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  1. You've completely missed the point. It's not about referring to themselves by their sigil animal but the way it is done - that they are something unique and better and entitled and whatever, putting an unhealthy emphasis on a sense of ego. I don't know if Aerys used the dragon thing excessively or not but we do have an example of this trend when he turned down Tywin - dragon doesn't mate with beasts of the field (paraphrasing). Please, tell me in which country sexual violence counts as sane behaviour.
  2. Yes. And? Baby Jon and his wetnurse, actually. And? You are stating a known fact without making any argument. Cat also states that she didn't begrudge Ned any solace he might have found with someone else during the war, i.e. believes that Jon was conceived after their wedding, i.e. after Robb, and this is consistent with what Ned tells Robert, that he cheated on Cat while she was pregnant. That makes Jon officially slightly younger than Robb, when he could have been of an age or slightly older. However, Jon couldn't have been older than 2-3 months, or else the difference in development would have been notable Repeating something doesn't make it true. Beliefs don't make for arguments. Your English as well as your sentence structure, or rather lack of, makes it rather difficult to understand what you are trying to say. Do you mean that Dany was born at ToJ and then, some 6-9 months old, was swapped for Rhaella's stillborn and no-one ever noticed? Seriously? This is crazy even by the lemongate usual standards. Furthermore: if Dany was born at ToJ and we apply GRRM's statement about the age difference between Jon and Dany as 8-9 months, it means that Dany was conceived a couple months into the Rebellion, at around the time of Jon's birth. Jon's conception would thus be placed far earlier than the start of the Rebellion, definitely prior Brandon's time in the Black Cells, more like, Harrenhall. Which indeed makes Jon too old to be passed off as younger than Robb. Not to mention, it makes Ned a huge dick for taking a one-year old from his mother, just to drag him North as his own bastard when he could have left Jon in Dorne where bastards are not frowned upon so much.
  3. Ygrain

    R+L=J v.166

    Also, the trip to Starfall may have been part of Ned's plan to muddy the waters around Jon's origin. He needs to put the distance, both in time and in place, between Lyanna's death and the appearance of a newborn. That is best done if he and the newborn are not seen together by people who might start counting. With the pretext of returning Dawn, Ned sets out to a place where he can find a ship to travel back to KL to report to Robert, while sending Howland North with baby Jon. Thus, Ned is seen by everyone and their mother in KL without a baby, and the first time anyone in the South hears about Jon in Winterfell, it's months (or years) later. The difference in time and space is now established, and outside Winterfell, no-one really knows how old Jon was or when he arrived.
  4. I'd say that pinching and twisting his sister's nipple is a pretty explicit indicator of something deeply unhealthy in Viserys, and his ramblings about being a dragon and what not are pretty much in the line with both Aerys and Aerion, and neither of those had a troubled childhood. An inflated ego, a complete disregard for other people's feelings, mistreating a sibling, sexual or sexualized abuse (Aerys raping Rhaella, Aerion threatening to castrate egg, Viserys twisting Dany's nipple) - now, if that is not a picture of a mental issue running in the family, I don't know what else it might be.
  5. "Emotional issues is a huge understament, and while Viserys was not a completely raving lunatic, he was hardly an example of mental health, he had the same making of a psycho that we could see with Joffrey and it was visible from tender age - Barristan states it as a part of the reason why he bent the knee to Robert instead of remaining loyal to the Targaryen family, as Viserys was clearly his father's son.
  6. Ygrain

    R+L=J v.166

    He made several promises, the content of which is not explicitely stated. What is explicitely stated is that Lyanna wanted to be buried at Winterfell, so that's a wish that Ned apparently granted.
  7. That line very clearly concerned mental maturity, as they discussed that Jon was too young to join NW at the age of fourteen. Plus, every single woman who had given birth to a couple of children would know that it was bullshit, including Cat herself. Robb is only sitting while Jon is starting to walk around, but Jon is younger than Robb? Pull the other leg, dear ser.
  8. First: incest doesn't automatically mean that the children born of it will be afflicted in any way. It only multiplies the chance the children will inherit some bad genes. If the incestuous parents are lucky, they will have perfectly healthy children. Second: if Jon was eight months older than Robb, there is no way he could be passed off as younger than Robb in infancy. A baby of 2-3 months is barely able to hold its head upright, one of 10 months is crawling around, sitting on its own and perhaps even trying to stand up. Add a couple more months, and you would have Jon walking while Robb might be beginning to crawl. No. Way. Third: your scenario contradicts the words of GRRM that Jon was born 8-9 months before Dany, so for your theory to work, you must subscribe to lemongate and make her somebody else than she is.
  9. Ygrain

    R+L=J v.166

    "She WANTED to come home, to rest beside Brandon and Father" Funny. One would almost say that Ned did exactly what Lyanna had wanted. And unless he didn't respond to her request at all, which a normal person would never do their dying loved one, his response was affirmative. And if you say "yes" to a request to do something, then you are promising to do as asked, even if you never say "I promise".
  10. Ygrain

