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  1. Ygrain

    R+L=J v.166

    Guys... I'm afraid I've lost interest in discussions as there is very little new to be added. Until and if TWOW rekindles my passion for debates... Fare well. I guess I might check the forums occasionally, so if you want to talk, PM me. With thanks for the years of awesome time, Ygrain.
  2. Ygrain

    The whole "Tower of Joy" story is flawed

    "They were seven, facing three. In the dream as it had been in life."
  3. Ygrain

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    Rhaegar was cremated. Said GRRM.
  4. I must admit it's been a while since I read Cat's chapters about Renly, so I'm basing this solely on my impressions rather than facts, but I think that the "summer children" notion is based on the attitude, rather than an actual display of strategic skills or lack thereoff. All those colours and wealth and fun and leisure... War is a dirty, gritty business, in which all those young, colourful knights die ugly deaths, but they behave as if they could live forever. It's like a play to them, just like when Renly dresses up as XY and comes showing off, 'look, I'm XY'. They're kids playing at war, with no idea what it entails. IIRC, there is a little callback to this when Sansa is talking to Loras and she brings up the names of all his cool young friends, and he quickly gets in a foul mood since they are dead, dead, dead, some by his own hand. Re: strategic skills versus lack of battles: didn't GRRM say that while there are only a couple of named major battles, there were lots of smaller skirmishes in between? IMHO, enough opportunity for people to show their merit on a day-to-day basis. Also, from what we see of Randyll Tarly in Brienne's PoV (aside from him being a douche towards her) is that he is a no-nonsense commander exercising strict control, that is also telling.
  5. @The Dragon Demands I find it very poignant that you used the Chernobyl quotes about the cost of lies. That show is everything GoT had the potential to be, yet was not - carefully thought and laid out, not a single shot wasted. Every scene, every acting performance meaningful, every character decision making sense, even for - or especially for? - characters acting illogically, driven by fear, ambition, denial or ignorance. So much effort, so much emotional investment wasted on GoT, and for what? Megalomaniac showoff of two guys lacking a control button. The crew and cast deserve nothing but respect for their hard work, but Beniof and Weiss... well, guys, you looking forward to easy Star Wars money? Hate to break it on you but you have picked a wrong fandom. You've had it very easy so far - even despite the steep decline in quality, you still had had the support of the majority of the fanbase, until the very last season, but you didn't care about the shitstorm of the aftermath because, what can they do, right? Well. Ever heard about The Last Jedi shitstorm which tanked Solo? That's where you're heading - into a fandom mightily pissed already and well aware what you two idiots did over here. Don't expect any quarter, none shall be given. Just like the North, we remember.
  6. Theoretically, Barristan might have been ordered to lose, he would have obeyed. However, there is zero possibility of Brandon fucking the wild wolf Stark voluntarily losing to anyone, that's a round Rhaegar won solely on his own. Plus, what @Ran said: you don't need to rig a tourney if you are really good.
  7. Nice But even better:
  8. Fully agree with @corbon. I might only add that ever since Rhaegar decided to become a warrior, people would see him practice sparring many times. That would give a pretty good idea how good with a sword he was.
  9. Ygrain

