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  1. It was in the last episode that I started getting annoyed with the Talisa situation but in this one, there are way too many things bothering me. *Renly's death and Loras' reaction. He should have gone mad *Arya revealing that she is from the North. What would a Northern girl be doing in the Riverlands?? The North is still safe and away from the fighting, why would she be inprisonned? She could have easily said that she was from Riverrun, that sigil she must know. The way they played it makes for more interesting TV but it completely unrealistic. Also, Arya becomes what she becomes because she is a little girl that always has to live through horrors. Being a cupbearer in Harrenhal seems like a holiday compared to her experience in the books *Bran's story seems completely cut off... *Quarth - I hope that they are keeping this for a future episode but I do hope that Dany will meet Quaithe and get her warnings. If they only leave it ot a Jorah - Quaithe meeting, that would be such a pity. and my biggest problem is with Jon: it is painful to realize that we are halfway through the season and he's barely had any speaking time. He's shown in group shots, staring at things, listening. Even Sam talks more than him! Also, what were the writers thinking letting him go off scouting without finding the dragonglass and giving Sam a blade??
  2. Saw a few posts where people think Jon is dead. Serisously? We've all seen promo shots, footage and have read the books and we know that he lives. They just need him unconcisous for a while (like Bran) so he can start skinchanging. I do hope that he will be appearing in all episodes, not like last season. What I want to see now is how they will make peace with Craster now that he has attacked Jon.
  3. I haven't read all the comments, so someone may have already said that: At first I was pissed at the cliffhanger in the end but now a week has passed since I saw the preview and I have my ideas. *Ghost was not arround when it happened but he may just appear seconds after Jon gets hit. *They need to have Jon hurt and passed out so that he can start experiencing his warging abilities. They need to explain how it happens because the audience won't buy it if Jon gets to sleep one night and then becomes a skinchanger. I really can't wait to see next weeks episode. The Arya scenes were just amazing, love her whole adventure. I still think that the brothel scenes are just a waste of time but it seems like they are there to stay. I am curious to see who will be Dany's main bloodrider now.
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