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  1. If the show was actually good on its own merits that would be fine. And at one point it was. But no longer. I don't know how anyone can look at the hilariously choreographed fight scene in Dorne, or the Queen being arrested after a birth mark on her brother's ass, and still think that we're looking at well made television.
  2. I wrote a thing: http://the-real-protar.tumblr.com/post/119351969848/unbowed-unbent-unbroken-my-thoughts Mostly my thoughts from on here. So don't expect anything too flattering of the show. :P
  3. Perhaps seeming repentant gets you a lighter sentence? Not that Olyvar did but whatever at this point.
  4. The title was "ironic" nothing more than that. Everyone is bowed, bent and broken at the end of this episode pretty much. Tyrion and Jorah captured by Slavers; Jaime, Bronn and the Sandsnakes arrested; Same for Margaery and Loras.
  5. She was only hit when she told a lie. As I understood it, the aim was teaching her how to lie undetectably. The easiest way to start is by learning how to seed lies in with the truth. And the face gallery - again, Jaqen seemed to think that taking the girl's life was some sort of rite of passage for Arya. Not sure the exact logic behind that.
  6. She briefly played the game with the Waif when she first arrived at THoBW. She tried to say she was No oNe The aim of the exercise, as I understood it, was to seed lies into her story such that Jaqen wouldn't notice. And he hit her every time he caught a lie. Jaqen thought she was ready after taking a life I guess. The girl was particularly weak?
  7. They had plenty of time to develop Jeyne as a character. They spend so much time on completely invented characters and plots, on filler scenes and gratuitous sex, that there is no justification for this. Why not introduce Jeyne in Season 3, as a prisoner of Ramsay alongside Theon? Why not put Sansa on the backburner for a bit this season, they were willing to do so with Bran. Or else delve fully into her TWOW material? Why not cut the whole plot if there's so little time? Just bring forward the Battle of Winterfell a bit? The scene in isolation is not the problem. In proper context it would have been a traumatic, but necessary and pivotal scene. But all logic and reason had to be twisted so that Sansa could get here. LF's plan to take her to Winterfell makes no sense.
  8. No they did not. Characters are not interchangeable. Sansa's arc (both her arc from the books and the trajectory set for her by the show) had to be twisted and contorted so that they could have that scene with her.
  9. Even taking away the emotional distaste, there is really very little to like about the episode. Arya's story line is the only one which I would say is wholly "good" and even then her scenes are starting to drag. Two thirds into the season and only now is she about to do something other than scrub floors/bodies. After that Tyrion's plot line comes next in quality I'd say. The scene were he breaks the news about Jeor to Jorah was touching, well acted and well written. But the scene with the slavers made little sense. Why are they so easily persuaded? Why not just have them headed to Meereen in the first place? Why is Tyrion considered worthless? The Slavers would have considered him worth selling to a grotesquery. Dorne and KL were laughable. And then there's Winterfell.
  10. I gave it a one. Part of that was just a statement of my disgust at the end scene. But even without that the episode was very poor. The only story line which was good was Arya's - the hall of faces scene was very atmospheric. Other than that: > Tyrion's first scene with Jorah was good, but the stuff with the Slaver's makes no sense. It beggars belief that Tyrion would be able to convince the Slaver's - without proof - to go to Meereen. Why not just have them headed there already? > Dorne was a complete farce. Nothing makes any sense. What should have been a focal point of this season was reduced to 5 minutes of nonsense. I felt the fight was very poorly choreographed as well. It seemed as though at any one time one of the Sand Snakes would be missing. > Loras' trial was ridiculous, not least because of the return of the ass mark. Why remove Cersei's descent into madness, and the complex portrayal of religion, in exchange for a shallow and exploitative plot about homophobia? > Sansa's plot line was disgusting. Taking a character whose arc is supposed to be about claiming agency and becoming a player of the game and then doing...that.
  11. You know a lot of us here complaining about Loras' portrayal are in fact LGBT right? Don't assume that we're simply uncomfortable with homosexuality.
  12. A decent set up episode. Obviously nothing too crazy. I do wonder if they are going down the book route with Mance or if he's actually dead. They might feel the whole glamour thing is too esoteric for the show, as they remove a lot of the magic from the books. Interested in where Sansa's story is going. Was genuinely quite hurt that the cuddle-prostitute was in on the murder.
  13. protar

    Board Issues 4

    Yeah I've been getting the adobe flash redirect incessantly over the past few days as well. Sometimes it pops up the moment I go on.
