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  1. Eastwatch appears to be a fairly busy trading port There will be more ships along
  2. Yes He's broken so expecting any form of consistency in his character is pointless, but its clear from his chapters in Dance that his 2 prime motivations are shame about what's been done to him and fear of giving ramsay an excuse to do more
  3. Reek does care tho He spends a large amount of his chapters in DwD obsessing that nobody should see him naked, the thought of anyone finding out sends him into almost as much of a panic as the thought of Ramsay getting slicey The Iron Born captain calling him a woman is clearly what sets him off and the rest is obviously referencing this part of his persona
  4. The other guy asked if he was a woman (as in don't be a pussy of course I'm not surrendering, I'm Iron Born) This in Reek's mind was referring to the loss of Little Theon and all but knocked him out of the Theon Persona He was going you don't know, as in you don't know that it's been cut off do you Great bit of Acting by Alfie
  5. Why not, In the books Rob named Jon his heir even tho he and Jayne were desperately trying for very good reasons, A Babe cannot hold the north in the event of Robs death, The Lannisters would undoubtedly push Sansa's claim and the North would tear itself apart. Jon was named heir to provide a successor who could continue or end the war and who wasn't under Lannister Control I expect that when news of Sansa's wedding comes, and Roose Hands over Theon's finger skin along with the news that his bastard is interrogating Theon after capturing him fleeing from the burning Winterfell and has learned that Bran and Rikon are dead, Rob will do the will thing Tasla and Blackfish will go back to RR. And hopefully we will Get Glover, Marge and Darcey (Along with Jon's great and small for the RW)
  6. SynthFG

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    One thing I really liked about this episode was having the leader of the tavern wench killing northmen be very reminiscent of Ned in appearance, dress, accent and manner gave the strong visual image that these are north men but they are doing something 'bad' and introduced the idea that in this war black and white don't exist
  7. Knew there were R's in there somewhere something to keep an eye out for
  8. The Guy Tywin sent home, Was his first name similar to Jeyne Westerling's father in the books, begins with R ? Given the rumours that Jeyne's last name has been changed to Lannister would this make sense to have her father hurt from his dismissal being a minor plot point around the romance
  9. Not really, Littlefinger has to go to Bitterbridge at some point in the near future anyway, having him and Cat together provides an opportunity to present some of that back story now that Riverrun is missing