    R+L=J v.166

    I guess we can both agree that at some point between her visit to HotU and the current dialogue, Dany must have told Jorah about her experience, or else he would have had no idea. We don't get to see this conversation, we don't know how detailed her account was and what Jorah might have misremembered. However, there are certain ways a language works, and certain rules that cannot be broken. The rose: the vision states a flower, Jorah says a rose. No flowers naturally grow in ice, not even winter roses, no further context was presented in the vision. Therefore, Jorah couldn't have assumed on his own that the flower was a rose, and couldn't have replaced a generic term with a specific one. This is a process that works only the other way round - if Dany said a rose and Jorah said a flower, detracting from the importanceof the species. - If I told you that I saw a black dog in the street and you referred back to it, you would never say a poodle or a newfoundlander, unless I provided that information to you. The dead man/corpse and banquet/feast: those are not generic versus specific terms (hyperonyms and hyponyms, if you will), but synonymous expressions. They neither add nor detract from the amount of information that we have from the vision. Jorah most likely just repeats Dany's exact wording, but it is also possible that he slaps his own terms on scenes that she described to him, with next to no difference. The mummer's dragon: no, Dany does not give her idea, she explains Jorah what it means, or what she means by it. She saw a cloth dragon on poles in the vision. In her conversation with Jorah, she referred to it as a mummer's dragon. He doesn't get the reference, so she explains it means a dragon puppet. And why should it be odd? Dany is Rhaegar's sister, her famed and tragically deceased brother is a very natural subject of conversation. In Jon's surroundings, there is only Aemon who knew Rhaegar, and Aemon has zero reason to talk about him with Ned Stark's son. Plus, those infodumps are not for the sake of characters but the readers. Eh... sorry but this just... everybody needs to eat, right? And wine consumption with food in GRRMth is just a drink with food, just like over here, people have a beer with their lunch. Something to wash the dry stuff down with. But while you cannot survive without food and drink, the same does not apply for sex (at least with some people). Combine it with Robert's remark on how rare Jon's mother must have been to make Ned forget about his honour, and you're back at what I said - that Ned is a man exercising strict control over himself and not indulging in pleasures. All kinds of them. He certainly enjoyed sex with Cat just fine but either didn't feel the drive, or wouldn't allow himself to, have casual sex. And this consistently throughout all his PoVs. Never overindulge, never shag anyone, not a single thought, he just misses Cat. That was definitely not what happened... For one, he is uncomfortably hot in her chambers, she says that much. Second, the sex really didn't help to get his mind off the issue of his Handship. We have already discussed this, and I cannot help but say again that you are misreading that part. They may not have been there the whole time, only long enough for Rhaegar to give him a reason for joy. Which was quite exceptional for someone so melancholic, and if it wasn't Lyanna and/or her pregnancy, I don't know what else might qualify (yeah, Arthur was his secret pleasure, it is known). But it's not just the imagery, Ned himself places her there, to the extent that mere utterance of his name brings forth "I promise, Lya", because the promise, to Lyanna, belongs to that scene. That might be a valid argument if the dream was a first-time occurence. It is not, though - it is an OLD dream. As in, Ned had had a dream about the tower, the KG and Lyanna in her bed of blood before. This is his own description of the dream, not the dreaming itself. Also, narratively: if Lyanna didn't die there, so when? If GRRM didn't intend to reveal the location at that point, why write the dream at all and not just keep it for a later reveal? Ashara is hardly a most looked-for person in all of Westeros, though. The Rebels would have wanted to "save" Lyanna, the loyalists would have grabbed her as a hostage. Ran's word that he saw ToJ as the place of Lyanna's death in GRRM's manuscript is good enough for me. Besides, there is nothing in the whole ASOIAF that would contradict the information. That would indeed be the only good option, which, however, gets us back to the missing clues towards the incest, and the timeline issues. Oh, I wholeheartedly agree that if RLJ, he absolutely cannot tell! He's committing treason and putting all of his family in danger by harboring Rhaegar's son, legitimate or not! It makes perfect sense for him to think that some secrets are too dangerous to share, even with those he loves and trusts. Beg your pardon, but the Rhaegar-Lyanna tie is as explicit as it gets - he gave her the dratted flowers, and to our knowledge, he's the only one to have ever done so. The implied part comes with that tip of the lance placing the roses in Lyanna's lap, which, in combination with Lyanna's bed of blood, gets you to a baby of those two. I'm really scratching my head over this - why do you make so much of their similarity? Cat's brood, minus Arya, look 100% Tully, yet they are not Edmure's.
  10. Ygrain

    The whole "Tower of Joy" story is flawed

    In other words, the Doctrine of Exceptionalism only sums up what we already know from the series proper.
  11. Ygrain

    The purpose of Dany's fireproofness?

    I wouldn't know, I don't have any tools which can only be used once Having Sansa raped by Ramsay wasn't George's story, either
  12. Ygrain

    The purpose of Dany's fireproofness?

    Wait a sec - she poised as Walder to lure in all the remaining Freys for a Purple Wedding 2.0 (which is my most favourite scene of the whole season), so I'd say it was well utilized. After that, I don't think there was much opportunity for further use (unless we go with killing Sansa, putting on her face and then offing LF after luring him into "Sansa's" bed). And since Arya stopped following her killing list, there wasn't really much to do for her, minus the convoluted jumping ninja stuff while screaming like a little girl, which is what trained assassins apparently do
  13. Ygrain

    The purpose of Dany's fireproofness?

    But, but, he warged the crows! - Yeah, that was another seemingly important trait that went absolutely nowhere. Most welcome :-)
  14. Ygrain

    The purpose of Dany's fireproofness?

    Glad you like it, but I must admit a certain level of inspiration from Rogue One - K2SO's "Did you know that wasn't me?"
  15. Ygrain

    The purpose of Dany's fireproofness?

    One would think that riding a huge firebreathing beast should be an impression enough... And ordering the said beast to dracarys the unimpressed khals would have served exactly the same purpose, thus making her awesome fireproofness redundant. I'm starting to think that the whole fireproofness schtick was developed so that they could have the pyre moment without much explaining, and then they didn't see much further use for it.