  14. Personally I think the only way in the which the show has improved since season 1 has been in the budget, and the resulting improvement in CGI and sets. Writing, dialogue, pacing, acting (probably tied to the writing) has all gotten worse imo. Maybe the amount of gratuitous nudity has also gotten better (which is to say less) since then. I'd say the show peaked at S1, dropped to an appalling (for the show's calibre) level in S2, and since then it's climbed back up to a good level in S3, so far holding that steady for S4.
  15. General thoughts on the episode. First the good: > The Oberyn/Tywin scene was gold, and to be honest Tywin in general was probably the best thing about the episode. > Meereen was good and I'm liking new Daario a lot more. > Shireen/Davos is ever entertaining. > Equal opportunity nudity. Sort of. > Tyrion/Pod was brilliant. The bad: > The Jaime/Cersei scene for two reasons. Firstly it completely destroys Jaime's character arc. In the books that pretty much peaks at rescuing Brienne from the bear and then in the rest of SOS and AFFC we see Jaime coast along at an acceptable level of goodness. He doesn't do anything spectacularly redemptive ever again but by this point most of the audience likes him anyway. This scene completely changes that. Secondly Jaime's anger was so sudden as to be a non-sequiter. First he's calm and tender despite Cersei asking him to kill Tyrion and then he's...really not. > Though well acted and not without character development the Arya/Hound scene(s) was too long for something with no plot development. The odd non-plot scene is fine if it furthers characterisation, but an entire triptych of scenes is too much. > We get it, Oberyn likes sex. > Far too much time spent on Gilly/Sam. I'd much rather they found some way to integrate Sam's arc into the rest of the stuff going on at the Wall a bit more. Maybe shift some of his politicking from his final chapter to before the battle, with him attempting to get Jon more accepted in the Watch again. > Speaking of Jon the logic behind attack on Craster's doesn't really make any sense. > The Dragonstone arc is really a mess. At the end of S3 the feeling is that Stannis is heading off to the Wall straight away, but now he's brooding on Dragonstone for weeks. It really hasn't been made clear that he is still planning to head for the Wall and just doesn't have the men for that. Most of the Unsullied believe he still wants men to claim the throne, and there's a lot of confusion and boredom. The rest for me was rather neutral. Neither spectacular, nor terrible. And even most of those negative points weren't terrible. It falls slightly short after Joffrey's death, not answering or clearing up enough about that. And I'm worried for what the mid-season will hold because there seems to me to be a lack of truly gripping events until Oberyn vs. Gregor.
  16. 7/10. It's the premier, so it's never going to be too flashy but it's probably the best premier since the first season. Did it's job introducing the new characters and recapping what had been before, with a great final scene.
  17. I also take it that the guy playing Grenn is not the Chairman of the National Jewish Democratic Council ;) On the character page the link for the actor links to a wikipedia page of some politician. I do need to get an account for the wiki. :P
  18. I spotted an error which I just wanted to clarify to make sure it was in fact an error, and not me being stupid. In the page for House Caron it states that in 299AL Brienne was betrothed to a Caron and that two years later he died of a chill along with Lord Caron, his wife and their daughters. But surely this can't be right? Brienne is fighting for Renly or Catelyn during 299AL and more to the point we haven't reached 2 years after 299AL yet? So this is mistaken right? EDIT: Fixed the dates, my original mention was correct but yeah I typoed the other two as 199. Sorry! :P
  19. Don't be so sure. Tune in next week for the secret PW episode.
  20. I gave it a 7. Had this been any episode other than the finale it would have been a solid 8, but I have to knock off a point for it wrapping up the season so poorly. As just an hour of television to watch though it was good.
  21. Just my two cents but I thought Barristan looked pretty drunk as well. I'd have to tally up any references to Barristan drinking but it seems the him having a drink at all when guarding his queen during the midst of a siege would be out of character. But hey, as it wasn't definitive it's easy enough to say, "Nope I just misread is facial expression."
  22. Screw it, giving it a 9. Wish there was an 8.5 option though. Great episode overall with few real complaints. Dany great, Dragonstone great, Sam great. The wedding was very good but I wish they would stop whitewashing Tyrion.
  23. Gave it a 7. A decent episode of Game of Thrones, but a very mediocre episode by Martin's standards, far to slow and without direction. Fortunately it was redeemed by the Bear-pit and awesome dragons.
  24. 710. A solid episode, but definitely not as exciting as the last two. I'm sure that was deliberate but it was still one of my least favourite episodes as a consequence. And it felt kind of short.
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