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  1. Carey Snow

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    That sounds just like him to me. I imagine someone recorded it and then transcribed it later. Awesome chapter.
  2. Carey Snow

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    There is a lot of Horror in ASoIaF. Have you not noticed? Also, if you would like to read a great Martin Horror story, check out Sandkings!
  3. Carey Snow

    Which new sample chapter do you want most?

    Give me a Cersei chapter. I am very interested to see how the trails are going. Plus, how is Kings Landing, and Cerise, handling the deaths of Kevan and Pycelle? I believe Cersei is currently our only eyes in Kings Landing!
  4. The night is full of terrors, and so is Ramsay's bedroom.
  5.   I agree. ASOIAF is partly a horror story, and Ramsay fits that bill. Without him being as awful as he is, we could not believe  the breaking of Theon; as well as,  the heroic act of Reek saving Jeyne. Yes, hinting at bestiality is horrific, but Martin is trying to be horrific. He is not writing a stand up happy fantasy book. 
  6. Carey Snow

    How would you rate episode 410?

    I gave it a ten. Fact is they are going to over take the books, so I am fine that they are going to do it differently. So the book changes did not bother me. Every scene was great. I am sure they will have Lady Stone Heart next season. It was silly to pay the actress a seasons worth of pay for one scene. She will be back.
  7. In the books, Stannis does not come the first night either.
  8. It needed 10 more minutes, but Ygritte's death was well done. A shame Pyp went down. Janos hiding like a coward was great. It was the fastest 50 minutes of TV I have ever seen. I gave it a 9.0 because it should have been 60 minutes.
  9. The fight was great. I actually enjoy the Grey Wom/Messindei story line. It fleshes those characters out. Not sure how I feel about the Sansa changes. Maybe she is going to be a lot darker than I thought. Theon's story was done well/ Did not enjoy the beetle speech. So 7.5/10 for me, I will bump it to an 8.
  10. Carey Snow

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    The word she yelled out was, "Sword" which means she pledged Stoneheart that she would lead Jaime to her. (Stoneheart had given her the option of "noose" or "sword". What happens after that is anybodies guess.
  11. Carey Snow

    How would you rate episode 407?

    the last 10 minutes are great.
  12. Carey Snow

    How would you rate episode 407?

    Great show. Sansa's snow castle is one of my fave chapters in the books, and they did a great job with it. When Sansa is building Winterfell I cried a little (of course I cried more in the books where you get her inner thoughts). Dany was awesome, loved Arya and the Hound. Very good episode. 10 for me.
  13. Carey Snow

    How would you rate episode 404?

    She has thousands of people following her. It would only take one to plan the decoration of the flag, then find others to help create it. They just sacked a city, I am sure they have some cloth and thread. But they prob should of had a Betsy Ross moment and showed a lady making the flag with the Targ anthem in the background.