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  1. Lord Mord

    U.S. Politics: Who's Cohen Down?

    larrytheimp, I notice that you don't push back on the characterization that it is prejudice. But if you re-read what I wrote, you'll also see that I'm not at all claiming they are society's victims, so I'm not sure what merited this response.
  2. Lord Mord

    U.S. Politics: Who's Cohen Down?

    Tywin et al., What is the point of such a generalization, though? The only point that I know of is, once you have the generalization, then you've got a baseline for judging a member of the class absent any other significant data. But, that's prejudice, no?
  3. Lord Mord

    US Politics: Free Trade, Freer Trade, and Nuclear War

    Gronzag, In what way is it ironic?
  4. Lord Mord

    UK Politics: The Beast From The East

    Lots of people been saying that the Tories are in bed with Russsians who've given them money. I've no problem believing it, per se, but here's the part I don't get. There's no honor among thieves -- or among the corrupt. You pay me to get an edge in my country's local politics, and that's all very well, but you'd better damn well be sure I won't suffer you to muscle in on my personal strength, i.e. with my countrymen. If I'm part of the government, and you embarrass us and threaten us on the world stage, you'd better be goddamn sure I'm keeping your money and using it to run for a re-election for the purpose of shitting all over you and your country and embarrassing the fuck out of all of you. So, why isn't that the Tories' position? Taking the money from the Russians should make them more pissed, more likely to hit back, and not less. So ... what am I missing? What is their problem?
  5. Lord Mord

    UK Politics: Winter of Discontent

    Eggegg, Emphasis mine. The implicit assumption here is that there was zero control on the influx of people. Will you please substantiate this assertion? It just runs contrary to experience and common sense, and is therefore an extraordinary claim. I don't mean to deny that the Labour government has to take some blame. Leadership cannot, by definition, escape blame for what happens politically while they are in office, or in the aftermath of their decisions. That's fair. Yet, by whom, and with what honeyed words do we suppose the monster of these people's irrational fears were ever going to be tamed? The British people may ordinarily be lovely, fair-minded, charitable, etc. Until this conversation, I was prepared to accept that there were principally libertarian, "let's be ruled by Britons alone" sort of attitude underpinning Brexit. Yet, you posited immigration was a principal issue, and insofar as that is accurate, then it was an ugly overreaction, and one is forced to wonder how long that instinct should be coddled.
  6. Lord Mord

    UK Politics: Winter of Discontent

    Eggegg, Isn't there an argument to be made that he was counting on the better nature of the people and they disappointed? Are you saying he should have known they weren't ready to get over their prejudice?
  7. Lord Mord

    UK Politics: Winter of Discontent

    Eggegg, Okay, so he permitted easier immigration, and the presence of these outsiders led to Brexit. Does that not underscore that the vote in favor was substantially xenophobic in origin?
  8. Lord Mord

    UK Politics: Winter of Discontent

    Eggegg, Which immigration decisions did he make which enticed the peoples' resentment?
  9. Lord Mord

    Gun Control discussion

    Lew, I don't know that anyone gets to claim a monopoly on honesty of interpretation. Certainly, I don't see the rationale for saying it. I had thought, though, that the whole purpose of writing the Constitution in such a spare, and sometimes vague manner was to set down the general shape of some of notions, knowing those shapes would be colored in somewhat differently in the following age, without destroying the document. That sounds to me like something that evolves, even without amendment. They wanted it to bend, so it wouldn't have to break. Indeed, if your description were accurate, then surely we could not assume that the First Amendment protects anything particularly which appears on the internet, nor that the Second Amendment should protect our rights to automatic weapons. Those things were not what was meant at the time the Bill of Rights was drafted. Those rights, therefore, don't exist, because the document is strictly limited to what was intended at the time, right? Or, I suppose I must have missed something? Please help me understand.
  10. Lord Mord

    U.S. Politics: A Democracy In Decay

    It has been a while. Nice to see some things nevertheless change. Of course it's a pun without the word "bitch", and of course it's misogynistic regardless of its being a pun, or brief, or whatever. There is no gender-associated word equivalent for referring to males, and if there were, we shouldn't use it. We ought not employ a person's gender against him or her, right?
  11. Lord Mord

    [NO SPOILERS] Orientation

    Is it still 300 years since the Landing? They took out Jaehaerys II -- did they obliterate those years with him during which he was supposed to have reigned?
  12. Lord Mord

    [NO SPOILERS] Orientation

    Kosciuszko, Oh? Somehow I'd got the impression Clash was generally regarded as best. Of course, there was plenty of dissension on almost every point in that thread, but insofar as there was unity, I mean. I think most everyone was in agreement on the least-good of the lot, though ... Except for yourself, apparently :D
  13. Lord Mord

    How Would You Rate Episode 108?

    There are some really weird cuts -- including a random and useless shot of Eddard being kicked. And I seem to remember some involuntary hissing as from a sudden small wound, but I don't remember why so it can't have been too bad. I did think some bits were rushed. OTOH, I think it's hands-down the most competent, faithful and sincere episode to date and I was flabbergasted and dismayed to see it over so quickly.
  14. Lord Mord

    Episode Names

    Do we prefer episode titles that are superimposed on the screen, or available only in meta, such as IMDb and the boxed set?
  15. Lord Mord

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Pale Griffin, I don't think it's a "commander"-style title, like Warden. "Lord" seems to have pretty distinct meaning in this culture: if you're meant to be only a warden, or a commander, they call you "shield" or "commander" or "warden." When they use the word lord, they seem to mean it. And what is it they mean? Well, usually, yes, a castle, but at the very least there are lands (not always described at the creation of the lordship), and presumably vassals. The only vassals may be serfs, but at least somebody owes you fealty. Possibly, Stannis intends to make Sal a sort of lord-paramount-in-miniature. Instead of being Lord of the Riverlands or Lord of the North, which are enormous regions, it's a similar setup, with some vassal lords, but on a much smaller scale. Probably, the lands with which the King intends to invest that title are whichever it turns out belonged to the least loyal houses whose territory is on or near the Bay.