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  1. She passed plenty of trees and animals on the way to the Eyrie and she's at the Gates of the Moon now. If Bran hasn't progressed past needing Weirwoods to see then he soon will.
  2. Jaime's not much of a fighter anymore and Brienne's severely injured making fighting through the thick of the BwB unlikely. Pod and possibly Hunt are captive and Stoneheart does not trust Brienne meaning that if both survive it's likely because someone else intervened. I doubt Frey or Lannister forces would just happen upon the BwB at the right time so it would have to be someone who could convince Uncat or pull the BwB away from her control. That leaves the Blackfish, who lacks the sway but may want Edmure bad enough and one other who's already intervened through weirwoods in other situations. The hill the BwB use as headquarters is filled with weirwood roots. The one character who could tell Uncat not to kill Jaime and could set everyone there on the path needed to fulfill their part of the story in two books is Bran. Bran knows where Sansa is, Jaime certainly owes Bran a debt and Bran can tell his mom to quit it. Whether it's birds alone or birds getting someone to carve a face in the stump/roots Bran could step in without the solution being seasoned outlaws coming down with a case of the stupids.
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    [Book Spoilers] Ep 201 Discussion Part 2

    I thought Craster looked so healthy was a good choice for television. He's in a dire place where every other wildling has fled. The conditions are so harsh that even the Night's Watch looks haggard. Here in the middle of all this misery is Craster fat and happy? How is he doing so well? Why hasn't he fled from the same dangers? It's not exactly a fortress and he seems unconcerned by attacks, supernatural or not. To first time viewers all this would give a distinct impression that something is very off here. Things just don't add up and that is what the show wants. If your purpose is to give a sense to tv viewers that Craster has pulled a Faust than the choice is a smart one.