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  1. At least NO ROS!!! YIPEEEEE!! Also, I found Shae irritating in the books, the show clearly demonstrates that she is a female Bronn. That she is out for $$$$ and power while Tyrion clearly sees that in Bronn he does not see that in Shae.
  2. Homerun! Best Episode of the season by far and one of the best Episodes ever . .. probably in my top 3 along with Baelor and The Pointy End.
  3. Exactly espeically when Varys repeated Shae's obvious lie . . . Varys threatened him big time . Tyrion did fall into the trap Varys was trying to get his goat, Tyrion lost his coolness . . can't do that with Varys.
  4. As Colonel T. said in the movie "The Patriot", "It is such an ugly business doing one's duty but occasionally it can be a real pleasure." :cool4:
  5. I give it a "1" it was the worst episode of the 12 they have aired so far. 1. The Sex scenes, the scenes that feature Stannis/Mel and Captain's Daughter/Theon are necessary. Me, I don't like sex scenes so I turn the channel. The one I missed (thank goodness) in the brothel I heard was disgusting and unnecessary as the brothel scene last year was. 2. I loved the ending with Jon and Craster, we get to see a boy being offered to a White Walker/Other that was a heart pounding scene. Ghost would have been there, don't know why he wasn't. 3. I thought they should have left in Balon slapping Theon and mentioning Urron Redhand . . :) The actress who played Asha/Yara looks nothing like we picture her but is good for the role. 4. Stannis and Mel need more time on camera, explaining who he is and what she is about . . but I know that isn't practical. 5. The guy playing Davos is so on point, and so money he's money and doesn't even know it. S. Saan was good as well, good conversation sounds S. Saan reminds me of a few of my relatives. 6. The Yoren scenes are on the money. 7. Queen of Mean Cersei is too soft . . . but there is time for that to change and I think it will. Overall their worst episode of the 12 aired, but the potentional is high. I actually miss Catelyn Tully and next episode she will have a better role. My one issue WHY KILL OF RAKKAHRO (sp?) that was FOOLISH!!
  6. In the last production shot from Ireland it shows Bran, Rickon, Osha, and Hodor leaving the ruins of Winterfell. I think Maester Luwin dies as it would be impractical for a person so old to make such a long journey. The Reeds may appear next season and take Rickon to Skagos whil Osha, Hodor and Bran go north. The reality is that Osha is popular with the TV audience and with the producers they can't write her out for infinity. I still don't know if there will be a Reek . . . Ramsay may be left out completely.
  7. Hello all I am new to this forum. I specialize more in sports banter. I don't know many "ASOIAF" or "GOT" fans so it's a place to bounce things around with you all.
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