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  1. @Shadow of Death. That is true . . maybe someone with a knowledge of primitive war fair, i.e. war fare of sword, bashing instruments and fire, can enlighten us? It seems usually the commanders and kings were in the rear with the gear with only field captain types out there leading the troops. I remmeber in "Rome" when Marc Antony and Octavian were in the rear at the battle of Philippi.
  2. @Ghost714 That was the only time that Joffrey and Tyrion were ever in agreement. Joffrey and Tyrion both were, "Sandor, get out there and get to fighting, you like killing, you like fighting, go out there and do both!" They need to add a new "swag" The Sandor walk off Swag . .
  3. I think that was as Martin talked about writing fantasy and human actuality. Such as in the book The Wheelhouse being too big to fit into Winterfell's main gates, but in reality constructing it would be way too costly. If the fire was a nasty as it was in the books technically the suffocating fumes would have made life in King's Landing improbable folks would have been indoors and the battle would have ceased, the heat, the air . . nothing would have happened at that point both sides would have to stand back. I thought tonight's battle episode was realistic, huge flames, but not over done, fire, blood, and sword. The three battle elements of Martin's wonderful song.
  4. I smiled and sung along . ... that was AWESOME . .in other words GRRM came out of the closet as the Lannister Lover we all knew him to be . . DON'T MESS WITH THE LANNISTERS . . now it is apparent to EVERYONE that the Starks are doomed . . .
  5. I know it is not possible but I want GRRM to write every single episode of this series . . "Baelor" and "Blackwater" were just so well done . .
  6. That was a good an episode of television as I have ever seen. I have it up there with Law and Order Criminal Intent "Central Park Jogger" episode, and so many other perfect episodes of television.
  7. Her acting career, let's just say is less than stellar and less than "challenging." :drunk:
  8. How many folks had this complaint last season? Not as many as this season I gather . .. They have changed the nature. I don't care about Talisa or Jeyne, I don't care about Ygritte have better teeth than I have in the 21st century, I don't care about Shae, I don't care about Bronn being head of the Gold Cloaks, or Melisandre being skinny and not curvylicious, The reality is that when you have something so essential as the development of a relationship between Jon and the Halfhand, and something as essential as the black rage and utter despair of Robb and Cat after she hears that Bran and Rickon are slaughtered, you start to lose the nature of the story, the nature of the drama. Halfhand's death will seem pointless as Jon is already questioning his vows to the watch thanks to some booty shaking by Ygritte (who looks flawless for a wilding woman), and it seems like Cat was just a selfish weasel. Not a mother who had nothing left, a dead husband, 2 dead children, and was all in for her girls . .. it harms the nature of the story. I will admit and will take chastening for my whining earlier this month, you are correct, I need to read ACOK and shut up. But not this time, this was WRONG, this was GARBAGE, this had me furious because it makes the Starks look like selfish jerks. Right now the Lannisters look more noble and trustworthy than the Starks . . .
  9. I am still upset but it is just a TV show. It has to be good TV to get me so upset right? LOL The reality is they have developed characters like Dagmar, Osha and Roz but they didn't develop Jon and his relationship with Q. Halfhand. I do understand that they are limited for budget and time but why would Jon listen to a guy he doesn't know that well? The first season was different but they stayed faithful to the nature of the books, this season they have taken to "chances" that are deviating or appear to be deviating away from the nature of Martin's song. I think tonight was so disappointing to me, I expected to see more than some bony pasting butts in a sex scene, I expected more but there are two episodes left and I am sure some stuff will be streamlined and other things left for next season. The issue that I have is that the news of Bran and Rickon's death really set a chain of events off that was in my opinion as powerful as Lord Eddard's decapitation. But, there is another season and 2 episodes left for us to see what D and D can do.
  10. That was HORRIBLE!!! HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How in the world does GRRM allow them to butcher his wonderful work!!!!! NO ONE KNOWS IF BRAN AND RICKON ARE FREAKING DEAD??? THE MOST ESSENTIAL POINT TO THE BOOK IS COMPLETELY DISMISSED???? So Catelyn frees Jaime while Bran and Rickon are thought to be alive?? Robb bangs Jeyne while he thinks Bran and Rickon are alive???? Jaime and Brienne are on their way already? JH helps Arya and the fam escape? I can't . . now the Blackwater battle looks like it was filmed in my back yard??? Stannis leads the charge at the mud gate??? Stannis vs. Tyrion . .I can't . . this sucks . . bye I am so furious . this is crap . . really it is crap . .
  11. I think they "jumped the shark" on Dany's story . too much deviation . . JMO everything else is solid. 9/10.
  12. So am I guessing this is what happens next 1. Doreah gets killed for betraying Queen Dany 2. Ramsay Snow ambushes the Iron Born troops takes their dressings on his own men, so when Theon thinks that the Iron Born are coming to help him, it is in fact the Boltons in disguise. They knock out or kill Theon (I don't put it past D and D) and put the castle to the torch. Good way of setting things up that way if anyone sees it they will see Kraken banners and gear not flayed man of The Dreadfort. 3. I miss Roose's hair . . where is his long black thin hair? They couldn't get this guy a wig?
