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  1. Ygrain

    Sansa and Cognitive Dissonance

  2. Ygrain

    Sansa and Cognitive Dissonance

    An interesting take on Sansa as a castle, especially in relation to Littlefinger. He helps her build her castle, it makes her stronger, and when he enters the castle (or tries to break it, like Robin's doll), it becomes his undoing. I don't think that the castle being Winterfell is a coincidence - LF aims for Sansa to become the lady of Winterfell, and if Winterfell from snow could make her stronger, the real deal will be a true boost to her strength. The idea that she will become a true Stark with everything that comes with it, like dealing justice with her own hand, doesn't seem far-fetched at all.
  3. I believe the sisters' story arc would be incomplete without a reunion, confrontation and, hopefully, forming a pack. And then LF should worry. That said: (show spoiler)
  4. Didn't think it would escape attention :-) If you intentionally lead someone into a swamp full of poisonous snakes and insects where they don't know their way around, do you really think it is solely their fault that they die there? Littlefinger orchestrated the whole conflict between the Starks and Lannisters - he framed the Lannisters for the murder of Jon Arryn, and since Jon was carrying out investigation of Cersei's incest, Ned was bound to go the same way that would eventually make Cersei move against him. LF took advantage of the attempt on Bran and framed the Lannisters for it, too, to make them look even more guilty. None so far, but even so, at Ned's execution, Arya knows that LF is the "man who wanted to marry mother". A peculiar little detail to be inserted at this point. And she knows that Joffrey was murdered in a way that would make her seem complicit, as Tyrion's wife and the one carrying the poison, she knows that LF has two faces, and she heard Lysa's confession even though she doesn't understand it all yet. She has seen him kill and order killing without mercy. Are you somehow under an impression that the characters will never ever learn? Bran's weirnet aside, there is Jeyne Poole, "trained" at LF's brothel, currently headed for Braavos (which is where Arya is). LF putting a dagger to Ned's throat wasn't exactly a private event, there is Lysa's confession about the letter to Cat, Tyrion knows that LF framed him with the dagger... All it takes is for people to meet and talk. The one thing that (most likely) didn't have a witness is LF whispering to Joffrey's ear that true kings don't show mercy to their enemies, but arranging a doublet with inverted colours for Ned did have to be carried out somehow, so that info might out, as well, and then perhaps someone might connect the dots. And the person who knows about LF whispering into Joff's ear on another occasion happens to be none other than Sansa. So, the conclusion that it will be Sansa or Arya killing LF is based on the prediction that the information already available will be combined and LF's treachery revealed and duly punished.
  5. Even without that quote: Petyr is a beast, lurking in ambush, to tear into pieces whomever he chooses to. Then he licks his claws clean and goes exhibit his soft fur and seemingly harmless demeanor. All those calm, civilised manners, that is mask, and what is underneath is not pretty in the least - black, thick blood of utter corruption.
  6. Ygrain

    How did Ned learn where Lyanna was?

    Damn, ninja'ed! There are several options, partly depending on how Hightower found ToJ. If Aerys somehow (cough, Varys) found out and sent Hightower there, then Ned's source would have been in KL - most likely, Varys again. However, there is zero indication in Ned's PoV that he and Varys shared such a secret. If Hightower was directed to ToJ (or to some other location where he received further instructions, so that no-one in KL knew), then the information must have come from 1)Rhaegar himself, 2) his closest associates, or 3)Lyanna herself, perhaps in some collaboration. 1) As far as we know, Rhaegar didn't have a chance to talk to Ned prior the Trident, but he might have had a contingency plan and sent a message. The one I have in mind is Ethan Glover, whom we last saw with Brandon and who was presumably imprisoned in KL, and then we see him accompany Ned to ToJ for some reason. 2) That would be the Daynes, who were most likely supplying ToJ with food and information. Perhaps even Ashara herself, who would be a convenient go-between. 3) Having learned about Rhaegar's death, Lyanna became desperate because she couldn't expect any support from Aerys. With the help of the Daynes (again, perhaps Ashara), she reached out to Ned. The situation changed drastically after the news of the Sack reached ToJ but by then, it was too late to stop the message.
  7. Ygrain

