs. the Unsuliled in an ambush . . good guerilla tactic battle and good to see Old Man going out Swinging . BAD 1. Faith militant Nazis . . don't really fit into the story or the world GRRM has built. 2. Carice Van Houten being naked again, tired of seeing her pale behind naked. Can Mel use power other than sexual power? 3. Dormer, again seems to be lost without having sexual power to use, sexual power isn't a woman's only power, yesh Dave and Dan. 4. The scene with Ser Grandfather and Queen Dany . . seemed wooden and out of place. Rhaegar the Minstrel . . yeah right . . . 5. The Sand Snakes and bad acting I.V. She's horrible . . . it made no sense. Jaime and Bronn rowed into Dorne . . so some how the Sand Snakes find out about a Captain who smuggled them in,and have him burried in Sand with Scorpions stinging his face, and he is speared to death. Huh? HORRIBLE Their acting is horrible, it is bad, again I am also not a fan of the Sand Snakes in the books, but I saw real passion in them, and without Arianne, there is none. Not a fan of Ser Barristan the old either, he's gone though. Adios! Four episodes and the roller coaster continues . .
  2. Can we stop seeing Carice Van Houten naked? I am sick of seering her pale behind naked . . . we get it . . .. she's hot to trot for R'hllor . . . keep your clothes on and do something other than look mean.
  3. I never really cared for Ser Barristan . . . I liked Grey Worm though . .
  4. You can tell when on the preview he was on the funeral bed, like Joff, Tywin, and Lord Arryn ..
  5. Yep Vietnam American Revolution Afghan Invasion Iraq War/Isis War War from the weak side ...
  6. Ser Grandfather is dead and Dany contemplates unleashing Rheagol and Viseyrion (sp?) Sansa finds out that Ramsay is a monster . . Stannis leaves for Winterfell . . . . . Tyrion and Jorah see Drogon
  7. Little Finger told Sansa, "You are on your own, Honey." I guess Little Finger realized he couldn't keep Sansa and keep his own life . . giving her to Ramsay and Roose makes sense. Next week she learns what a monster Ramsay is . . .
  8. Remember as the books said, the Unsullied are great in open field battle, but not in guerilla style combat. They didn't have the discipline and got ambushed in the narrow streets.
  9. 7/10, by far the best episode of the season, but still overall as a TV experience no better than a seven. 1. I loved the Brienne and Pod scene, finally giving some back story on who they are and how they got here, something that is in AFFC. 2. Arya's scenes dragged on too long in the House of Black and White I enjoyed the inside but it was slow paced as AFFC is slow paced. 3. Dormer and Headey aren't doing it for me this season. Headey seems like she's just collecting a pay check and Dormer, who is in her mid 30s, is looking like a woman in her mid 30s. It reminds me more of, "The Graduate" than anything. Clearly Tommen is struggling in trying to please his mother and his wife. But also it was tacky for Madge to talk about their sex life to Cersei. That was an insult and actually so disrespectful it adds to the, "white washing" of Cersei. That's rude no matter what time period you are in. 4. Roose looked like he wanted to strangle Little Weasel. Two alpha scumbags with armies, Roose doesn't even know why LF gave up Sansa and no one else can figure it out. Roose, like Tywin wants Sansa as a pawn and what is this, Cersei and Littlefinger working together? Is Cersei going to marry Littlefinger? This show seems to be losing it's way . . . . 5. Sansa goes from one sadist to another. This time in her own home that isn't her own home anymore. She's stuck with Ramsay and knowing Dave and Dan they will make sure Sansa suffers. So we all can be motivated for Theon, Brienne, Pod and Stannis to save her . . . this is nuts. 6. Speed of information. Do they have the Internet in Martin's world? Nope? They must have it in Dave and Dan's world. the speed of information is baffling and unrealistic for the Dark Ages, heck even in LOTR and NARNIA no one got information this fast. Ravens must fly at warp speed. 7. Stannis and Jon scenes were finally good, enjoyed the Davos scenes, and I think they are setting up the Ides of Ollie more than the Ides of Bowen Marsh. They are really simplying the plot so brain dead show only/spoiler seekers can comprehend clearly what is going on. It is ASOIAF by the numbers. 8. The High Sparrow and Cersei scenes were good. The scene with Qyburn is all right, I like him more than book Qyburn and Un-Gregor = Frakenstein's Monster . . pretty clear. 9. The Brothel scene was well done, not over the top in nudity, and Tyrion was more realistic than the books, he wasn't over Shae . . he just wasn't over all the pain, he was in the mood but then not. I enjoyed seeing Ser Jorah, borken and beat down . . drinking himself to death . . but now he has Tyrion . how will they get to Mereen? Will Moqorro be on the show and will the Asian woman err Yi Ti priestess of R'hllor take Benerro/Moqorro's places? Dorne looks silly next week. Ellaria Sand rallying The Sand Snakes to vengeance. We shall see . . .
