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  1. Axiomatic

    Glen Cooks The Black Company series

    ...yes. That's what I said. Exactly what I said. I did not fuck up his name in any way.
  2. Axiomatic

    Glen Cooks The Black Company series

    I love the Black Company series, but is it just me, or is Stevenson largely responsible for its popularity? I mean, these novels came out in the 80's, and were not, to the best of my knowledge, much talked about. Then suddenly out of nowhere at the turn of the millennium, the Book of the Fallen pops up, and who is Erik Stevenson praising all day long? Why, if it isn't the unfairly neglected Glen Cook and his Black Company series! And suddenly, everyone WANTS to read these awesome books! Of course, the person ultimately responsible for the books being as good as they are is the author, but I'm saying Stevenson is the one who got him the limelight he deserves.
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    Hi, I'm Axiomatic, and I'm from a country you've never been to.