    Sansa and Cognitive Dissonance

    It's not just Hodor, Summer is unwilling to enter the crypts, as well, though he eventually does. And when Bran's soul is returning to the crypts, he doesn't like it, either (dead and black).
  8. I wholeheartedly hope that Jeyne's testimony would be the founding stone of LF's demise because the fucker deserves it. Not to mention that one has to wonder what else Jeyne might know - what she might have overheard, or deduced, or what Ramsay might have boasted in front of her. I think the "credit" was partly a mere correction, partly a coping mechanism. The girl is broken, and being pretty is her only asset, the only thing that she can take some comfort in. That is probably going to be taken from her. If she comes to Braavos, what is she going to do? She has nothing, no future. I don't think she has the making to become a no-one, but she might want to receive a gift, and Arya might be the one to deliver it. Poor Jeyne. She was mean to Arya, but didn't deserve what was done to her.
  9. Ygrain

    R+L=J v.165

    That is my reading, as well - Ned avoids lying as much as he can, and Robert is the only person to get an answer because he is the only person with an authority over Ned. Sounds quite possible.
  10. Ygrain

    Sansa and Cognitive Dissonance

    Amen to that. Yes, Tyrion is relatively nice, for a Lannister - and Sansa is a traumatised thirteen-year-old. Had she lived with Tyrion for years, without Joff and Cersei's toxic influence, she might have grown to such maturity, but given her age and circumstances, I don't see how anyone can blame her for not liking Tyrion enough.
  11. Ygrain

    Lyanna's condition.

    That's not in the dream, that's a real memory :-) By the time Lyanna gets pregnant, the Rebellion has broken out. Would it even be possible for her to return?
  12. You're putting the horses before the cart. The vision doesn't imply one way or the other for the first two shadows, only that they are somehow important, and the third one is clearly a malevolent presence. It can work as non-malevolent versus malevolent, but it is in no way a given. It's not about who is better or worse, Varys is definitely a terrible person, as well, but the point is that Varys didn't plan or want the demise of House Stark. For him, it's not personal - if the Starks don't meddle in or turn out beneficial, he leaves them alone, if they get in the way, he throws them under the bus. He basically doesn't care. Whereas, Petyr engineering a situation in which Lannisters were bound to turn on the Starks, and as the ones more ruthless and in their own territory in KL, things were bound not to end well for Ned and House Stark. The only wolf howling in the rain I know about is Greywind, trying to warn Robb. The only time I can think about that rain is narratively or thematically important is the Red Wedding aka Frey going Rains of Castamere. There is no other scene than Red Wedding where we get music interspersed with screams and a very sad moment involving little bells. It is no use looking at the individual elements of the vision, it must be all of them combined. Thus the second vision is tied to the first one, sort of explaining the wolf's grief. The first two visions are connected through situation, and the third and fourth through the person. The motive is clear - his crimes against House Stark. The only unknown factor is how Sansa or Arya find out. Sansa heard Lysa say that she put the tears in Jon Arryn's wine and blamed it on the Lannisters at Petyr's behest, but hasn't figured out what it means. Sandor and Barristan were present when Petyr held the dagger to Ned's throat, and Tyrion knows Petyr framed him for the attempt on Bran. When or if the characters converge, they may pass on the knowledge, and Bran might see it all on the weirnet. When his machinations are uncovered, death will be the penalty and his head, I hope, will be placed on the walls of Winterfell, like the scene with the doll foreshadowed. If Sansa orders the execution and someone else carries it out, or if she swings the blade herself like the Starks should, Petyr has had it long coming. Show spoiler Beric. Who has been killed and resurrected way too many times.
  13. It is obvious only after it happens, just like Patchface's rhyming about chains for the guests. And what is the purpose of the purple flowers that Arya is never seen wearing? What happened at that feast we never saw nor hear about? Do you really need to be explained the difference between Varys, who makes use of people as he sees fit regardless of who they are, and LF, who planned the demise of the Starks from the get-go? Or do you need to be reminded of the extent of Sandor's involvement with both Sansa and Arya? See below. Couldn't agree more. Sigh. My point is that the descrition fits both Jaime and Joffrey, who, being Jaime's son, has his golden looks, as well.
  14. Found Joffrey's Blackwater armour - part-gold: Boy and horse alike wore gilded mail and enameled crimson plate, with matching golden lions on their heads. The pale sunlight flashed off the golds and reds every time Joff moved. Bright, shining, and empty, Sansa thought. Funny how Sansa's thoughts fit with the imagery of Bran's vision.
  15. OT: Could someome help my memory if it has been discussed that the shadow "armored like the sun, golden and beautiful" is not Jaime but Joffrey? He also possessed a golden armour (had it for his funeral, haven't checked what he was wearing during the battle of Blackwater), and his involvement in the Starks' lives had a bigger impact than Jaime's.