  10. So Stannis will die at the hands of Brienne, instead of at the hands of an ambush by Asha/Yara as in the books? Doesn't matter, D and D didn't do a good job with the TV Stannis. I am wondering what they are going to do with Davos.
  11. Boom!! Good point. Tyrion is a highly educated son of the richest man in the realm.
  12. I liked the introduction scene with Maggy the Frog. They left out the final part of the prophecy as not to give too much away to the show watchers. But a good scene. Cersei put up a good shield during Tywin’s funeral. Remember the show lacks the internal dialogue that the books have, so seeing her be cold is pretty accurate. Lancel being a religious fanatic, seems the tone of this season is fanaticism, not only religious but political adding to the mix. Dave and Dan putting their spin in the story that doesn’t belong in a Dark Ages story. I enjoyed Stannis and Jon Snow, Jon did good with Mance at the end. Also, Stannis is correct, it is a fair deal for The Wildlings, he needs more troops, and he needs troops who know terrain and cold weather, he needs them to overwhelm Bolton and the North and to send a signal to the rest of Westeros. First time they’ve made Stannis seem human since season 3. Dany and the Sons of the Harpy, a good introduction. A story straight from the books, and not a bad looking Harlot either (Hottie!) . Daario was all right, he has no butt, but he was all right. Dany is afraid of her dragons, you see Dany bungling ruling like she did in ADWD. Good job by Emilia Clarke. The Olyvar/Loras scene, . . pass . . not my thing. I turned to A.D. Tyrion and Varys were great, Dinklage is the best actor left on this show. The show will struggle without Dance, and some of the other strong actors who were killed off in Season 3 and 4. A good episode, not a great episode. Weakest Season premier, on par with Season 2 . . .
  13. 8/10 It needed more pop and it rushed Lord Tywin's death . .
  14. 10/10. Second best of the season behind, "The Mountain and The Viper."
  15. 10/10 The first time I watched it I thought it was at best a 4 out of 10. But then I relaxed and realized it wasn't the books, nor my own understanding of the books but a fictional TV show. Then I enjoyed it. There were weak moments such as Gilly being spared, Grey Worm and Missandrei but it worked for the TV show. Strong moments like the sexy, Sophie Turner now, Little Finger doesn't know what he has on his hands, the weakest thing was another, "Oh, no almost!" for Arya and Sansa but the talking scene was well acted. Some great moments between them. The Duel was great, good dialogue as much of the books as you can keep. I still wondered, where was his helmet and where were their shields, didn't make sense. But the ending was true to form. No cutting in half with his sword, and Ser Gregor passed out after the end. Maybe they will leave, "Robert Strong" out of the TV show? But for TV 10/10 they have had some solid episodes the last two seasons, with this season on path to be the best. Enjoy it folks, this is one of the greatest shows, drama shows in TV history. Along with ER, The Sopranos, Dexter, maybe it is the best drama in TV history? Up there with Hill Street Blues?
  16. 9/10 Best episode since the season opener. Great episode. 9/10 Solid episdoe 1. Great Acting, great writing. 2. Good fight scenes, I loved not knowing what was going to happen with Jon and Bran. 3. Locke's death shocked me. I thought he was going to be Bowen Marsh, but that would have been too obvious . . . 4. Locke had to kidnap Bran and kill him somewhere else. Then bring his corpse or his flayed skin to Roose. Roose would need proof of the kill. 5. It reminded me of the scene in, "Boardwalk Empire" when the lady stabbed Karl in the back. Just like it happened when Mr.Whatever fought Chalky White. Same scene but not as intense as the BE scene. 6. Lena Headey acted great, E. Clarke struggles with real dialogue, Iain Glen acted very well. Dany made the mistake now we are in the, "Mereenese Knot." 7. Next week is going total fan fiction with Davos in Braavos, The Ironborn at the Dreadfort, that is going to be something. Bring it on Dave an Dan! Great TV!
  17. 7/10 1. Sex scene with Oberyn was too long 2. I loved the Thenns scene, but it was too, "Lord of the Ringish" and doesn't fit into ASOIAF/GOT 3. The Duel scene was great . . . but I miss Strong Belwas . . . 4. Everything else was solid, except for Sam sending Gilly to a filthy brothel to raise a kid. Dumb Sam!
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