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  1. I think it shows a pattern here - Jon focuses on the big threat so much that he glosses over people who have other agendas. Sansa was right to point it out to him but the way she did was bound to have little positive effect. Book Sansa is way more diplomatic, though it is understandable that the show Sansa, after her ordeal with Ramsay, wants to assert herself in a position of power.
  2. I don't follow all the theories these days much, either, but I have always considered Jaime a hot candidate, especially with Cersei's growing fascination with wildfire and generally becoming more and more like Aerys. I'm not letting Tyrion completely off the hook yet - self-fulfilling prophecy, an enemy of her own creation - but her relationship with Jaime has gone very sour and that mention that they are going to leave the world together as they entered it, IMHO, doesn't bode well. Something like, she sets KL on fire, he strangles her and then burns with her :-(
  3. I don't think many people noticed
  4. As for Euron's gift for Cersei (not sure where I came by the info, so I put it in the spoiler tags) However, it did capture my attention that he had always wanted to marry "the most beautiful woman in the world", which is supposed to be Dany, not Cersei. Given that Dany is his original goal in the books... what if he intends to play this game repeatedly? Give Cersei what she wants, and then turn on her and present her to Dany? He doesn't exactly need Cersei, does he?
  5. Honestly, I don't think Falia is much of a thinker. She was being mean and wanted her half-sisters humiliated just as they had been humiliating her, but I doubt that she suggested stripping them with the idea of rape on her mind. Foolish, silly girl. Makes me think of Jeyne Pool, or Sansa before she got her lesson.
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    That box in the notification setting about allowing my browser to accept notifications is supposed to solve this issue? I sure hope so, I am feeling lonely without my usual load of morning forum spam
  7. Things not stated explicitely doesn't mean that they are not canon.

    1. Mladen


      Oh, my dear... Good luck in explaining that... :)

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    Until about half an hour ago, I didn't see any thread notifications, even though I knew they were updated. As of now, though, my mailbox is suddenly flooded :-)
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    Does this have something to do with notifications not arriving, or is it a separate issue?
  10. It's OK not to do my first duty as long as I perform another duty. Sounds legit.

  11. May the new year bring us TWOW

  12. Yay for the N7 day!

  13. I'm sure that Rhaegar is the cause of all evil in Westeros, the kicker of puppies and spoiler of birthdays celebrations

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      JonCon's Red Beard


  14. sod off all ye folks with rational counterarguments! Long live the Yesman, the first of his name!

  15. Wow, even GRRM himself doesn't know all the answers which is why we make up shit as we go

  16. Ah, Tower of Joy, the source of so much woe on the forums...

  17. It does seem suspiciously similar, right? Now we have to find out if GRRM has read Mahabharata, or if there are other similar stories which he may be familiar with. I especially like the twist how the bride becomes the abductor - it's not like this course of events hasn't been proposed for Lyanna :d
  18. An update on R+L, thanks to teej6's post. I mentioned that Lyanna's abduction may have been staged, to protect her honour and Rhaegar would take the fallout, only I had no parallel to support this. It seems that one does exist, after all:
  19. 20/20 hindsight, the winner of battles and games. Wish I had thee every second of every day.

  20. We should start a thread about the Grand Forum Conspiracy, which is trying to prevent the enlightened ones from finding the truth out there.

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      You have my support... Let we reveal those dark forces that don't allow us to know the truth...

  21. Now that we are on hugging terms... :P

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