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  1. But Bran and Rickon's deaths are no longer the trigger, due to the timings changing. Robb marrying Talisa/Jeyne was the trigger however it's only in the books that Bran and Rickon's "deaths" trigger Robb marrying Jeyne. Sigh. Yet another pointless change. Why they changed the order of events I don't know. Probably so they could blame Cat for it, they seem to hate her.
  2. Gave it a 6. It made for fairly entertaining TV, but nothing special and I'm still getting frustrated at the changes from the books for no reason. I did like the scene at the end, but for the rest of the arcs there was little sense of climax. Mainly: The HOTU was pretty atmospheric, but Dany learnt nothing from it. In the books it's a major pillar of her development, she obsesses over what she sees and hears in there. Jason Momoa's sallary for that scene could probably have paid for some more visions, and I can't see why they left out the three fires prophecy. Jon's fight with Qhorin lacked the emotion it had in the books, due to them cutting their relationship in favour of more Rose Leslie and I don't think the reason for the fight was made clear enough. Winterfell has been amazing this season, but in the finale it was botched. Bran and co. emerging from the crypts didn't have the impact it should have due to the pointless, earlier reveal that he was alive and all the heavy handed hinting before that. The Sacking of Winterfell fell flat and would be confusing for non-readers and ending Theon's arc with comedy was atrocious. Those were the three main arc conclusions I didn't like. The stuff at KL and Robb's camp wasn't exactly climactic either but nor was it in the books, and it wouldn't have needed to be if we'd gotten some other climactic events in the episode. Also despite being the longest episode this season it felt like one of the shortest. Would've been good if Tywin had more than one line for instance. Instead we get more screentime for Ros. Overall a dissapointing season for book fans, but with a small glimmer of hope for Season 3 due to more episodes to adapt the story.
  3. IKR. Some people are just flooding these threads with petty insults that surely can't have come from reasonable adults.
  4. I accidentally posted a thread without marking ADWD spoilers in the title. Will this still get approved? Also as it is an AA theory is it in the right place?
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