    R+L=J v.166

    Most likely. But due to the promise, he had to.
  11. Ygrain

    R+L=J v.166

    /scratches her head/ Funny how after all those years, the debate is still running in the same circles. Lyanna made a deathbed wish to be buried at Winterfell, so Ned had no choice but to come up with some solution. However, applying such a solution to a single body, and not a particularly big one, is definitely not the same as solving the issue of transporting eight more bodies of fully grown men. To transport a body, you either have to find some means to preserve the soft tissues, or deflesh it, as you definitely don't want to travel around with a decaying body leaking fluid and attracting flies, not to mention that you have to assess the security risks, depending whether Ned was travelling along with newborn Jon or not - carrying around you deceased sister's body and a baby would be a dead giveaway (sorry for the pun). And even if you are lucky enough not to be noticed on the way, the Silent Sisters are another security risk. How sure can you be that they will remain silent when offered that they might get out of the order and live the rest of their lives in luxury, that they will not convey the information about a young woman who had given birth prior her death? So, unless Ned is willing to take the risks of transporting Lyanna's body to the Silent Sisters, he has to deal with her body on his own. To obtain enough of some preserving medium (alcohol, vinegar, salt etc.) and a container, he would need to reach some civilisation, so again, security risk and the body decaying if he doesn't find what he needs soon enough. Plus, the problem of transport - the burden becomes too big and heavy to be carried by a horse, you would need a cart. So, the other option, defleshing. We know from Barristan that it's done by boiling via the Silent Sisters, or bugs eating the flesh away, or cremation. Bugs take time, which Ned doesn't have, and I don't think he would be willing to leave Lyanna's body behind, anyway. So, we're finally getting to the fastest, cleanest, and most logical solution - cremation. Gather fuel, burn the body, collect the remains. Can be carried around in an urn or satchel. ToJ is not in a desert area, it already has some fuel supply for cooking and washing, there may even be some furniture, straw or hay. Gathering enough fuel for a single cremation shouldn't be that difficult even if you are short of manpower and time. Now, take all those troubles that you have with arranging Lyanna's body for transport and multiply that by five (or eight, since the KG definitely deserve the honorable treatment, too). Even the simplest solution, the cremation, becomes a problem because of the amount of fuel you need. There is simply no way all the nine bodies could get the same treatment, so Ned has to prioritize. He has to do something about Lyanna because that's what he promised, and gives the others a decent burial. Everybody who is not Lady Dustin seems to understand that there are circumstances when you can only do so much. Ned brings back the horse because the bloody beast only needs the same treatment that Ned has to give his own horse, anyway, walks on its own and doesn't leak body fluids or lose pieces of flesh along the way.
  12. Ygrain

    Hardhome got The Color out of Space-d

    A good catch, the Hardhome event does have Lovecraftian vibes! - Doesn't mean all elements have to be the same, but I'd like to point out that we do have some space things going on in the Planetos, with the moon cracking open to release dragons and a very unusual sword forged from the heart of a fallen star, so there might be something out of space actually taking place all over the, hm, place. BTW, that story is perhaps the creepiest by Lovecraft I have ever read.
  13. Ygrain


    The Czech translation is a mess. First names are, mercifully, left unchanged and surnames mostly, as well, though inconsistently - Thoren Smallwood remains Smallwood buty lady Smallwood becomes lady of Small-wood (z Malolesa). Then, half-way through the series, the translator suddenly decided that it was time to translate the surnames and went for it with the grace of an elephant in a china shop. She made all of the surnames adjectives, which is a possible surname type but not on such a scale, adjectival surnames are a minority. She was probably inspired by the medieval tradition of such names derived from the name of the family seat but totally failed to realize the prevalence of names "of XY" or just "XY". On top of that, she stubbornly kept both parts of compounds, which in Czech is a non-productive type of word formation and led to all kinds of weird, unnaturally sounding and too long words. This created quite an uproar from the readers, and with the huge popularity ASOIAF was gaining, AFFC was republished with the names in the original form to maintain consistency. Sadly, the translatory butchery of toponyms was going on from AGOT already, so that remained unchanged. What happened with ADWD I don't know because I totally gave up on the translation and have stuck with the originals ever since, as it's not just the name translations but the general level of language that is totally cringey.
  14. I didn't forget the theory, I just prefer mine :-) Besides, the quote provided by @Alexis-something-Rose points to Lewyn's paramour being still alive and Barristan's thoughts about Ashara lack any hint towards Lewyn, so if Ashara did have a thing for the Dornish Prince, it must have been a secret.
  15. Ygrain

    R+L=J v.166

    Not to mention that Starfall is the home of Rhaegar's best pal - the first place people will come asking when Rhaegar goes missing. It would be a terrible risk to both Rhaegar and Arthur's family for providing shelter, and I don't think Rhaegar would want to put the Daynes in such a situation.