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  1. I hate Sansa so therefore I'm going to twist things around and deliberately misinteret the text while also nitpicking which quotes I use to prove a point. And if the text proves me wrong, then I'll ignore that too cause Sansa is mean and a brat and secretly hates her family.

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    2. Asha Greyjoy:Feminist Icon

      Asha Greyjoy:Feminist Icon

      Well....obviously. Sansa is the worst! (It is known blah blah referential joke more blah.)

      In other news: Sansa is pretty fucking awesome as a character study. To say the absolute LEAST.

    3. Alayne's Shadow.

      Alayne's Shadow.

      She should have spread her legs for Tyrion, It is known.

    4. XxLittleBirdxX


      She should spread her legs for Sandor. It is known.

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