  13. The Greatjon Umber has gone to help Dany find her Dragons that Pyat Pree stole and took to the House of the Undying which strangely looks like the Tower of Babel . . it is known . .
  14. The creepiest thing was the voice of the Actress playing Ygritte (who is too clean and too pretty to be the book Ygritte) her voice sounds the same as I imagined Ygritte's in my head!!!
  15. 1. It is obvious that Doreah betrayed Dany. She was tired of being a harlot/slave and wanted money and freedom. That was an inside job as her body wasn't amongst the slain. 2. I hated they have killed off Dany's Khalaasar (sp?) it was an important part of the decisions she made, good ones and bad ones in the books and now they are almost all gone except for a handful. Also, seems like Dany won't be having "serviced" scenes that are in Storm and Dragons. I thought those were unnecessary in the books. 3. So it seems like they are really for budget and time dumping a lot of stuff. Also, to keep the TV audience from being more confused than I am sure they are. 4. Stealing the Dragons is LAME! Seeing dead Unsullied and dead Dothraki was a shock. It seems that GRRM wants to shock and awe book readers again by allowing D and D to achieve more fan fiction. 5. They have greatly departed from the books. Ser Rodrik was killed by Lord Ramsay Snow. But to show Theon's arc they showed Theon killing someone who trained him at arms. Sort of like Anakin Skywalker killing the Young Padawans in "Revenge of the Sith." 6. I liked the Osha scene but it was predictable, again sex scenes aren't my thing that is why I have a remote. 7. The Littlefinger Arya scene was forced. I enjoyed the banter between Lord Tywin and Arya, it seems to me that Lord Tywin knows who Arya is but is playing with her until his suspicions are confirmed. Bad departure in some ways, good in others. I've never seen a "Harry Potter" movie so all the HP folks are freaking out after seeing her neekid. Calm down folks it wasn't porn. Yessh . .
  16. She doesn't. What did Roose say in "DWD" to Reek/Theon? He said, "You sound highborn." Look at how Tywin kept looking at Arya, he knows that she is a high born girl of the North and that she was hiding with the Knight's Watch to go North until she could make her escape. She is probably a part of Lord Eddard's house one of his servant girls or one of the daughters of his noblemen. He's not easily fooled, not fooled at all. Her speech is too clean her knowledge too proper. That could be the catalyst for her to make an escape that and the coming Winterfell action.
  17. I give it a 9/10. I love Qaarth it is just like I imagined it. Also, the Dothraki in the TV show are savages and that is what happens when you bring savages into refined wealth and culture. The Dothraki are having a hard time with the life while Doreah from Lys isn't. It is good for her to be back in civilization not riding in horse waste and stinky plains. She is a pleasure house slave, meant to be a high end escort wearing expensive perfumes and clothes in a Free City or a kept mistress of a wealthy person not some horse lord lackey. But the Dothraki feel like Dany is selling out, that they are losing what is apart of themselves being there, they take, they fight that is what they do. They are the land reavers while the Iron Born are the sea reavers. I like the actress playing Yara/Asha. The reality is a woman wouldn't look good on a stinky ship with a bunch of raping men, she would be husky, dirty, funky and have a bad attitude. That is what it takes to lead rapers and hoodlums without being a prey to them yourself. The book was too much fantasy. The show is more realistic. The woman can act as well. Heck I would follow her into battle. She looks like the average kick butt woman who serves in our military.
  18. Again, tired of Ros, please get rid of her already . . I agree that scene was unnecessary but hey this is HBO right? I liked the writing and Roose Bolton even though he looks nothing like Roose (give the man a black wig will you?) he looked more like Ser Ilyn Payne's brother . . . he did a great acting job. I was upset there was no Theon in this episode . . . . I found the scene in the red waste with the Dothraki rider funny . . . I liked Qaarth . . . The scenes with Peter Dinklage are outstanding . . the man can act . . . I wish Syrio had a real sword not a practice sword or he could have taken Ser Meryn. Bronn punking him out was hilarious. Do you think Gerald Hightower or Ser Arthur Dayne would have allowed Bronn to get away with that? Nope . . but it was as Ser Selmy said, "I can cut down the five of you . . " The Kingsguard has really fallen off under the Baratheon dynasty.
  19. Alfie Allen is doing great this year . . . it shows what GRRM didn't really develop in ACOK . . Theon's feelings of rejection . .. good detail in DWD though.
  20. I gave it a 10 as well. Television can't get much better than that. I disagree though I love what they are doing with Samwell and Gilly. The producers showed the attraction right away . . and show them laying a base for their relationship something that was mentioned in the books but most folks "glossed" over. They hit a grand slam with that episode . . finally felt like an epic.
  21. That's not an accurate statement. Many folks in the past few weeks have complained about the needless "T and A" of the series especially in the Ros scenes, now they complain about see two men get it on and they are homophobic? Come'on Son! Get outta here with that mess son! There are many "straight" folks who don't like seeing fake sex or fake kissy kissy on screen. Doesn't mean they are heterophobic. Yessh,
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