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    Table Top RPG Stuff

    I need a little help from someone who knows about Dark Sun. My friend's birthday is soon and I want to give him a poster size map of Athas as gift(he loves Dark Sun setting, he runs nearly all of his games there). But I don't have any information about setting, sadly. He runs game with 3.5e based on stuff released at Dungeon and Dragon magazines, so I think he uses 2e version of setting. I don't know if there are any differences on map between 2th and 4th edition of setting. So my question is, how accurate this map is for him? Can I find a better one or should I go for it?
  2. The Kingmaker

    Table Top RPG Stuff

    I haven't heard about 13th Age before this thread - it seems pretty good. I already promised my friends to DM an Eberron game some time soon, let's see if I can convince them to play it with 13th Age :D
  3. The Kingmaker

    Table Top RPG Stuff

    -_- Why would anyone pay $50 for bad mix of some AD&D, D&D 3.5 and D&D 4 features? In other news, M20 kickstarter is up(and already funded).